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Easy Does It

Jake Owen 22/4/2009


Everything about Jake Owen is a testament to Nashville's image of an everyday all-American. He has an ordinary name, he's hunky but not threatening, he has facial hair as sculpted as his biceps, he has a warm, friendly voice that is as suited for sentiment as it is for hoisting a frosty bottle of American beer. There's not a thing that's surprising about Jake Owen, either on his 2006 debut or this, his 2009 follow-up, that replicates the formula of his first to the letter, going so far as to offer a new version of "Eight Second Ride," presumably following the assumption that if it produced a modest success the first time around, things will get better the next time. Musically, that's pretty much true: Easy Does It gets the balance of sports bar anthems, radio ballads, and Sunday sentiment right, hitting every cliché perhaps a bit too on the nose but effectively nonetheless. Complaining that this is a bit too familiar is beside the point because this is music meant to be familiar, to fit into pre-carved niches for Friday nights and Monday mornings, and it works not because the songs are great -- at their best they're sturdy, at their worst they're workaday -- but because the production is clean and uncluttered, focused directly on Jake Owen's warm, welcoming voice. Owen doesn't really look like a guy next door -- he's too hunky by far -- but he does sound like the homecoming king from a small town, a guy comfortable with posing in the spotlight without looking like he's posing, and it's this easy charm that turns Easy Does It into an effective piece of country-pop product. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Tell Me Jake Owen 4:36
  3. 2 Eight Second Ride Jake Owen 3:5
  4. 3 Easy Does It Jake Owen 3:34
  5. 4 Don't Think I Can't Love You Jake Owen 3:4
  6. 5 Cherry on Top Jake Owen 3:35
  7. 6 Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant to Drink a Woman Away) Jake Owen 3:26
  8. 7 Green Bananas Jake Owen 3:20
  9. 8 Anything for You Jake Owen 3:50
  10. 9 Every Reason I Go Back Jake Owen 3:32
  11. 10 Nothin' Grows in Shadows Jake Owen 4:58

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