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S.P.M., or South Park Mexican, AKA Carlos Coy, grew up in the Hispanic South Park neighborhood of Houston and, by his own admission, spent five years selling drugs in his teens and early twenties. In 1994, he turned to rapping, forming his own label, Dope House Records. He released his first album, Hustle Town in 1997, followed by the compilation Power Moves in 1998. Gathering many other rappers around him, he released his third album, The Third Wish to Rock the World in November 1999 and saw it sell over 100,000 copies within three months. With that success, he planned a series of further releases on Dope House and announced plans to make a semi-autobiographical film, to be called Hustle Town. ~ William Ruhlmann
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   I Must Be High
  3.   He's a Bird, He's a Plane
  4.   Real Gangstas
  5.   SPM Radio
  6.   Bloody War
  7.   Time Is Money
  8.   Wiggy by Baby Beesh
  9.   Wiggy Wiggy
  10.   Woodson N Worthin featuring Low-G
  11.   Spm Diaries by Rasheed
  12.   Red Beams and Rice featuring Juan Gotti
  13.   You Know My Name
  14.   Juan Gotti's Chic featuring Jazmine
  15.   Filthy Rich
  16.   Mary Go Round
  17.   Somethin' I Would Do by Baby Beesh
  18.   Children Hold On
  19.   Pudding by Kay Kay
  20.   Mary-Go-Round
  21.   SPM- Merry go Round
  22.   Riddla On Da Roof
  23.   The End
  24.   Hubba Hubba featuring Baby Beesh
  25.   Letter From SPM
  26.   Dope Gon' Sell Itself (Pocos Pero Locos)
  27.   Block of Rock
  28.   Anything Goes featuring Baby Beesh
  29.   Hillwood Hustlaz II
  30.   Miss Perfect by Ikeman
  31.   Screwston by Lil' Flip
  32.   The S.O.N.
  33.   The River
  34.   Streets On Beats
  35.   Night Shift
  36.   Runaway
  37.   El Jugador
  38.   I Need a Sweet
  39.   Throw Away Gats
  40.   Garza West by Juan Gotti
  41.   Hillwood Hustlaz featuring Grimm
  42.   The 3rd Wish featuring Grimm
  43.   Dopehouse Money
  44.   K Luv vs. SPM
  45.   Twice Last Night featuring Baby Beesh
  46.   Nothing But a Gangsta Party (Pocos Pero Locos)
  47.   Woodson and Wothin
  48.   Dope Game
  49.   Where My Soldiers At
  50.   SPM vs Los
  51.   Peace Pipe
  52.   Habitual Criminal
  53.   In a Slab by Drew
  54.   Real Gangsta
  55.   Moham Mitchell
  56.   Suckaz N Hataz featuring J.C.
  57.   Hotel Lady featuring Juan Gotti
  58.   Boys on da Cut
  59.   Afraid of Our Prayers
  60.   Duh Duh Duh
  61.   If I Die
  62.   My Feria featuring Baby Bash
  63.   Red Beams and Rice by Juan Gotti
  64.   Something About Mary featuring Baby Bash
  65.   Riddla on da Roof featuring Rasheed
  66.   Loyal Customers by Rasheed
  67.   Hubba Hubba featuring Baby Beesh
  68.   Twice Last Night by Baby Beesh
  69.   I Need a Sweet featuring Angela Pérez
  70.   High so High by Marilyn Rylander
  71.   Filthy Rich by Marilyn Rylander
  72.   I Must Be High by Russell Lee
  73.   Eternal Rest
  74.   Dark Memories by Pimpstress
  75.   Chill
  76.   No One to Blame
  77.   Block of Rock II
  78.   Beat from Hotan featuring Coast
  79.   The Darkest Author
  80.   Mexican Heaven
  81.   Come Back Home
  82.   You Can Make It
  83.   Hydro Buzz
  84.   Always So High
  85.   Angels
