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During the course of her career, Sia Furler has been an in-demand guest vocalist, a quirky singer/songwriter, a hitmaker for the likes of Celine Dion and Beyoncé, and more popular than ever as an artist in her own right in the 2010s. On albums such as 2001's Healing Is Difficult and 2004's Colour the Small One -- which featured one of her definitive songs, "Breathe Me" -- Sia established herself as a singer and songwriter with a distinctively vulnerable voice. As time went on, she expanded her range to include the livelier fare of 2010's We Are Born and 2014's 1000 Forms of Fear, which included the Grammy-nominated single "Chandelier." During this time, she also became an in-demand pop songwriter, with Rihanna's 2013 single "Diamonds" among the biggest hits she wrote for others. Sia's success continued as the 2010s unfolded: 2016's "Cheap Thrills" became her first single to top the Billboard 100 chart. Although raised in Australia, Furler rose to fame after moving to the U.K., where she worked as a guest vocalist for several groups -- including the electronica duo Zero 7 -- and released her own solo albums. Born in 1975, she first performed on the Adelaide jazz circuit during the '90s as a vocalist for the band Crisp. An attempt to launch a solo career in 1997 didn't pan out, though, and she eventually hopped on a plane to London. While there, she landed a gig as a backup singer for Jamiroquai and inked a solo contract with DancePool, a sublabel of Sony. Sia released her first single, "Taken for Granted," in early 2000. Although the song only peaked at number 100 on the Australian charts, it rose to number ten in the U.K. and increased European demand for her debut album, Healing Is Difficult, which followed in 2001. At the same time, a string of big names in the British music scene began asking for Sia's services; offers from Zero 7 and William Orbit ensued. Although some projects only called for Sia to sing on one song, her association with Zero 7 proved to be a recurring event. She ultimately remained with Zero 7 for three albums, serving as the group's go-to vocalist while also furthering her own career with solo releases like Colour the Small One and Some People Have Real Problems. Meanwhile, Sia also began building an audience in America. One of the songs from Colour the Small One, "Breathe Me," gained attention when it was used in the elaborate final scene of the Six Feet Under series, and the resulting buzz allowed her to enjoy a successful stateside tour. That tour was documented on her first live release, Lady Croissant, in 2007. By the following year, Sia's American audience had increased to the point that Some People Have Real Problems, her third album, debuted at number 26. Zero 7 began working on another album in 2009, but Sia had already shifted most of her attention to furthering her own career, and the band hired another singer in her place. Working alongside bassist Sam Dixon, she boosted her songwriting cred by writing several songs for Christina Aguilera, who put the songs on her 2010 release, Bionic. Sia also continued writing songs for herself, and We Are Born marked her most upbeat album to date in 2010. It also went on to become very successful, charting around the world and going to number two in Australia. But Sia, whose shy and withdrawn personality was at odds with her public persona, began to struggle with the pressures of fame. She spent the next few years out of the spotlight, continuing her parallel career as a backroom songwriter for the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Celine Dion, and Rihanna, for whom she wrote the worldwide number one smash hit "Diamonds." In 2013, she started on a new album, working once again with producer Greg Kurstin. Wary of another breakdown, she eventually negotiated a near-unprecedented contract with RCA stipulating that she would not have to tour or do press; her first public appearance to promote the album on The Ellen DeGeneres Show saw her perform her new single, "Chandelier," with her back to the audience. The album, entitled 1000 Forms of Fear, arrived in July 2014. It promptly hit number one in several countries, including the U.S. and Australia. Furler and Kurstin also reworked existing music and wrote three new songs for the 2014 adaptation of the Broadway musical Annie; one