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One of the leaders of the new psych-influenced garage rock scene that erupted in California in the late 2000s, Ty Segall has produced a catalog as prolific as it is diverse. Working as a solo act and in a number of side projects, Segall has released literally dozens of albums since he left the Epsilons and cut his first project on his own in 2008. Depending on the album, Segall can sound raw (2016's Emotional Mugger) or refined (2013's Sleeper), and he's capable of focused one-man-band efforts (2009's Lemons) as well as sprawling and eclectic releases with a range of collaborators (2018's Freedom's Goblin). But Segall's simple but strong melodic frameworks, his creative restlessness, and the infectious intensity of his instrumental work on guitar and keys are the constants in his ever-evolving body of work. Ty Segall first garnered public acclaim as the lead singer of Orange County, California garage rock revivalists the Epsilons. With that band, he practiced a rawer, snottier take on Strokes/Vines/White Stripes-style rock, occasionally delving into more retro territory. When that band splintered, he struck out on his own and started cranking out lo-fi albums, beginning with a self-titled effort on Castle Face in 2008. On his solo album Lemons, however, Segall delivered a much more traditional sound, studiously re-creating '60s guitar tones and drenching his tracks in old-school reverb. The stomping results bore a striking resemblance to early garage masters such as the Sonics and the Standells, as well as proto-punks the Stooges and bedroom folk antecedent Alexander "Skip" Spence. He returned in 2010 with Melted. The year 2011 was busy for him, with two albums -- Live in Aisle Five and Goodbye Bread -- scheduled for release, as well as an EP of T. Rex covers, Ty-Rex. Goodbye Bread marked a turn toward Segall's softer side, evoking a John Lennon-like take on quieter and more introspective singer/songwriter fare. In 2012, Segall collaborated with Strange Boys' offshoot White Fence on Hair. This mini-album married Segall's Beatles-soaked pop hooks and production with White Fence's Syd Barrett-influenced, acid-damaged garage sounds. Two more Segall albums followed that year, including June's Slaughterhouse with the Ty Segall Band on In the Red, and Twins, the completely solo follow-up to Goodbye Bread released on Drag City in October. Segall's profile grew, and 2013 began with several reissues of previous projects, including a 2009 collaboration with Mikal Cronin entitled Reverse Shark Tank, as well as his earlier garage trio the Traditional Fools' out of print 2008 debut. In 2013, Segall also released the debut album from his side project Fuzz, in which he played drums rather than guitar. Also in 2013, he showed off a new approach, recording a departure from the usual and titling it Sleeper -- all of the songs were acoustic ballads. Not one to rest on his laurels, Segall returned to the studio to record the 17-track follow-up Manipulator in 2014, released by Drag City in August. A live concert by the Ty Segall Band at the San Francisco club the Rickshaw Stop was released in February 2015 as part of the Live in San Francisco album series from Castle Face. Another live recording of Segall and his band, preserving his set at the 2013 Pickathon Festival, was released in May 2015 as a split album with the garage/psych act King Tuff, who were also taped at the same event. The year 2015 also saw the arrival of the second Fuzz album, and an expanded reissue of the Ty-Rex EP. Segall kept up his usual frantic pace the next year, releasing the Emotional Mugger album in January, then touring behind it extensively. He also formed the band Gøggs, with Fuzz's Charles Moothart and Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult. They released a self-titled album in July. The next Ty Segall album was a self-titled effort in early 2017 on Drag City, recorded at Steve Albini's studio and featuring a full band that included longtime collaborator Mikal Cronin and the Cairo Gang's Emmett Kelly on guitar and vocals. Well received, the album reached number ten on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart. In early 2018, the prolific Segall brought out Freedom's Goblin, a 19-song album that reunited him with Albini, Cronin, and Kelly, while expanding his sound with the use of a horn section, then released Joy a few months later -- a collaboration with old running mate White Fence on a batch of off-kilter psych rock songs. In October 2018, Segall dropped Fudge Sandwich, in which he put his own unique spin on 11 cover tunes, interpreting artists ranging from Funkadelic to the Grateful Dead. The same month, he also brought out a low-key cassette-only release, Orange Rainbow, created in a run of just 55 copies for sale at a show of his visual art at a Los Angeles gallery. In January 2018, two live shows in Los Angeles on the tour supporting Freedom's Goblin were recorded by Steve Albini. Highlights from the concerts were released in March 2019 on the album Deforming Lobes, credited to Ty Segall & Freedom Band. ~ Pemberton Roach & Mark Deming
