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Never Enough: The Best of Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones 31//2003


In 2001, shortly after a new album and a new tour of England and America, EMI announced plans to release Never Enough: The Best of Jesus Jones. Although the label had released Greatest in Japan in 1999, the collection had many holes -- most notably, the complete lack of material from Already. Building on Greatest, Never Enough adds classics like "Move Mountains" and "All the Answers" from Liquidizer; the hidden gem "Blissed" from Doubt; and the electro-rock shaker "Idiot Stare" from Perverse. Making a strong showing from Already are the singles "The Next Big Thing" and "Chemical #1," the poppy "They're Out There," and the haunting "February." Closing out the first disc is "Come On Home," a new track that bridges Jesus Jones' signature sound of the past with their garage rock influence of the present. Disc two offers rare B-sides and a generous helping of remixes by the Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Ben Chapman, Phil Harding, and Martyn Phillips. A true catch-all of both the group's popular and more obscure material, Never Enough serves as the ultimate companion for hardcore Jesus Jones fans, and an eye-opener to more casual listeners who may only be familiar with hits like "Right Here, Right Now" and "Real, Real, Real." ~ Don Kline
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Info Freako Jesus Jones 2:48
  3. 2 Never Enough Jesus Jones 2:40
  4. 3 Bring It on Down Jesus Jones 2:37
  5. 4 Move Mountains [Ben Chapman 7'' Mix] Jesus Jones 3:18
  6. 5 All the Answers Jesus Jones 3:46
  7. 6 Real Real Real [Rhythm 2][7'' Mix] Jesus Jones 3:4
  8. 7 International Bright Young Thing Jesus Jones 3:10
  9. 8 Who? Where? Why? [The 7'' Crisis Mix] Jesus Jones 3:5
  10. 9 Right Here Right Now Jesus Jones 3:8
  11. 10 Blissed Jesus Jones 4:45
  12. 11 The Devil You Know Jesus Jones 4:29
  13. 12 Zeroes and Ones Jesus Jones 3:22
  14. 13 The Right Decision Jesus Jones 3:34
  15. 14 Idiot Stare Jesus Jones 5:7
  16. 15 The Next Big Thing Jesus Jones 4:1
  17. 16 Chemical #1 Jesus Jones 3:24
  18. 17 They're Out There Jesus Jones 3:59
  19. 18 February Jesus Jones 6:38
  20. 19 Come on Home Jesus Jones 3:50

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