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La Granja [Deluxe Edition]

Los Tigres del Norte 9/8/2009
The kings of norteño music return with their 512th album (give or take), their first disc of new material since 2007's Detalles y Emociones, which found them moving into some unexpected territory (releasing the song "El Muro," sung in multiple languages). That was followed by 2008's Raices, a set of classic Mexican songs transformed into norteño, and a live album. But based on this evidence, the four Hernández brothers and cousin/drummer Oscar Lara were hardly coasting. As regular as clockwork or the steady, polka-like norteño beat, this album offers a dozen new songs dealing with love, crime, and the immigrant experience. There are some surprises -- "Como la Vida Sin Fútbol" features almost rap-like vocals and an unexpectedly aggressive beat supporting a humorous lyric about soccer fanaticism (including the noise of a cheering crowd and a game announcer). But for the most part, Los Tigres del Norte rose to their position at the top of the norteño heap by delivering exactly what their fans want, and this is an extremely well-played and gracefully sung selection of songs that will surely keep their audience two-stepping across the floor for the year until their next release. (In an interesting acknowledgement of norteño's popularity as cell phone ringtones, the group has released an EP containing two album cuts and two exclusive songs -- "El Poste" and "Va Sola" -- downloadable from Verizon.) [La Granja was also released in a two-disc Deluxe Edition featuring two bonus tracks and a DVD including four videos and other bonus material.] ~ Phil Freeman
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 La Granja PT3M45S
  3. 2 Mi Curiosidad PT3M3S
  4. 3 Si Mides el Tamaño PT3M38S
  5. 4 Reina de Reinas PT4M10S
  6. 5 Sala de Espera PT3M55S
  7. 6 Como la Vida Sin Fútbol PT4M3S
  8. 7 Los Aguaceros de Mayo PT3M41S
  9. 8 Minita de Oro PT3M54S
  10. 9 Mi Negocio Está Seguro PT3M34S
  11. 10 El Emigrante PT4M18S
  12. 11 Quién Te Entiende PT3M23S
  13. 12 El Diputado PT3M29S
  14. 13 Que Voy Hacer Sin Ti PT3M14S
  15. 14 Inyección Letal PT3M35S
  16. 1 Tefe de Tefes PT
  17. 2 La Reina del Sur PT
  18. 3 El Triunfo PT
  19. 4 De Paisano a Paisano PT
  20. 5 Galería de Fotos PT
  21. 6 Detrás de Cámaras de la Grabación del Video "La Granja" PT
  22. 7 Detrás de Cámaras de la Sesión de Fotos PT

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