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Archangel Thunderbird
  3.   Be A Caveman
  4.   Tall Man, Skinny Lady
  5.   Radio
  6.   Body Behavior
  7.   Rotten to the Core
  8.   Low Rider
  9.   The Loner
  10.   Isolation
  11.   Self Esteem
  12.   When I Met My Parents, Pt. 1
  13.   I Worship the Dog
  14.   The Fall
  15.   Ice Plant
  16.   Whatever
  17.   Taste
  18.   Lone Cowboys
  19.   Every 1's a Winner
  20.   Manipulator
  21.   Fuzzy Cat
  22.   Alta
  23.   The Main Pretender
  24.   Where We Go
  25.   Finger
  26.   Mister Main
  27.   She Don't Care
  28.   I Dont Know My Name
  29.   St. Stephen
  30.   Hit It and Quit It
  31.   Goin Down
  32.   Diversion
  33.   (I Can't) Get Around You
  34.   There Is No Tomorrow
  35.   Queen Lullabye
  36.   Standing at the Station
  37.   Femme Fatale
  38.   Feel
  39.   Buick Mackane
  40.   Sweet C.C.
  41.   They Told Me Too
  42.   Who Are You
  43.   Pretty Miss Titty
  44.   You're the Doctor
  45.   Spiders
  46.   I Am Not a Game
  47.   Drop out Boogie
  48.   My Lady's On Fire
  49.   Orange Color Queen
  50.   20th Century Boy
  51.   Fucked Up Motherfucker
  52.   The Feels
  53.   The Faker
  54.   The Keepers
  55.   The Hill
  56.   Inside Your Heart
  57.   Thank God for Sinners
  58.   You Make the Sun Fry
  59.   Goodbye Bread
  60.   Salamanda Palaganda
  61.   Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
  62.   The Happy Farmer
  63.   ... And Then Judy Walked In
  64.   California Commercial
  65.   Mrs.
  66.   Girlfriend
  67.   Mandy Cream
  68.   Squealer Two
  69.   Son of Sam
  70.   Sleeper
  71.   The Floor
  72.   Tongues
  73.   I Think I've Had It
  74.   Booksmarts
  75.   Stick Around
  76.   No No
  77.   Alone
  78.   Happy Creeps
  79.   Johnny
  80.   Slowboat
  81.   Time
  82.   It
  83.   Woodland Rock
  84.   Like You
  85.   The Slider
  86.   The Drag
  87.   Can't Talk
  88.   I'm Free
  89.   The Magazine
  90.   In Your Car
  91.   Skin
  92.   Dating
  93.   Elemental Child
  94.   The Black Glove/Rag
  95.   I'm a Man
  96.   Come Outside
  97.   W.U.O.T.W.S.
  98.   Imaginary Person
  99.   The Clock
  100.   Fine
  101.   I Sing Them
  102.   Susie Thumb
  103.   Easy Ryder
  104.   Where Your Head Goes
  105.   Rain
  106.   The Man Man
  107.   Lovely One
  108.   Warm Hands
  109.   Talkin'
  110.   California Hills
  111.   Squealer
  112.   Music for a Film
  113.   For Those Who Weep
  114.   Children of Paul
  115.   Cherry Red
  116.   Crazy
  117.   Handglams
  118.   Love Fuzz
  119.   Scissor People
  120.   Hey Big Mouth
  121.   I Can't Feel It
  122.   Youre Not Me
  123.   So Alone
  124.   Ms. White
  125.   Sad Fuzz featuring Eric Bauer
  126.   Bees
  127.   Caesar
  128.   Bullet Proof Nothing
  129.   Maria Stacks
  130.   The Frog
  131.   Pettin the Dog
  132.   I Am With You
  133.   My Sunshine
  134.   Sweets
  135.   Breakfast Eggs
  136.   Baby Big Man (I Want a Mommy)
  137.   My Head Explodes
  138.   It's a Problem
  139.   It, No.1
  140.   Emotional Mugger
  141.   6th Street
  142.   Mike D's Coke
  143.   Falling Hair
  144.   In Love
  145.   Untitled, No.2
  146.   The Fakir
  147.   Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
  148.   Cant Talk To You
  149.   Melted
  150.   The West
  151.   Crybaby
  152.   Love You
  153.   When I Met My Parents, Pt. 3
  154.   Untitled
  155.   Mother Lemonade
  156.   Another Hustle
  157.   Shoot Me In the Head
  158.   The Connection Man
  159.   Dust
  160.   Apples
  161.   The Singer
  162.   Cat Black
  163.   Big Man
  164.   Is It Real
  165.   Don't You Want to Know? (Sue)
  166.   The Hand
  167.   Ramona
  168.   Cry Cry Cry
  169.   Wave Goodbye
  170.   Ghost
  171.   Papers
  172.   Doctor Doctor
  173.   The Picture
  174.   Swag