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Nu-Mixx Klazzics

2Pac 10/7/2003


Poor 2Pac. Since his unfortunate passing away in 1996, his catalog was pillaged annually. Every holiday season brought with it another posthumous release, often courtesy of Suge Knight or 2Pac's own mama, Afeni Shakur. While it's fascinating to hear all the unreleased recordings the rapper left behind as his legacy, and a few gems like "Thugz Mansion" and "Until the End of Time" surfaced, these posthumous releases were generally disappointing when you considered what could have been. Suge and Afeni were good at marketing 2Pac's posthumous catalog, no doubt, but they certainly weren't as good at producing 2Pac asDr. Dre. As a result, none of the numerous posthumous albums even approached the quality of those 2Pac made while alive. With the release of Nu-Mixx Klazzics, Suge and his Row Hitters remix ten previously released 2Pac songs, most of which are culled from All Eyez on Me. The vocals of canonical songs like "How Do You Want It" and "Ambitionz az a Ridah" are pasted over the beats, although tha Row Hitters sound more like a middle-of-the-road smooth jazz band with a drum machine than gangsta rap producers. Also includes tracks like "Hail Mary" and "Hit 'Em Up." [The clean version edits the profanity for those who take offense to such material.] ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 3:48
  3. 2 How Do U Want It [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 5:2
  4. 3 Hail Mary [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 5:20
  5. 4 Life Goes On [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:17
  6. 5 All Eyez on Me [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:49
  7. 6 Heartz of Men [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:36
  8. 7 Toss It Up [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:48
  9. 8 Hit Em Up [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:12
  10. 9 Never Had a Friend Like Me [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:5
  11. 10 Ambitionz Az a Ridah [Nu-Mixx] 2Pac 4:20

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