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The Acacia Strain



East Coast alternative metal ensemble the Acacia Strain utilize a bone-crushing rhythm section, apocalyptic samples, and a unique triple-guitar assault to deliver their signature blend of hardcore, noise, and death and doom metal. Formed in Springfield, Massachusetts in 2001, the group consisted of guitarists Chris Daniele, Daniel Daponde, and Daniel Laskiewitz, vocalist Vincent Bennett, bass player Karrie Whitfield, and drummer Ben Abert. They released their debut, ...And Life Is Very Long, in 2002, followed by 3750 on Prosthetic Records in 2004. After 3750, the group lost Abert (who was replaced by drummer Kevin Boutot) and Daniele, and gained bassist Seth Coleman (Whitfield departed in 2003). In 2006, the Acacia Strain returned with their third full-length album, Dead Walk, on Prosthetic; subsequently, Coleman was replaced by bassist Jack Strong. Released in 2008, Continent found the group operating as a foursome, following Daponde's departure, while 2010's Wormwood introduced melodic hooks into the venomous mix of breakdowns and skull-splitting howling. The live CD/DVD Most Known Unknown arrived the following year. The Acacia Strain signed to Rise Records in 2012, releasing Death Is the Only Mortal by the year's end. Longtime member Laskiewitz left the band in 2013, and was replaced by Devin Shidaker and Rich Gomez, both of whom contributed guitar to the Acacia Strain's seventh full-length album, 2014's Coma Witch. In early 2017, the band issued "Bitter Pill," the first single from their hotly anticipated eighth studio long-player, Gravebloom, which arrived later that June. ~ James Christopher Monger
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Bitter Pill
  3.   Predator: Never Prey
  4.   Jonestown
  5.   Combine
  6.   Servant in the Place of Truth
  7.   The Dead Walk
  8.   The Beast
  9.   Cthulhu
  10.   Worthless
  11.   The Hills Have Eyes
  12.   Gravebloom
  13.   As If Set Afire
  14.   Nightman
  15.   BTM FDR
  16.   Ramirez
  17.   Brown Noise
  18.   Cold Gloom
  19.   Model Citizen
  20.   Human Disaster
  21.   The Mouth of the River
  22.   The Impaler
  23.   Pity
  24.   Demolishor
  25.   Whoa! Shut It Down
  26.   4x4
  27.   Burnface
  28.   Sarin: The End
  29.   Tactical Nuke
  30.   Abyssal Depths
  31.   Plague Doctor
  32.   Carbomb
  33.   Walled City
  34.   Calloused Mouth
  35.   Big Sleep
  36.   Sensory Deprivation
  37.   Observer
  38.   Bridgepainter
  39.   VVorld Demise
  40.   Holy Walls of the Vatican
  41.   Send Help
  42.   Cauterizer
  43.   Below
  44.   Stay Puft
  45.   Money for Nothing
  46.   House of Abandon
  47.   The Chambered Nautilus
  48.   Time & Death & God
  49.   Dust & the Helix
  50.   Brain Death
  51.   Go To Sleep by Kirk Windstein
  52.   Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
  53.   The Carpathian
  54.   Terminated
  55.   The Behemoth
  56.   Kräken
  57.   JFC
  58.   Balboa Towers
  59.   Baby Buster
  60.   Forget-Me-Now
  61.   Dr. Doom
  62.   Seaward
  63.   Skynet
  64.   Noah Will Be Your Grave
  65.   Killing on Empty
  66.   The Widowmaker
  67.   ...and Life Is Very Long
  68.   See You Next Tuesday
  69.   Angry Mob Justice
  70.   Sun Poison and Skin Cancer
  71.   Halcyon
  72.   Passing the Pencil Test
  73.   3750
  74.   Smoke Ya Later
  75.   Doppleganger
  76.   All She Wrote
  77.   Doomblade
  78.   Dark Harvest
  79.   Extreme Wrath of the Jhiaxus
  80.   Roadhead Road
  81.   Above
  82.   Graveyard Shift
  83.   Sloth Loves Chunk
  84.   Drawn and Quartered
  85.   Whale Shark
  86.   Global Warming
  87.   Victims of the Cave
  88.   Unabomber
  89.   Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk
  90.   Delusionalisphere
  91.   Nailgun
  92.   Bay of Pigs
  93.   Black Hole Sun
  94.   Cable Ready Techno Slut
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