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Georgia-born country comedian Tim Wilson was a born funnyman, delivering dead-on impressions of his teachers while still in elementary school; he later MC'ed his high school's talent shows, but after taking up guitar as a teen he instead aspired to a career in music. While in college he accepted a job as a sportswriter, later convincing his editors to allow him to review local concerts as well; at an Atlanta Rhythm Section date, Wilson passed along his demo tape to the group's drummer, Roy Yeager, who agreed to produce a session at his Georgia studio. The resulting demo went nowhere, however, and so Wilson instead turned to comedy; immediately he earned a devoted local following, and soon after won a Cinemax standup competition. A series of television spots followed, including an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; in 1990, he also teamed with the duo of Pinkard & Bowden to write the song "Arab, Alabama," and its success convinced him to include music in his standup act. In addition to a series of LPs for the independent Southern Tracks label, including Tough Crowd, Waking Up the Neighborhood, Low-Class Love Affair, and Tuned Up, Wilson scored a hit single with his "Garth Brooks Ruined My Life," also co-writing Jeff Foxworthy's smash "The Redneck Twelve Days of Christmas." Upon signing to Capitol, he released his major-label debut, It's a Sorry World, in early 1999; Gettin' My Mind Right followed later that same year. In 2000 he issued Hillbilly Homeboy, which was helped by the success of its first single, "The Ballad of John Rocker," and waited three years to follow it up with his first funk concept album, Super Bad Sounds of the '70s. Three more traditional albums -- Church League Softball Fistfight (2005), But I Could Be Wrong (2007), and Mr. Wilson Explains America (2009) -- followed. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   The Clinton Eviction
  3.   Bobby Bowden
  4.   Golf
  5.   Reality TV/Paul Sr./Dog the Bounty Hunter
  6.   Hot Ass Station Wagons
  7.   Old Dude in the Front
  8.   Duke and Clint
  9.   Dale Darrell Waltrip Richard Petty Rusty Awesome Bill Irvin Gordon ...
  10.   Marilyn Manson
  11.   White Guys
  12.   Uncle B.S. 1865 by Timothy Wilson
  13.   Uncle BS -- 1 Hour BC
  14.   Uncle BS -- 1963
  15.   Uncle BS -- 1836
  16.   Grocery Store Lady
  17.   Explaining Bill Monroe
  18.   Southern Accents
  19.   It Was America: Plastic Ass Trophies and Mercury
  20.   Assault Weapons
  21.   The Mechanic
  22.   Banks
  23.   Hitchhikers
  24.   Booty Man
  25.   More Al Gore
  26.   Service Station Lady
  27.   Libertarian
  28.   Georgia Hates Florida
  29.   The Jeff Gordon Song
  30.   Tim Wilson for Dictator 2012
  31.   The Hermitage Lady and Huddle House
  32.   It Was America: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  33.   It Was America: Schools
  34.   It Was America: Rock and Roll Lecture
  35.   Explaining Acid Country
  36.   Clinton, Obama and Michael Vick
  37.   No Smoker Show
  38.   Women Tickle Me
  39.   Bed Pan Man
  40.   FEMA
  41.   If You Try to Save This Marriage Again
  42.   The Michelle Obama Song
  43.   Lotion
  44.   Jetpack
  45.   It Was America: White Boy in the 70's
  46.   Steroids in Sports
  47.   He's My Brother-In-Law
  48.   Uncle B.S. 1969 by Timothy Wilson
  49.   Garth Brooks Ruined My Life
  50.   The Wizard/Auntie Em
  51.   College Football Song
  52.   William Kimler
  53.   Father-in-Law
  54.   The Clone Song
  55.   Momma Might've Slept With Herman Cain
  56.   Four Cars Ago
  57.   Haunt Me a Waffle House
  58.   Hung up on You
  59.   Haircut Malpractice
  60.   Uncle B.S. - June 6, 1944
  61.   Bait Car
  62.   Teddy's Dead
  63.   First Baptist Bar & Grill
  64.   Robert E. Lee Lloyd (Human Asteroid)
  65.   Y'all Better Get Your Guitars Back Out
  66.   Way out in the Country
  67.   Church League Softball Fistfight
  68.   Rosie O'Donnell
