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Within a Mile of Home

Flogging Molly 9/14/2004


Flogging Molly expand their Celtic-punk sound with an album that's more mature, more polished, and not quite as intense as its predecessor, although it does have its share of high-energy numbers. There are some thrashing punk tunes, some folk ballads, some relatively mainstream hard rock (although there's usually a tin whistle or fiddle to remind you this is Flogging Molly), a Cajun feel on "Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon" (which showcases Matt Hensley on accordion), a brief a cappella performance by Dave King ("The Wrong Company"), and even a duet with Lucinda Williams on "Factory Girls." The songs address such topics as U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East ("Screaming at the Wailing Wall"), Irish workers on 17th century sugar plantations in Barbados ("Tobacco Island"), and being prepared to leave nothing behind at death ("Don't Let Me Die Still Wondering"), with nostalgia as a common theme in several songs. The band sounds a bit softer than before, with the mix relatively de-emphasizing electric guitar in favor of other instruments, but this album should still appeal to fans of Flogging Molly's previous work. ~ Todd Kristel
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Screaming at the Wailing Wall Flogging Molly 3:41
  3. 2 The Seven Deadly Sins Flogging Molly 2:49
  4. 3 Factory Girls Flogging Molly 3:50
  5. 4 To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh) Flogging Molly 3:16
  6. 5 Whistles the Wind Flogging Molly 4:31
  7. 6 The Light of a Fading Star Flogging Molly 3:52
  8. 7 Tobacco Island Flogging Molly 5:17
  9. 8 The Wrong Company Flogging Molly 0:36
  10. 9 Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon Flogging Molly 3:33
  11. 10 Queen Anne's Revenge Flogging Molly 3:5
  12. 11 The Wanderlust Flogging Molly 3:31
  13. 12 Within a Mile of Home Flogging Molly 3:53
  14. 13 The Spoken Wheel Flogging Molly 2:14
  15. 14 With a Wonder and a Wild Desire Flogging Molly 3:38
  16. 15 Don't Let Me Die Still Wondering Flogging Molly 4:17

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