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Riley Lee



New age multi-instrumentalist Riley Lee has become known for his polished musical compositions, and specifically for his talent of playing the shakuhachi flute. The shakuhachi, which is traditionally played by Japanese Buddhist monks, has propelled Riley into a prestigious role of being a dai shihan (grand master) of the shakuhachi. His musical work is breathtakingly meditative, soothing, and spiritual. His near-flawless approach has made a complex range of ethnic fusion absolutely stunning. He has released material since the early '80s and signed a deal with the worldbeat label Narada in 1999. Buddha's Dream appeared two years later and the same year New World Music issued the career retrospective Postcards from Bundanon. Lee then released Yoga Tranquiliy and Music for Zen Meditation, two sparse shakuhachi recordings designed to accentuate relaxation, yoga, and meditation. Picture Dreams, an album of duets with renowned koto player Satsuki Odamura, followed from Narada in April 2003. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Soul Vibration
  3.   Requiem
  4.   Contemplation
  5.   Canyon
  6.   Autumn Wind
  7.   Church Bell
  8.   Clear Sky
  9.   Memories
  10.   Snowscape
  11.   Mist on the River
  12.   Rainbow
  13.   Adrift on the Sea of Tranquility
  14.   Seabreezes
  15.   Seeing the Letter "A"
  16.   Stillness
  17.   Watch the Arrow
  18.   Flame Tree featuring Arthur Boyd
  19.   Maui Morning by Jeff Peterson
  20.   Space Time Transformation by Matthew Doyle
  21.   Pupu Hinuhinu by Jeff Peterson
  22.   Mountain Lake
  23.   Dulcet Rhythm
  24.   Wintry Wind
  25.   Mountain Valley (San'ya)
  26.   Bubbling Spring
  27.   Drifting
  28.   Deep Night Cicada (Miyama Higurashi), for shakuhachi by Marshall McGuire
  29.   Forest Nocturne: Moon Bright Night, Pt. 2
  30.   Profound Elixir
  31.   Heart Moon
  32.   Pastels du vieux japon, for harp, Op. 47~Le koto chante poir l'absent by Marshall McGuire
  33.   Hi'ilawe in the Rain by Jeff Peterson
  34.   Nightingale
  35.   Tread Lightly
  36.   Solo
  37.   Lei Nani by Jeff Peterson
  38.   Satori
  39.   Lullaby of the Whale
  40.   Pua Tubarose by Jeff Peterson
  41.   By the River
  42.   Hinode (Sunrise Suite)
  43.   In Time Suspended
  44.   Waikiki by Jeff Peterson
  45.   Falling Leaf (Bamboo Grass Lineage)
  46.   Forest Nocturne: Soliloquy of the Frogs
  47.   Mauna Loa by Jeff Peterson
  48.   Traveller's Song by Matthew Doyle
  49.   As the Water Flows
  50.   Felucca to Zanzibar
  51.   Lamenting the Passing of Spring featuring Satsuka Odamura
  52.   Voices of the Night
  53.   Morning Dew by Jeff Peterson
  54.   Melting Snow
  55.   In the Monastery Garden
  56.   Tuning in D featuring Satsuka Odamura
  57.   Morning Rain-Sparkling Light
  58.   Soaring by Jeff Peterson
  59.   Daybreak at Katatjuta by Matthew Doyle
  60.   Between the Stillness
  61.   One, Two, Three - Search!
  62.   Deep Night (Shin'ya)
  63.   Temple Steps
  64.   Three Valleys
  65.   Pi'ilanihale by Jeff Peterson
  66.   Forest Nocturne: Lullaby, Pt. 2
  67.   Traveller's Song
  68.   Pua Mamane (Mamane Flower) by Jeff Peterson
  69.   Zenzerro featuring Arthur Boyd
  70.   Echo of the Sacred
  71.   Rainforest Reverie: Floating Dream
  72.   Spring Sea featuring Satsuka Odamura
  73.   Wild Honey Dreaming by Matthew Doyle
  74.   Insight
  75.   Wild Honey Dreaming
  76.   Yearning For the Bell (Nagashi Reibo)
  77.   Metamorphic featuring Arthur Boyd
  78.   Stillpoint
  79.   Raftsong at Sunrise
  80.   Myriad Allusions
  81.   Daybreak at Katatjuta
  82.   Sea Breeze
  83.   Searching
  84.   Heat
  85.   Floating Dream
  86.   Rainforest Reverie: Sacred Dance, Pt. 2
  87.   Rainforest Reverie: Sacred Dance, Pt. 1
  88.   A Feather On the Breath of God, for shakuhachi & harp by Marshall McGuire
  89.   Pavane pour une infante défunte, for piano (or orchestra) by Marshall McGuire
  90.   Serenity Flows
  91.   Picture Dreams featuring Satsuka Odamura
  92.   Poème 1 featuring Satsuka Odamura
  93.   Sacramental Lullaby
  94.   Meisoroku (Edit)
  95.   Space Time Transformation
  96.   Tasogare (Twilight)
  97.   Dragon Singing in the Empty Sky
  98.   Safe Passage (Tamuke)
  99.   Bamboo
  100.   Summer Rain featuring Arthur Boyd
  101.   Requiem, for 2 solo voices, chorus, organ & orchestra, Op. 48~Pie Jesu by Marshall McGuire
  102.   The Gathering featuring Arthur Boyd
  103.   Mele 'Uhane (Spirit Song) by Jeff Peterson
  104.   Spirit's Dance: The Wind of Change by Matthew Doyle
  105.   Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u by Jeff Peterson
  106.   Soliloqay to the Frogs
  107.   Safe Delivery (San An)
  108.   Child's Lament - Mother Where Are You by Matthew Doyle
  109.   Pastels du vieux japon, for harp, Op. 47~Berceuse du vent dans les cerisiers by Marshall McGuire
  110.   Ku'u Pua I Paoakalani (My Flower in Paoakalani) by Jeff Peterson
  111.   Looking South featuring Arthur Boyd
  112.   Ascending
  113.   Noenoe Ua Kea O Hana by Jeff Peterson
  114.   Pavane, for orchestra & chorus ad lib in F sharp minor, Op. 50 by Marshall McGuire
  115.   Shimmer
  116.   Spiritus Lenis/Gentle Breath
  117.   Wanderer
  118.   Spirits Dance
  119.   Kazue
  120.   Intense Yearning
  121.   Realization
  122.   Dream of the Moon Flower (Tsukikusa no Yume), for shakuhachi & piano by Marshall McGuire
  123.   New Moon by Jeff Peterson
  124.   Puamana by Jeff Peterson
  125.   Offering
  126.   Illumination featuring Arthur Boyd
  127.   Tranquil Resonations
  128.   Being Time
  129.   Spirit's Dance: The Wind of Change
  130.   Breathe the Fragrance of Forever
  131.   Sacramental Christian Lullaby featuring Satsuka Odamura
  132.   Evening Mist
  133.   Whispers of Eternity
  134.   Under the Stars
  135.   Pua Lililehua by Jeff Peterson
  136.   Wailua Falls by Jeff Peterson