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In the Wake of the Wind

David Arkenstone 4/2/1991


In the Wake of the Wind is a remarkable achievement, not just for the scope of its concept (this is a storytelling album) but for the depth and beauty of the music telling said story. David Arkenstone utilizes his writing talents to tell an interesting tale about a young man, Andolin, his travels across a wide and magical world, and the strange and captivating events that happen to him. The music is spellbinding, with keyboards, guitars, orchestral instruments, and percussion blended to create moods varying from introspection to excitement to passion. Arkenstone has chosen the songs well; having read the story, it's easy to visualize it coming to life as you listen to the music. The illustrated map detailing the young hero's journeys across the world is a nice touch, too. The strongest tracks are the cheerful "Papillon"; the introspective, stargazing "The Southern Cross"; the sea-tinged "Overture"; and "The Stardancer." Cinematic and wondrous, this is an excellent album. ~ Phil Carter
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Papillon (On the Wings of the Butterfly) David Arkenstone 5:15
  3. 2 Dark Dunes David Arkenstone 3:9
  4. 3 Not Too Far to Walk David Arkenstone 4:9
  5. 4 Borderlands David Arkenstone 5:30
  6. 5 The Rug Merchant David Arkenstone 3:32
  7. 6 Firedance David Arkenstone 3:52
  8. 7 The Southern Cross David Arkenstone 5:16
  9. 8 Voyage of the Stardancer: Overture David Arkenstone 3:51
  10. 9 Voyage of the Stardancer: The Stardancer David Arkenstone 4:4
  11. 10 Voyage of the Stardancer: Morning Sun on the Sails David Arkenstone 2:35
  12. 11 Voyage of the Stardancer: The Lion's Breath David Arkenstone 3:14
  13. 12 Voyage of the Stardancer: Dances of Jankayla: The Marketplace/The ... David Arkenstone 1:2
  14. 13 Voyage of the Stardancer: Discovery David Arkenstone 3:23
  15. 14 Voyage of the Stardancer: Emerald Dream David Arkenstone 1:53
  16. 15 Voyage of the Stardancer: Through the Gates David Arkenstone 3:12
  17. 16 Voyage of the Stardancer: Sailing David Arkenstone 1:47

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