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Bad Habits

NAV 3/26/2019


Over the course of just a few years, Canadian rapper NAV went from a strong online presence with self-produced tracks of Drake-esque, feelings-heavy trap to chart-topping albums on the Weeknd's major-label offshoot imprint XO. Employing the same minimal production and melodic sensibilities as Drake and same druggy lyrical narratives as Future, NAV's output looked to mainstream rap for its blueprint. Second album Bad Habits follows the formula of both NAV's 2018 debut Reckless and his 2017 collaboration with Metro Boomin, Perfect Timing. Empty atmospheric beats make plenty of space for NAV's flexing raps about girls, money, drugs, and fame, hitting high points on single "Know Me" and the Gunna-assisted "Hold Your Breath." When taken in anything more than single-song doses, however, Bad Habits quickly goes from generic fun to mind-numbing tedium. NAV's rapping abilities and lyrical choices are one factor, as he listlessly drones through uninspired flows about how much money he has or the struggles he faces on his climb to fame. Even "Why You Crying Mama," a would-be tribute to his mother, feels hollow and distracted, sounding like NAV is reading lyrics off his phone in the studio in what's supposed to be a passionate display of appreciation. Harder to stomach is the interchangeability of the beats, almost all of which begin with a drifting, eerie pad before trap drums come in at roughly the same tempo, stick around for just shy of three minutes, and then give way to the next. Guest spots by Young Thug and the Weeknd inject some much-needed personality into Bad Habits, but it's not enough to save the album from its own blandness. ~ Fred Thomas
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 To My Grave NAV 2:40
  3. 2 I'm Ready NAV 2:54
  4. 3 Taking Chances NAV 3:7
  5. 4 Tap NAV 2:28
  6. 5 Tension NAV 3:5
  7. 6 Price on My Head NAV 3:38
  8. 7 Ralo NAV 3:4
  9. 8 Tussin NAV 2:56
  10. 9 Snap NAV 2:49
  11. 10 Hold Your Breath NAV 2:51
  12. 11 Why You Crying Mama NAV 4:12
  13. 12 Time Piece NAV 3:26
  14. 13 Dior Runners NAV 2:46
  15. 14 Vicodin NAV 2:11
  16. 15 Stuck With Me NAV 2:50
  17. 16 Know Me NAV 2:34
  18. 17 Amazing NAV 2:18
  19. 18 Habits NAV 3:24
  20. 19 Rack in My Sleep NAV 2:40
  21. 20 Go to Hell NAV 2:6
  22. 21 8 to a 4 NAV 2:46
  23. 22 Never Know NAV 4:2
  24. 23 Ok NAV 2:48
  25. 24 Athlete NAV 3:2

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