of their new compositions, "Opportunity," was nominated at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song. At the 77th Annual Grammy Awards, "Chandelier" scored nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Music Video. Empowered by the acclaim earned by 1000 Forms of Fear, Sia began work on its follow-up in early 2015. Late that year, the singles "Alive" (which Furler co-wrote with Adele) and "Bird Set Free" heralded the January 2016 release of This Is Acting, a pop-oriented set of previously unrecorded songs she wrote for artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Adele. In July, "Cheap Thrills" -- the second official single, originally intended for Rihanna -- became Sia's first Billboard 100 chart-topper. In 2017, Sia released several non-album tracks, including the Zayn duet "Dusk 'Til Dawn" and the Stargate and P!nk collaboration "Waterfall." Later that year, she and Kurstin reunited for Everyday Is Christmas, a set of original holiday songs including the single "Santa's Coming for Us." The album was released on Sia's Monkey Puzzle imprint that November. In 2018, Sia teamed up with Labrinth and Diplo under the moniker LSD and issued the single "Thunderclouds," and also contributed the song "Helium" to the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Darker. The LSD project continued to expand with additional singles "Genius," "Audio," and "No New Friends," with a full-length effort landing in 2019. The island-kissed psychedelic dance-pop of Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present LSD included all previously released singles, as well as a remix with Lil Wayne. ~ Andrew Leahey & David Peter Wesolowski
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Chandelier
  3.   Cheap Thrills
  4.   The Greatest
  5.   Breathe Me by Pete Gooding
  6.   Elastic Heart
  7.   Never Give Up
  8.   Alive
  9.   Moon
  10.   Don't Bring Me Down
  11.   Under the Milky Way
  12.   Pictures
  13.   The Bully
  14.   Helium featuring Afrojack
  15.   Move Your Body
  16.   Santa's Coming for Us
  17.   Snowman
  18.   Sunday
  19.   I Go to Sleep
  20.   Day Too Soon
  21.   Electric Bird
  22.   Soon We'll Be Found
  23.   Burn the Pages
  24.   Clap Your Hands
  25.   Beautiful Calm Driving
  26.   You've Changed
  27.   Numb
  28.   Girl You Lost to Cocaine
  29.   Butterflies
  30.   Rainbow
  31.   Satisfied
  32.   I'm in Here
  33.   I'm Still Here
  34.   Candy Cane Lane
  35.   Underneath the Mistletoe
  36.   Snowflake
  37.   Everyday Is Christmas
  38.   My Old Santa Claus
  39.   Ho Ho Ho
  40.   Sing for My Life
  41.   Underneath the Christmas Lights
  42.   Puppies Are Forever
  43.   Reaper
  44.   Oh Father
  45.   You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
  46.   Salted Wound
  47.   Where I Belong
  48.   Hostage
  49.   You Have Been Loved
  50.   Lullaby
  51.   Academia
  52.   Kill and Run
  53.   Death by Chocolate
  54.   Fair Game
  55.   Bird Set Free
  56.   Fire Meet Gasoline
  57.   Free the Animal
  58.   Dressed in Black
  59.   Titanium
  60.   Unstoppable
  61.   Helium
  62.   Eye of the Needle
  63.   Sweet Design
  64.   Angel By The Wings
  65.   House on Fire
  66.   Blow It All Away
  67.   Confetti
  68.   Waving Goodbye
  69.   Drink to Get Drunk by Masterstepz
  70.   Deer in Headlights
  71.   Sunshine
  72.   Jesus Wept
  73.   Broken Glass
  74.   Footprints
  75.   Cellophane
  76.   Big Girls Cry
  77.   The Fight
  78.   The Co-Dependent
  79.   Bring Night
  80.   Buttons
  81.   Lucky
  82.   Broken Biscuit
  83.   The Church of What's Happening Now
  84.   Rewrite
  85.   Judge Me
  86.   Little Man
  87.   Fear
  88.   Round and Round
  89.   Midnight Decisions
  90.   Space Between
  91.   One Million Bullets
  92.   Straight for the Knife
  93.   My Love
  94.   Never Gonna Leave Me
  95.   Hurting Me Now
  96.   Big Girl, Little Girl
  97.   Destiny
  98.   Lentil
  99.   So Bored
  100.   Paranoid Android
  101.   Sea Shells
  102.   Sweet Potato
  103.   Healing Is Difficult
  104.   I'm Not Important to You
  105.   Get Me
  106.   Sober and Unkissed
  107.   Free Me
  108.   Opportunity
  109.   Stop Trying
  110.   Cloud
  111.   Be Good to Me
  112.   Playground
  113.   Little Black Sandals
  114.   Natale's Song
  115.   Insidiously
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