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The Right to Bare Arms



Brash, politically incorrect, and "one of the dumbest shows you ever heard" according to the man himself, The Right to Bare Arms captures proud redneck Larry the Cable Guy live in Houston in front of a rowdy, appreciative audience. It's a good time and -- considering the famous comedian's scant discography -- the best he's done on CD, with a wealth of material that hasn't been heard before. For every obvious Middle American-pleasing, crowd-rallying joke ("I was getting Michael Moore DVDs to put under my couch to make it sit level..."), there's that witty word-twisting that Larry's the Southern king of ("Is it Hank Williams, Jr. High School or Hank Williams Junior High School?") and that blue humor that either side of the political spectrum can appreciate ("I was with a midget hooker and gave her eight dollars to go up on me"). That's something Blue Collar TV-loving parents should know. Larry lets it all hang out when he's free from the tame television show, and while his language doesn't earn him a "Parental Advisory" sticker, the innuendo is heavy and will have junior asking "Why is everybody laughing?" The main part of the show goes by quick, with Larry rattling off the jokes at a Henny Youngman pace, while the closing song and the "kids say the darndest things"-style encore, "Toddler Mail," show Larry is more creative than a simple joke-teller. A step up from his patchy Christmas album and a hundred times better than his too-safe television show, The Right to Bare Arms is recommended to Jim Beam drinkers, NASCAR lovers, and anyone who loves plain old standup. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Git-R-Done! Larry the Cable Guy 1:20
  3. 2 Midgets and Gay Bars Larry the Cable Guy 0:49
  4. 3 WWJD Larry the Cable Guy 2:21
  5. 4 Las Vegas Larry the Cable Guy 4:8
  6. 5 Hank Williams Jr. High School Larry the Cable Guy 1:52
  7. 6 Hooters and Hooters Airlines Larry the Cable Guy 4:39
  8. 7 Dodge Truck, Retards and Stinkbait Larry the Cable Guy 1:49
  9. 8 NASCAR Larry the Cable Guy 3:8
  10. 9 The Right to Bare Arms! Larry the Cable Guy 4:8
  11. 10 Family in Sanford Larry the Cable Guy 4:20
  12. 11 Faith Healers and Weight Problems Larry the Cable Guy 4:2
  13. 12 Romance and Imported Rubbers (I Seen This on TV...No Lie) Larry the Cable Guy 6:36
  14. 13 Throwed Outta Penney's Larry the Cable Guy 1:1
  15. 14 Shavin', Waxin', Primpin' and Shootin' Quail! (This Is Funny. I ...) Larry the Cable Guy 3:25
  16. 15 News Items Larry the Cable Guy 1:26
  17. 16 Song for a Frend (And Other Things I Think About When I'm Hammered ...) Larry the Cable Guy 4:14
  18. 17 Toddler Mail Larry the Cable Guy 7:1

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