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Mayhem Festival 2013


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2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival kicks of June 29 through August 4 featuring Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Machine Head Behemoth and more! More info at

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Featured Artists on Mayhem Festival 2013

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Mayhem Festival 2013

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  2.   March of the Fire Ants Mastodon
  3.   Remember Everything Five Finger Death Punch
  4.   American Witch Rob Zombie
  5.   America Motionless in White
  6.   Eight of Swords Huntress
  7.   Shaping the Masterpiece Born of Osiris
  8.   Bow Down Born of Osiris
  9.   Pursuit of Honor Battlecross
  10.   Dogs Get Put Down Emmure
  11.   I Am Onslaught Emmure
  12.   Mr. Slowdeath Butcher Babies
  13.   Starspawn Behemoth
  14.   Qadosh Behemoth
  15.   Regurgitated Disinformation Job For A Cowboy
  16.   Mask of Sanity Children of Bodom
  17.   Hatebreeder Children of Bodom
  18.   Blooddrunk Children of Bodom
  19.   Locust Machine Head
  20.   Imperium Machine Head
  21.   Davidian Machine Head
  22.   Valhalla Awaits Me Amon Amarth
  23.   Colony of Birchmen Mastodon
  24.   Black Tongue Mastodon
  25.   Curl of the Burl Mastodon
  26.   Dead City Radio & the New Gods of Supertown Rob Zombie
  27.   Lift Me Up Five Finger Death Punch
  28.   Coming Down Five Finger Death Punch
  29.   Bad Company Five Finger Death Punch
  30.   Under and Over It Five Finger Death Punch
  31.   Dragula Rob Zombie
  32.   Thunder Kiss '65 Rob Zombie
  33.   Prometherion Behemoth
  34.   Crack the Skye Mastodon
  35.   Never Gonna Stop Rob Zombie
  36.   Abigail Motionless in White
  37.   Hostile Battlecross
  38.   Axe Wound Butcher Babies
  39.   Inflamed With Rage Behemoth
  40.   Entombment of a Machine Job For A Cowboy
  41.   Was it Worth It? Children of Bodom
  42.   Bulldozer Machine Head
  43.   Guardians of Asgaard Amon Amarth
  44.   Iron Tusk Mastodon
  45.   Oblivion Mastodon
  46.   Hard To See Five Finger Death Punch
  47.   More Human Than Human White Zombie
  48.   Annihilation of Hammerfest Amon Amarth
  49.   Rebel Yell Children of Bodom
  50.   The Accountable Born of Osiris
  51.   In Thy Pandemaeternum Behemoth

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