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Je Chanterai Pour Toi

Boubacar Traoré 31/1/2003


While not a new album as such, this movie soundtrack confirms Boubacar Traoré's iconic status in his native Mali. The music is his journey, from his home city of Kayes to Bamako, and through his life, with a special focus on his late wife, Pierrette, who's beautifully celebrated on this version of "Adieu Pierrette." Plenty of people come out to help, including guitarist Ali Farka Touré on "Diarabi," "Duma Me Yelema," and "Improvisation 2," while rising star Rokia Traoré and her band back him on a live version of "Sa Golo." Essentially, this is a celebration of the man, his life, and the music he's made, which makes it only fair that it should close with a pair of vintage tracks, including the 1963 cut that first made his name, "Mali Twist," which he used to perform on the radio every morning for the newly independent country. Traoré's songs and playing are hauntingly bluesy, although they're not really the blues. But they come from some deep, mystical place within. If ever anyone sang with his heart, it's Boubacar Traoré. ~ Chris Nickson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Mouso Teke Soma Ye Boubacar Traoré 4:29
  3. 2 Diarabi Boubacar Traoré 3:14
  4. 3 Mariama Kaba Boubacar Traoré 3:37
  5. 4 Sa Golo Boubacar Traoré 4:56
  6. 5 Improvisation 1 Boubacar Traoré 0:52
  7. 6 Je Chanterai Pour Toi Boubacar Traoré 4:26
  8. 7 Le Monde Est Fait pour Qu'on S'Aime Boubacar Traoré 3:52
  9. 8 Samba Boubacar Traoré 1:57
  10. 9 Adieu Pierrette Boubacar Traoré 1:48
  11. 10 Kalilou Boubacar Traoré 4:0
  12. 11 Duna Ma Yelema Boubacar Traoré 5:24
  13. 12 Macire Boubacar Traoré 4:16
  14. 13 Soundiata Boubacar Traoré 5:10
  15. 14 Improvisation 2 Boubacar Traoré 3:55
  16. 15 Mali Twist [Version 1963] Boubacar Traoré 6:30
  17. 16 Kayes Ba [Version 1963] Boubacar Traoré 4:14

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