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Duran Duran 3/23/1999


The 12" has come a long way from its early incarnation as single version with bits tacked on beginning, middle, and end. This two-disc set spans Duran's club output from Planet Earth, right up to 1993's mega selling Wedding Album with some key omissions, no "Ordinary World" for example. Disc one concentrates on their career from Brummie new romantics who were at best watercolor Japan. They did however stamp their own brand of hip with Malcolm Garrett sleeves and by calling the normally commonplace extended version "Night version," playing right into those romantics also inclined for a bit of dancing. Tracks from Rio, Ragged Tiger, and even the shock horror of Wild Boys are included. Due to the ripple of time and the fact that Duran Duran were always fashionable in the mainstream market, most songs have by now dated, although some sound better than the 1986 trend for stutter vocal treatment on "American Science" and on '88s "I Don't Want Your Love." "Skin Trade" and "Notorious" are pretty faithful to the originals. The set goes a bit AWOL toward the end with five tracks from Wedding; all are awful, except a semi-decent "Drowning Man." Best of the pack are "Violence of Summer," always an underestimated single, with lyrics narrated over pounding beat and repeat motif, complimented by a bridge adding what sounds like a drugged up gospel choir, female whimpering, and samples of the Barbarella flick making it a spellbinding listen; and Mark S Berry's take on "Meet El Presidenté" with manic percussion (the dub would have been a better choice though). ~ Kelvin Hayes
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Planet Earth [Night Mix] Duran Duran 6:54
  3. 2 Girls on Film [Remix][Night Version] Duran Duran 5:29
  4. 3 My Own Way [Night Version] Duran Duran 6:34
  5. 4 Hungry Like the Wolf [Night Version][Remix] Duran Duran 5:8
  6. 5 Hold Back the Rain [Remix] Duran Duran 6:34
  7. 6 Rio [Carnival Version] Duran Duran 6:38
  8. 7 New Religion [Carnival Version] Duran Duran 5:12
  9. 8 Is There Something I Should Know? [Monster Mix] Duran Duran 6:39
  10. 9 Union of the Snake [the Monkey Mix] Duran Duran 6:24
  11. 10 New Moon on Monday [Extended Version] Duran Duran 6:2
  12. 11 The Reflex [Dance Mix] Duran Duran 6:29
  13. 12 Wild Boys [Remix][Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix] Duran Duran 8:0
  14. 1 Notorious [Remix][Extended Mix] Duran Duran 5:17
  15. 2 Skin Trade [Stretch Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 7:40
  16. 3 Meet el Presidente [12" Version] Duran Duran 7:12
  17. 4 American Science [Chemical Reation Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 7:42
  18. 5 I Don't Want Your Love [Dub Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 7:34
  19. 6 All She Wants Is [Us Master Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 7:16
  20. 7 Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) [Power Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 4:56
  21. 8 Come Undone [Remix][Come un-Dub] Duran Duran 4:44
  22. 9 Love Voodoo [Remix][Sidney Street 12" Mix] Duran Duran 4:38
  23. 10 Too Much Information [12" Jellybean Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 6:42
  24. 11 None of the Above [Drizabone 12 " Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 6:35
  25. 12 Drowning Man [D-Ream Ambient Mix][Remix] Duran Duran 6:45

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