  69.   Stairwell to Heaven
  70.   Smack Dab in Paradise
  71.   Gov't Food
  72.   Uncle B.S. 1876 by Timothy Wilson
  73.   The Ballad of John Rocker by Timothy Wilson
  74.   Think/Thunk
  75.   Uncle BS -- 1945
  76.   Smoking & Saddam Hussein
  77.   It's a Sorry World
  78.   Pennsylvania Ave. Fantasy Inn
  79.   Cult Leader
  80.   Neil Young/Motel 6
  81.   Fireworks in Tennessee by Timothy Wilson
  82.   Redneck 12 Days of Christmas
  83.   Clean Underwear
  84.   What Gill's Still Drinking About
  85.   Chucky Cheese H*ll
  86.   Phenix City 54 (Roll Me Back in the River)
  87.   Uncle BS -- 1944
  88.   Al Gore
  89.   Uncle BS -- 1955
  90.   Dirt Pills
  91.   She Slept With Texas
  92.   Pork Rind Airlines
  93.   The Birds & the Bees
  94.   21 and Don't Know Nothing
  95.   Centerfold, Alabama
  96.   Ringold, Georgia by Timothy Wilson
  97.   The Michael Vick Song
  98.   Uncle B.S. - June, 1876
  99.   Duck, the Honeymoon's Over
  100.   Misery, Missouri
  101.   Mr. Cajun Boyfriend Man
  102.   Mobile Home School
  103.   Don Jose
  104.   Sick of Me
  105.   Starve to Damn Death
  106.   Deddy Worked
  107.   Jane Ketchup Stain
  108.   Disco Ball
  109.   But I Could Be Wrong
  110.   Tammy & Randy
  111.   Ass Bags
  112.   Dick Weasel, Attorney at Law
  113.   Bonanza
  114.   Tiffany
  115.   Messing With the Crowd
  116.   I Think My Wife Is Running Around on Me (Taco Hell)
  117.   (Livin' in) Cell Hell
  118.   Interview
  119.   Trailer Love
  120.   The Shoals Plane Mail Drop Letter
  121.   The Ward Burton Train
  122.   Crematorium For Sale
  123.   Levon Cosmetics
  124.   The Shoals Plane Theme End
  125.   Brady Bill (Gunfighter Without a Gun)
  126.   Hollywood
  127.   Dale Jarrett's Car
  128.   In God & Alan Greenspan We Trust
  129.   Uncle B.S. 1647 by Timothy Wilson
  130.   Hebrew Wife
  131.   The Devil Was a Nerd in High School
  132.   100 Things to Remember
  133.   Abe Lincoln
  134.   Clinton/Gore
  135.   The Front Porch Philospher
  136.   Nashville Moon
  137.   Famous Towns
  138.   Lady Di's Boyfriend
  139.   Mr. Men's Room
  140.   The Amoco Lady
  141.   The Bossman
  142.   George Is on My Mind
  143.   Tornadoes
  144.   Trailer Park Woman
  145.   Naked Enough
  146.   It Just Got Country Over Here
  147.   What's Wrong With Schools
  148.   Beetle Bailey
  149.   Acid Country
  150.   The American Band Can't Stand
  151.   Bondo Jones (Demolition Derby Man)
  152.   Terrorists
  153.   George Zimmerman's Ass
  154.   Bill Clinton
  155.   Nashville Name-Dropping School
  156.   Uncle BS -- 1941
  157.   Handicap Tag on a Black Corvette
  158.   Malboro Miles
  159.   Jack Hammer Beach Resort (And the Skil Saw Motor Motel)
  160.   Clinton
  161.   The Scrambled Egg Word Board
  162.   Dance Me to Death
  163.   Uncle B.S. - Summer '56
  164.   Uncle B.S. 1492 by Timothy Wilson
  165.   Ricky Tidwell's Momma
  166.   Pickin' on the Mormons
  167.   I Married a Woman That Talks Like Jerry Reed
  168.   King of England
  169.   Paul Hornung
  170.   Helpin' Folks
  171.   American History
  172.   Chicken Fishin'
  173.   Way, Way Too Much Bus on This Plane
  174.   Mail Boxing
  175.   The Family Reunion
  176.   What Women Want
  177.   Woman Repellant
  178.   Sumo Wrestler Santa Claus
  179.   Merle Haggard Ain't Romantic
  180.   Lounge Lizard's Love
  181.   High Maintenance Woman
  182.   Ben Wright
  183.   English People
  184.   Lap Dancing Days
  185.   Mama Was a Hit Man
  186.   Muscle Bound Body Ointment
  187.   Nail Guns
  188.   Muscle Bound After Shave
  189.   Bobby Knight
  190.   Luther Crawel
  191.   Youngsters
  192.   Uncle B.S. - March, 1836
  193.   Uncle B.S. - August 6, 1945
  194.   Jack Ass: The Movie
  195.   I Think My Siser's Boy Is a Vampire
  196.   One Idiot Away
  197.   Pissed Copalians
  198.   Little Leage Witch
  199.   Auntie Emm
  200.   Amy Carter
  201.   The Pyramids
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