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Unglorious Hallelujah

Chip Taylor 7/18/2006


The latest album from Chip Taylor is actually a double disc: one disc of more carefully crafted works (Unglorious Hallelujah), and one of more spur-of-the-moment creations (Red, Red Rose & Other Songs of Love, Pain & Destruction). Both are quite good, straightforward singer/songwriter-esque pieces with a heavy dose of blues and folk mixed in. The mood is alternately tender and somber, rarely getting too excited about anything. In that sense, it tends to lean a bit toward similarities with some of Dylan's Love and Theft album. These are songs of regret, of reminiscence, and sometimes just of love. The playing from the studio band is good throughout, fitting the moods and staying relatively minimalist as the music seems to call for. Duet vocals with Carrie Rodriguez also fit the bill nicely, adding what almost seems a country feel from time to time. A very nice album for fans of the classic songwriters, with a touch of age and experience to influence the content. ~ Adam Greenberg
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 I Don't Believe in That Chip Taylor 3:41
  3. 2 What Would Townes Say About That Chip Taylor 5:4
  4. 3 James Wesley Days Chip Taylor 2:47
  5. 4 Unglorious Hallelujah Chip Taylor 5:24
  6. 5 This Old Town Chip Taylor 3:30
  7. 6 Christmas in Jail Chip Taylor 4:55
  8. 7 Daddy, Why'd You Take My Guitar Away Chip Taylor 3:33
  9. 8 Hallelujah Boys Chip Taylor 2:44
  10. 9 Jackknife Chip Taylor 4:25
  11. 10 I Need Some Help with That Chip Taylor 3:29
  12. 11 Michael's Song Chip Taylor 3:55
  13. 12 Thursday Night Las Vegas Airport Chip Taylor 2:52
  14. 1 Red, Red Rose Chip Taylor 3:18
  15. 2 One Thing I Wanna Tell You Chip Taylor 3:46
  16. 3 Bippity Boo Chip Taylor 2:48
  17. 4 If I Stop Loving You Chip Taylor 5:9
  18. 5 Little Darts Chip Taylor 3:19
  19. 6 One More Lousy Picture Show Chip Taylor 2:51
  20. 7 The Trouble with Scientists Chip Taylor 2:43
  21. 8 Magic Girl Chip Taylor 3:19
  22. 9 It's Different Now Chip Taylor 2:34
  23. 10 Santa Cruz Chip Taylor 3:32
  24. 11 Bride in Pink Chip Taylor 3:50
  25. 12 I Don't Know Why I Love You (I Just Do) Chip Taylor 2:59

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