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One Love

David Guetta 8/25/2009


The title One Love is not only a complete turnaround from David Guetta's usual credo, radio show moniker, and mix album title F*** Me I'm Famous!, it's also a misrepresentation if meant to infer "unity." This album is more a jumble of tracks than any previous releases from the house producer, with one selection, "I Gotta Feeling," officially a Black Eyed Peas song that Guetta produced. Still, the strength of the material is undeniable, especially the almost trance opener, "When Loves Takes Over," which steals a riff from Coldplay and adds the powerful voice of Kelly Rowland for one grand, uplifting floor-filler. The herky-jerky electro-house that's his signature is in effect on "Gettin' Over," a cut that also features the gospel-trained and gospel-huge voice of frequent Guetta guest Chris Willis. Akon and guilty pleasure lyrics ("She's nothing like a girl you've ever seen before/Nothing you can compare to your neighborhood whore") make for a perfect match on "Sexy Bitch," then a handful of B or B-plus material fills the middle before the BEP cut and Estelle's uplifting title track take it to another level. Even if everything seems built for the 12" format and then landed on an album anyway, Guetta's fans get all the well-done house music they desire, and then some. [One Love was also made available in a clean version with all explicit material removed.] ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 When Love Takes Over David Guetta 3:7
  3. 2 Gettin' Over You David Guetta 3:5
  4. 3 Sexy Chick David Guetta 3:13
  5. 4 Memories David Guetta 3:29
  6. 5 Missing You David Guetta 3:2
  7. 6 It's the Way You Love Me David Guetta 4:10
  8. 7 Choose David Guetta 3:54
  9. 8 On the Dancefloor David Guetta 3:43
  10. 9 I Gotta Feeling [FMIF Remix Edit] David Guetta 3:50
  11. 10 One Love David Guetta 3:58
  12. 11 Sound of Letting Go David Guetta 3:42
  13. 12 I Wanna Go Crazy David Guetta 3:21
  14. 13 [CD-ROM Track][Multimedia Track] David Guetta null:null

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