  86.   Addicted to Storms by Carlos Coy
  87.   Till They Come
  88.   Twenty-Eight
  89.   People
  90.   I Need A Sweet by Baby Bash
  91.   Drunk Man Talkin by Lone Star Ridaz
  92.   Who Got Tha Butta by The Council
  93.   Rollin by Lil' Flip
  94.   Since Day 1 featuring Filero
  95.   Power Moves by Bushwick Bill
  96.   VIP by Big Boss
  97.   They Can't Stop the Dopehouse (SPM Drop)
  98.   Cummin Up/Cummin Down by South Park Mexican
  99.   Latola
  100.   Children of the Ghetto
  101.   The System
  102.   Since Day 1
  103.   Screens Falling
  104.   Power Moves
  105.   Intro "The Phone Call"
  106.   Hubba Hubba
  107.   High Everyday
  108.   Infamous Playa Life
  109.   West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast
  110.   Moment of Slience for "Those Ahead of Us" by South Park Mexican
  111.   Cali-Tex Connect (1st Verse)
  112.   Screens Falling
  113.   One of Those Nights
  114.   Illegal Amigos
  115.   Anything Goes
  116.   Somethin' I Would Do
  117.   Burn Us Alive
  118.   Medicine
  119.   Oh My My
  120.   Don't Let Em Fool Ya
  121.   Country Life
  122.   You Wouldn't Listen
  123.   Broadway
  124.   Who Would Know
  125.   Ooh Wee
  126.   Marijuana featuring Baby Beesh
  127.   Dope House Records
  128.   El Jugador (The Player) featuring Kid Frost
  129.   Time Is Money by The Beltway 8 Boyz
  130.   The Author
  131.   Effin King
  132.   Life (Dark Memories) by Pimpstress
  133.   Accomplishments
  134.   The Son Wishes
  135.   Frustration
  136.   Chiefin
  137.   Hustla World
  138.   Texas Gangsta by Capone
  139.   Slant Eyes by Tow Down
  140.   Holla Atcha Later featuring D-Gotti
  141.   Ghetto Tales featuring AC Chill
  142.   The Beach House
  143.   Wizard of Oz by South Park Mexican
  144.   Hustle Town
  145.   Y Must I
  146.   Wheel Watchers
  147.   Studio Time
  148.   On Da Grind
  149.   Money Makin Houston
  150.   Los
  151.   Holla Atcha Later
  152.   Ghetto Tales
  153.   Cali-Tex Connect
  154.   Creep With Me by South Park Mexican
  155.   In My Hood
  156.   No Love
  157.   For Da Homies
  158.   Dj Screw by DJ Screw
  159.   VIP
  160.   The End featuring Juan Gotti
  161.   Where My Soldiers At featuring Chill
  162.   Shout Outs
  163.   Callbox
  164.   My Hoodie
  165.   Land of the Lost by Marilyn Rylander
  166.   Honest Man featuring Angela Pérez
  167.   Who's over There featuring Low-G
  168.   This Is Screwston by Lil' Flip
  169.   In a Trance
  170.   Ms. Amma Freaka
  171.   No Love for No One
  172.   On Everything
  173.   Even From a Prison
  174.   Pure and Uncut
  175.   The Poor Kids
  176.   Don't Go Away
  177.   And They Said
  178.   I'll Be Home in Perfect Time (Pocos Pero Locos)
  179.   Ghetto Prisoner
  180.   Streets of Beats by South Park Mexican
  181.   Don't Let em Fool Ya
  182.   My Feria
  183.   Broadway by Rasheed
  184.   Latin Throne by Marilyn Rylander
  185.   The Forgotten Verse
  186.   Blazin' Janey featuring Carolyn Rodriguez
  187.   My Homegirl
  188.   Pass the Killa
  189.   Gettin' Wiggy Out Here (Pocos Pero Locos)
  190.   We Know the Price
  191.   Warrior
  192.   Illegal Amigos featuring K-Sam
  193.   For My Hood
  194.   If It Were You
  195.   Dead or in Prison