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Something New: Motown Lost & Found

Mary Wells 12/9/2013


As one of the first signees to the Motown label, a young Mary Wells helped define the early sound of the label that would change the tides of American music forever. Though she left the label at the peak of her popularity in late 1964, Wells wrote and recorded feverishly in her four short years at Hitsville U.S.A., leaving behind a vault of unreleased recordings along with her well-known chart-toppers. Enter Something New: Motown Lost & Found. This collection gathers together 47 tracks, about half of which are completely unreleased archival material and the other half are previously unreleased stereo mixes of songs that found release in various places over the years. The weighty collection shows that Mary's creative trajectory walked a remarkably similar path as that of the Motown label as a whole. The set begins with smooth and soulful post-doo wop numbers from 1961 recording sessions. The girl group soul of "Why Do You Want to Let Me Go" fades into a series of collaborations with Smokey Robinson like the happy-go-lucky calypso tinge of "To Lose You" and the smoky heartbreak of "My Heart Is Like a Clock." As the months burned on and Motown began to explode into worldwide popularity, Wells grew into the Motown sound. Tracks like "Have a Little Patience (And Wait)" feature backing vocals by the Supremes and capture the mixture of caffeinated soul and youthful rock & roll that Motown owned the trademark to. The same 1963 sessions yielded coulda-been-hits like "Free from Your Spell" and the spirited "Your Loss, My Gain," which later became a hit for Wells as "You Lost the Sweetest Boy." The set is rounded out by seven duets with Marvin Gaye and a host of standard tunes from the era when Berry Gordy was pushing his artists toward more adult material. Gordy's attempt to win over the fanfare (and larger expendable incomes) of the sophisticated supper club set resulted in some of the more questionable Motown material, and Wells' loungy standards are lacking when compared to the teenage kicks of the other material here. Even four tunes backed by the Four Tops can't completely save the dip in energy and vibe for the second half of Something New. That said, this collection will be a must for Motown completists, and soul fans will appreciate the spirit of fun and camaraderie captured in the earlier soul tracks. ~ Fred Thomas
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 (You Can) Depend on Me Mary Wells 3:1
  3. 2 Why Do You Want to Let Me Go [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:18
  4. 3 Money (That's What I Want) [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:59
  5. 4 Is It Me or Is It You Mary Wells 2:35
  6. 5 I've Got a Story Mary Wells 2:54
  7. 6 Guarantee (For a Lifetime) Mary Wells 2:29
  8. 7 To Lose You Mary Wells 2:8
  9. 8 Cinderella (It's Twelve O'Clock) Mary Wells 3:0
  10. 9 When Your Lover Comes Back Mary Wells 2:26
  11. 10 I Want You 'Round Mary Wells 2:39
  12. 11 My Heart Is Like a Clock Mary Wells 2:19
  13. 12 Goodbye and Good Luck Mary Wells 2:26
  14. 13 Forgive and Forget Mary Wells 2:41
  15. 14 I'll Be Available Mary Wells 2:54
  16. 15 Can You Fix It (My Broken Heart) Mary Wells 3:5
  17. 16 Have a Little Patience (And Wait) Mary Wells 3:8
  18. 17 Free from Your Spell [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:48
  19. 18 My World of Dreams Mary Wells 2:53
  20. 19 Your Loss, My Gain (You Lost the Sweetest Boy) Mary Wells 2:29
  21. 20 Strange Love [Graystone Version] Mary Wells 3:20
  22. 21 Prove It Mary Wells 1:55
  23. 22 One Block from Heaven Mary Wells 2:55
  24. 23 That's Why I Love You (Like I Do) Mary Wells 2:2
  25. 24 Drop in the Bucket Mary Wells 2:24
  26. 25 Everybody Needs Love Mary Wells 3:33
  27. 26 Honey Boy Mary Wells 2:54
  28. 27 When I'm Gone Mary Wells 2:13
  29. 1 Back in My Arms [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:22
  30. 2 All I Got Mary Wells 3:13
  31. 3 You Can Dance Mary Wells 2:31
  32. 4 I'm Yours, You're Mine Mary Wells 2:12
  33. 5 Oh Lover Mary Wells 3:6
  34. 6 Let's Talk It Over [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 3:16
  35. 7 In Case You Need Love Mary Wells 2:47
  36. 8 The Second Time Around [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 3:26
  37. 9 This Is Something New [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:49
  38. 10 I've Grown Accustomed to His Face [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:11
  39. 11 Again [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:42
  40. 12 Can't Get Out of This Mood [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:26
  41. 13 The Party's Over [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:29
  42. 14 I Wanna Be Around [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:7
  43. 15 I Remember You [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:47
  44. 16 Teach Me Tonight Mary Wells 3:13
  45. 17 Secret Love [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:44
  46. 18 All I Do Is Dream of You [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:55
  47. 19 Always [Previously Unreleased] Mary Wells 2:45
  48. 20 A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening Mary Wells 2:51

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