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Stronger Everyday

Jon B. 22/8/2005


Jon B. spent most of the early 1990s producing poppy R&B acts, including Toni Braxton and Color Me Badd, before he got a chance to show off his own rich, dulcet singing voice. His initial solo outings revealed him to be quite the hit-maker, striking a balance between dance and soul. Jon B.'s fourth record, STRONGER EVERYDAY, bears an apt title, as the album finds the multi-talented performer truly discovering his particular niche. From the first track, "Everytime," where the always-unpredictable rapper Dirt McGirt lets loose, Jon B. reveals a sound that is both harder and smoother. On his first three efforts, B.'s best moments were when he molded '70s funk into his own modern take on urban R&B. STRONGER EVERYDAY finds a sweet soul groove and hangs in there for five alluringly sensual tracks before switching into a hip-hop-inspired style, and these tracks include guest shots from Scarface and Tupac (B. worked with the legendary rapper before his death). Whether he's gliding along a mellow tune or working an up-tempo beat, Jon B. presents some of his finest songs on STRONGER EVERYDAY.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Everytime Jon B. 5:4
  3. 2 Lately Jon B. 3:25
  4. 3 One More Dance Jon B. 4:49
  5. 4 I'm Right Here Jon B. 3:24
  6. 5 Hands on U Jon B. 4:7
  7. 6 Patience Jon B. 4:41
  8. 7 Part 2 Jon B. 4:2
  9. 8 Stronger Everyday Jon B. 4:1
  10. 9 Thru the Fire Jon B. 5:51
  11. 10 What in the World Jon B. 4:9
  12. 11 Az U Jon B. 4:14
  13. 12 Multiple Jon B. 5:23
  14. 13 Lay It Down Jon B. 4:20
  15. 14 Before It's Gone Jon B. 5:4
  16. 15 What I Like About You Jon B. 4:23
  17. 16 Everytime [Remix] Jon B. 4:14

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