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Legendary Status: Ying Yang Twins Greatest Hits

Ying Yang Twins 11/3/2009


Party rap duo Ying Yang Twins are known more for their singles than their albums, making any well-executed greatest-hits package a guaranteed highlight of their discography. Even though it sticks with obvious choices (picking the most popular single edit or remix) and takes the economical route (no earlier material from other labels is included) TVT's Legendary Status is such a highlight, as it surrounds hit crunk monsters like "Salt Shaker," "Wait (The Whisper Song)," and "1st Booty on Duty" with well-chosen and worthy album cuts. Skipping the Wyclef Jean collaboration "Dangerous" is a questionable move, but including irresponsible and silly second-line tracks like "Grey Goose" and "Naggin'" makes up for its absence. You can't complain about the album's sequencing, either, as it lays out all these like-minded rump shakers in what seems the best order possible, making Legendary Status an easy soundtrack for any given booty-judging contest or chalice-swinging party. Silly but adult fun the whole way through, this might be the second most necessary crunk collection, trailing closely behind Lil Jon's set Crunk Juice. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Drop Ying Yang Twins 3:47
  3. 2 Shake Ying Yang Twins 4:0
  4. 3 Champs Is Here Ying Yang Twins 3:26
  5. 4 Salt Shaker Ying Yang Twins 4:11
  6. 5 Badd [Remix] Ying Yang Twins 3:35
  7. 6 Jigglin Ying Yang Twins 3:23
  8. 7 Bedroom Boom Ying Yang Twins 4:37
  9. 8 Hanh! Ying Yang Twins 4:4
  10. 9 1st Booty on Duty Ying Yang Twins 3:20
  11. 10 Wait (The Whisper Song) Busta Rhymes 2:58
  12. 11 Swag City Ying Yang Twins 4:12
  13. 12 Georgia Dome [Remix] Ying Yang Twins 4:49
  14. 13 What Happnin! Ying Yang Twins 4:19
  15. 14 Grey Goose Ying Yang Twins 5:32
  16. 15 Naggin' Ying Yang Twins 4:20
  17. 16 Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk!) Homebwoi 4:27

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