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Cumbia Urbana: The Album

Crooked Stilo 7/29/2008


When {$Crooked Stilo} parted company with the {@Univision}-distributed {@Fonovisa Records} in 2007, it wasn't the end of the line for the Los Angeles-based Salvadoran rap duo. {$Victor "Lunatiko" Lopez} and his hermano, {$Johnny "El Duke" Lopez}, recorded for independent labels long before signing with {@Fonovisa} in 2003, and they returned to the indie world when they reemerged on {@Mi Estilo}/{@Select-O-Hits} with their first post-{@Fonovisa} CD, {^Cumbia Urbana: The Album}. Stylistically, this 2008 release isn't a departure from {$Crooked Stilo}'s {@Fonovisa} output; they still favor a Latin-drenched, club-minded approach to West Coast hip-hop, and they still rap in both Spanish and English. But Spanish maintains the upper hand on {^Cumbia Urbana: The Album} (as it did on their {@Fonovisa} releases), and the vast majority of the lyrics are <I>en español</I>. The 50-minute disc's strong Latin appeal, however, doesn't just come from the lyrics -- it also comes from the grooves, many of which combine hip-hop with cumbia. The cumbia influence, in fact, is impossible to miss on infectious tracks like {&"Ese Soy Yo,"} {&"La Charanga,"} {&"Perdóname,"} and {&"El Vasile."} And even though {$Crooked Stilo} aren't reggaetón artists per se, the influence of reggaetón serves them well on {&"Bouncy"} and {&"Damelo."} {^Cumbia Urbana: The Album} has its poignant moments; {&"Mi Tierra"} is a thoughtful ode to {$Crooked Stilo}'s native El Salvador. But this is a party album first and foremost, and it is an enjoyable one. In the grand scheme of things, {$Crooked Stilo}'s four-year association with {@Fonovisa} is only a small part of their history; the duo was formed in 1991, which means that {$Crooked Stilo} were together 12 years before signing with {@Fonovisa}. So for longtime fans, it should come as no surprise that they came out with a new album only a year after their association with {@Fonovisa} ended. And those longtime fans will find {^Cumbia Urbana: The Album} to be an engaging addition to their catalog. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Intro Crooked Stilo 0:54
  3. 2 Bouncy (Hazlo Que Rebote) Crooked Stilo 3:20
  4. 3 La Charanga Crooked Stilo 3:26
  5. 4 Chica Elegante Crooked Stilo 4:12
  6. 5 Damelo Crooked Stilo 3:23
  7. 6 Ese Soy Yo Crooked Stilo 3:28
  8. 7 El Vasile Crooked Stilo 3:14
  9. 8 Que Sufras Crooked Stilo 3:26
  10. 9 La Fiesta Crooked Stilo 3:10
  11. 10 No Fui Yo Crooked Stilo 2:54
  12. 11 El Meneaito Crooked Stilo 3:45
  13. 12 Perdoname Crooked Stilo 3:21
  14. 13 Dejala Crooked Stilo 3:32
  15. 14 Mi Tierra Crooked Stilo 3:42
  16. 15 Puro Party Crooked Stilo 3:45
  17. 16 Outro Crooked Stilo 1:6

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