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Stranger Than Fiction

Bad Religion 9/30/1994


It seems that Bad Religion's eighth LP is a rare case of selling out in reverse. Having signed to the big bad major wolf ("what big teeth you have, Grandma Atlantic"), the bandmembers seem too intent on showing their fans they're not going wimpy, so they turn their back on the advances of Generator and Recipe for Hate in order to bring back the naked aggression. Stranger Than Fiction is back to the go-for-the-jugular stuff, pretending that the wonderful modifications and variety of their recent work never existed -- thus the qualms about this LP. It feels too regressive, a sort of pandering. That said, if they are going to go backwards, I for one am going with them -- there is still no one better at this stuff. The opening "Incomplete" features some of the most intense verse singing by the ever-soaring Greg Graffin, behind a muscular, punishing sound helped by guest guitar from the MC5's Wayne Kramer. Almost as storming in the same vein are philosophical songs such as "Leave Mine to Me," "Individual," "Tiny Voices," and the powerhouse "Marked," all uptempo barnburners, pulverizing in their rapid passion. The biggest gratification, though, is that a few songs do seem more in line with the maturity of the previous two LPs. "Handshake" is the album's summit, thanks to an oven-hot chorus and an outro-coda that has to rank among their ten best moments. "Slumber" is a slower show-stopper, with a pleading barrage of harmony vocals, while the title track builds on Generator's "Atomic Garden" with an unusual Beatles/Jam singsong melody. On the negative side, "Infected" into "Television" are the two least effective songs of their 15 years, the former a third-rate "Sanity," the latter bereft of hooks. In any case, it is not to be missed and it will haunt you in your sleep. ~ Jack Rabid
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Incomplete Bad Religion 2:28
  3. 2 Leave Mine to Me Bad Religion 2:7
  4. 3 Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion 2:19
  5. 4 Tiny Voices Bad Religion 2:36
  6. 5 The Handshake Bad Religion 2:49
  7. 6 Better Off Dead Bad Religion 2:38
  8. 7 Infected Bad Religion 4:7
  9. 8 Television Bad Religion 2:3
  10. 9 Individual Bad Religion 1:58
  11. 10 Hooray for Me... Bad Religion 2:50
  12. 11 Slumber Bad Religion 2:38
  13. 12 Marked Bad Religion 1:48
  14. 13 Inner Logic Bad Religion 2:57
  15. 14 What It Is Bad Religion 2:8
  16. 15 21st Century (Digital Boy) Bad Religion 2:46

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