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Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

Aziz Ansari 11/9/2010


If you’re unfamiliar with the standup of the wicked funny actor/comedian Aziz Ansari, imagine a Mitch Hedberg tape sped up three ticks and then add an extra helping of snide to the routine, along with Internet-age nerdiness and some deviant ideas that are absolutely unquotable in mixed company. Here’s hoping no one misses the irony of the album’s title, because Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening stacks the rape jokes high, but Aziz’s act is, fortunately, much more than filthy. “Harassing Harris on Facebook” wouldn’t be nearly as funny if it weren’t for the man's keen ability to put the listener in a paranoid preteen mindset while the insults thrown at MTV are razor-sharp, skewering the contestants of Aziz's most hated show, Next. Hipsters, social network addicts, and those who practice shroomery will get the most out of the man’s thoroughly modern set, but you only need a passing knowledge of Kanye West and R. Kelly to belly laugh at the outstanding fourth quarter. Anyone who appreciates observational humor at breakneck speed must hear the comedian’s re-creation of an R. Kelly club appearance, and if that weren’t enough, Aziz’s over the top “RAAAAAAAANDY” character from the film Funny People provides the encore, which brings down the house. Providing every reason why Kanye West and Judd Apatow are both big fans, this is a fantastic, uproarious debut. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Gay Rights Aziz Ansari 2:58
  3. 2 Sheets Aziz Ansari 2:34
  4. 3 CVS Aziz Ansari 1:6
  5. 4 Getting the Sniffles on a Flight Aziz Ansari 0:34
  6. 5 Craigslist Aziz Ansari 2:12
  7. 6 My Random Roommate Aziz Ansari 2:56
  8. 7 Getting Recognized in New York Aziz Ansari 0:40
  9. 8 Walking with Dinosaurs Aziz Ansari 1:22
  10. 9 Simple Man Cruise Aziz Ansari 1:49
  11. 10 My Cousin Harris Aziz Ansari 1:36
  12. 11 Harassing Harris on Facebook Aziz Ansari 4:0
  13. 12 Are White People Psyched All the Time? Aziz Ansari 0:57
  14. 13 MTV's Next Aziz Ansari 3:35
  15. 14 The J-1 Waiver Aziz Ansari 0:45
  16. 15 Using My BlackBerry While Driving Aziz Ansari 2:2
  17. 16 Bonnaroo Aziz Ansari 1:29
  18. 17 Cold Stone Creamery Aziz Ansari 2:6
  19. 18 Something Cool to Say to M.I.A. Aziz Ansari 0:41
  20. 19 A Night Out with Kanye West Aziz Ansari 4:2
  21. 20 Kanye West vs. Darwish Aziz Ansari 2:11
  22. 21 R. Kelly: The Pied Piper of R&B Aziz Ansari 5:40
  23. 22 RAAAAAAAANDY Aziz Ansari 9:31

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