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Te Quiero

Flex 11/5/2008


Panamanian reggaetonero Flex scored one of 2008's biggest Latin hit singles with "Te Quiero," the title track of his 2007 album of the same name. Driven by a light reggaeton rhythm track, a catchy melody, romantic sentiment, and tropical accents, the reggae panameño song certainly has the makings of a Latin hit circa 2008. Unfortunately, it's far and away the highlight of the album, which is stylistically unique but short on good songs. Besides the title track, which kicks off the album, the second and third songs -- "Sin Tu Amor," a collaboration with reggaetonero Alex Pro; and "Desde Lejos" -- are the only others that truly stand out. Following these opening few songs, the album plods along until its conclusion. The music remains interesting from a stylistic standpoint -- blending aspects of reggae and tropical music into otherwise fairly generic reggaeton backing tracks, and keeping the beats light and breezy rather than hard-hitting -- but Nigga's singing is generally fair at best (and sometimes terrible, as on "Si No Te Tengo") and the romantic sentiment becomes increasingly overbearing as the album progresses. It's too bad the songs on Te Queiro aren't all as undeniably appealing as the exceptional title track. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Te Quiero Flex 3:14
  3. 2 Sin Tu Amor Alex Pro 3:24
  4. 3 Desde Lejos [Version Reggae] Flex 3:7
  5. 4 Escapate Flex 2:47
  6. 5 Me Muero Flex 2:50
  7. 6 Si No Te Tengo Flex 3:51
  8. 7 Voy a Olvidarte Flex 3:34
  9. 8 Dime Flex 3:50
  10. 9 Dejala Duende 3:32
  11. 10 Tambien la Quiero a Ella Flex 3:28
  12. 11 Eras una Niña Flex 2:59
  13. 12 Gritarle Flex 3:0
  14. 13 Quien No Llora por Amor Flex 3:10
  15. 14 Tus Recuerdos Flex 3:15
  16. 15 Luna Flex 3:16

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