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Blackberry Smoke

Building on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern rock template, with a good dose of outlaw honky tonk country and a little bit of bluegrass, gospel, and R&B mixed in, Blackberry Smoke (singer/guitarist Charlie Starr, guitarist/singer Paul Jackson, bassist/singer Richard Turner, keyboardist Brandon Still, and drummer Brit Turner) formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2000 and quickly built a loyal fan base on the Southern tour circuit, opening for top-tier acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, the Zac Brown Band, George Jones, and others. The group released a debut album, Bad Luck Ain't No Crime, in 2004 on Cock of the Walk Records, then followed it with the self-released EP New Honky Tonk Bootlegs in 2008. A second EP, Little Piece of Dixie, appeared from Big Karma Records that same year. A full-length album, this one also called Little Piece of Dixie, was released in 2009 by BamaJam Records. The band then signed with Zac Brown's Southern Ground Records, which released The Whippoorwill in 2012. The Whippoorwill was picked up by Earache, who formally signed the band in 2013. A deluxe live audio and video package entitled Leave a Scar: Live North Carolina was issued in the summer of 2014. Later that year, BS left Brown's label and signed a deal with Rounder in the U.S. (Earache remained their European label). Taking a short break from touring, they entered the studio with producer Brendan O'Brien and emerged less than two weeks later with Holding All the Roses, then went straight back to working on the road. The album was issued in February of 2015. ~ Steve Leggett
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Blackberry Smoke

    Cast of Nashville: I Am The DJ

    Cast of Nashville: I Am The DJ
    1 song

    Tyler Farr: I Am The DJ

    Tyler Farr: I Am The DJ
    1 song

    Modern Blues

    Modern Blues
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    Outlaw Country

    Outlaw Country
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Albums by
Blackberry Smoke

Top Songs by
Blackberry Smoke

  1.   Song
  2.   Good One Comin' On
  3.   Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
  4.   Pretty Little Lie
  5.   Too High
  6.   Bottom of This
  7.   Shake Your Magnolia
  8.   Freedom Song
  9.   Ain't Much Left of Me
  10.   Six Ways to Sunday
  11.   One Horse Town
  12.   Up in Smoke
  13.   Son of Bourbon
  14.   Everybody Knows She's Mine
  15.   Sleeping Dogs
  16.   Restless
  17.   Like I Am
  18.   Testify
  19.   Prayer for the Little Man
  20.   Payback's a Bitch
  21.   Leave a Scar
  22.   Lucky Seven
  23.   Normaltown
  24.   Livin' Hell
  25.   Keep on Keepin' On
  26.   Memphis Special
  27.   Lesson In a Bottle
  28.   Shakin' Hands with the Holy Ghost
  29.   Who Invented the Wheel
  30.   Sanctified Woman
  31.   I'd Be Lyin'
  32.   Wish in One Hand
  33.   Ain't Got the Blues
  34.   Workin' for Mca
  35.   Holding All the Roses
  36.   Up the Road
  37.   Angeline
  38.   Crimson Moon
  39.   Train Rollin
  40.   Fire in the Hole
  41.   No Way Back to Eden
  42.   Randolph County Farewell
  43.   Woman in the Moon
  44.   Living in the Song
  45.   Rock and Roll Again
  46.   The Only Thing She Left Behind
  47.   Son of the Bourbon
  48.   The Whippoorwill
  49.   Muscadine
  50.   Sure Was Good
  51.   Lay It All on Me
  52.   Scare the Devil Outta You
  53.   Another Chance
  54.   Freeborn Man
  55.   Nothin For You
  56.   Scare the Devil
  57.   Sanctified
  58.   Country Side of Life
  59.   Introduction/Band History
  60.   The Turner Brothers
  61.   The Band Grows
  62.   Paul & Brandon
  63.   The Tour Family
  64.   Hat Contest
  65.   Charlie Starr
  66.   To the Wind
  67.   Pearls

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