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Aerial Pandemonium Ballet

Harry Nilsson 10/24/2000


What is hubris? It is Aerial Pandemonium Ballet, a folly Harry Nilsson crafted after winning a Grammy for "Everybody's Talkin'." Riding upon the goodwill generated by the award, he decided to compress and edit his first two (quite brilliant) albums into one record. He remixed tracks, erased old vocals, over-sang some new ones, edited sections out of certain songs, and slowed others down. Apart from the intros and outros, there are no brand-new items, just old tunes presented in slightly new, slightly off-putting ways. If you're not familiar with the debut, this will be pretty enchanting since the two records weren't that far apart stylistically and, let's face it, he was working with pretty terrific source material. Still, it's no substitute for the originals, and if you have a chance (and you do, with Britain's RCA Camden reissue), pick up the originals. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Introduction Harry Nilsson 0:12
  3. 2 1941 [Slowed Down Track][Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:37
  4. 3 Daddy's Song [Mix][New Vocals, Guitar/Piano Out of Sync] Harry Nilsson 2:9
  5. 4 Mr. Richland's Favorite Song [New Background Vocals][Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:6
  6. 5 Good Old Desk [Slowed Down Track][Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:31
  7. 6 Everybody's Talkin' [Dumped Second Voice][Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:42
  8. 7 Bath [Re-EQ-d Original Tracks][Mix] Harry Nilsson 1:39
  9. 8 River Deep, Mountain High [New Vocals][Remix] Harry Nilsson 3:57
  10. 9 Sleep Late, My Lady Friend [Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:38
  11. 10 Don't Leave Me [Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:13
  12. 11 Without Her [New Vocals][Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:11
  13. 12 Together [Remix][New Vocals/Edited Out Bridge] Harry Nilsson 1:37
  14. 13 One [Remix] Harry Nilsson 2:19
  15. 14 Closing [Mix] Harry Nilsson 0:23
  16. 15 You Can't Do That [Previously Unreleased][Alternate Version] Harry Nilsson 2:20
  17. 16 Isolation [Previously Unreleased] Harry Nilsson 3:1
  18. 17 Joy [Previously Unreleased] Harry Nilsson 2:32
  19. 18 Early in the Morning [Previously Unreleased] Harry Nilsson 2:19
  20. 19 Walk Right Back [Previously Unreleased] Harry Nilsson 2:32

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