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U Gotta Feel Me

Lil' Flip 3/30/2004


Having left the underground in his wake, Lil' Flip gets a little ambitious by making his third solo album a double-disc set. Though the two discs combined only add up to an hour and a half worth of music (admittedly just ten minutes more than a filled-out single disc), he still doesn't deliver enough hot material to warrant the move. Two remarkable guest appearances prior to this -- on David Banner's "Like a Pimp" and Fam-Lay's "Rock 'n Roll" -- raised the level of anticipation for the set considerably. Though a good chunk of what's here could've been sacrificed, Flip more or less delivers. The blip-filled, Fury-produced "Game Over" ranks with his best tracks to date, and even without it, the hit-to-miss ratio is favorable. DJ Paul and Juicy J, Play-n-Skillz, Carl So-Lowe, the Heatmakerz, and the Legendary Red Spyda contribute beats; Pastor Troy, Ludacris, and the Diplomats provide guest verses. Flip isn't really saying anything that he hasn't said before, but his skills have improved greatly since his status as a local phenomenon. Having to bounce between two discs is undeniably problematic, though. When you reach the only track involving David Banner, at the very end of the second disc, it's like discovering the prize at the bottom of a Lucky Charms box. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 I Came to Bring the Pain Lil' Flip 4:46
  3. 2 The Ghetto Lil' Flip 2:23
  4. 3 Bounce Lil' Flip 4:29
  5. 4 All I Know Lil' Flip 2:55
  6. 5 Game Over (Flip) Lil' Flip 3:52
  7. 6 Sun Don't Shine Lil' Flip 3:25
  8. 7 Represent Lil' Flip 4:31
  9. 8 Rags 2 Riches Lil' Flip 4:8
  10. 9 Ain't No Party Lil' Flip 3:44
  11. 10 Check (Let's Ride) Lil' Flip 3:46
  12. 11 Dem Boyz Lil' Flip 4:4
  13. 12 Sunshine Lil' Flip 3:40
  14. 1 Y'all Don't Want It Lil' Flip 4:50
  15. 2 We Ain't Playin Lil' Flip 4:35
  16. 3 U Neva Know Lil' Flip 4:4
  17. 4 Throw Up Yo' Hood Lil' Flip 3:20
  18. 5 Drugz [Screwed] Lil' Flip 4:35
  19. 6 Where I'm From Lil' Flip 4:57
  20. 7 Dem Boyz [Remix][Screwed] Lil' Flip 5:15
  21. 8 What's My Name Lil' Flip 5:11
  22. 9 Ain't No N**** Lil' Flip 3:37

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