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Down to Earth

Flight Facilities 10/24/2014


The debut full-length album from Australian dance music production duo Flight Facilities, 2014's Down to Earth showcases the group’s sexy and atmospheric soft focus electronica. Showcasing the talents of members Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, Down to Earth comes four years after their break-out single -- the yearning, '70s-influenced, electro-twee ballad "Crave You" featuring vocalist Giselle Rosselli -- caught the public's attention. "Crave You" is included here (along with a brief a cappella version of the song sung by Kylie Minogue) and serves as a good indication of what to expect from the duo's other material here. This is sultry, artfully curated, electronic pop that flows with deft ease through such stylistic touchstones as buoyant '70s soul ("Sunshine" featuring Reggie Watts), '90s ambient house ("Apollo" featuring Katie Noonan), and layered, early-2000s electronic-folk ("Clair de Lune" featuring Christine Hoberg). There is even a subtle concept-album quality to Down to Earth, replete with a spoken word intro and various samples (including a portion of Rod Serling's infamous 1959 CBS Mike Wallace interview) all designed to help guide you through your aural flight experience. With Down to Earth, Flight Facilities ultimately ground their music with thoughtful, emotionally resonant lyrics, distinctive vocals, and layered, sophisticated production, and by doing so, manage to rise above all expectations. ~ Matt Collar
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Intro Flight Facilities 1:50
  3. 2 Two Bodies Flight Facilities 6:9
  4. 3 Sunshine Flight Facilities 4:25
  5. 4 Waking Bliss Flight Facilities 4:0
  6. 5 Stand Still Flight Facilities 4:20
  7. 6 Apollo Flight Facilities 3:51
  8. 7 Clair De Lune Flight Facilities 7:40
  9. 8 Hold Me Down Flight Facilities 4:43
  10. 9 Heart Attack Flight Facilities 6:29
  11. 10 Merimbula Flight Facilities 6:27
  12. 11 Why Do You Feel Flight Facilities 4:6
  13. 12 Down to Earth Flight Facilities 4:29
  14. 13 Crave You Flight Facilities 1:8
  15. 14 Crave You Flight Facilities 3:52

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