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Prima J

Prima J 6/17/2008


Mexican-American cousins Janelle and Jessica Martinez (hence the name Prima J) first appeared on the soundtrack to the 2007 Jon Voight vehicle Bratz. Their contribution, "Rock Star," was a bouncy new wave-inspired ball of attitude, and it was innocent enough, at least by Bratz standards: "I am unbreakable, highly flammable, so girl get out my face." Anyone expecting more of the same throughout the duo's first album -- which does include "Rock Star" at the very end -- might be surprised. Not too many of the album's songs would be considered age-appropriate enough to be on a Bratz-related release. "Booty bouncin' up and down, then I took it to the ground" is one of the least raunchy lines from "Tame," and there are lines scattered throughout the album like "What you know about a mami with curves this fine?" and "Grind it behind me, work that clutch." While the cousins never quite veer into Trina territory, not even Destiny's Child or Ciara would be so up-front. Production-wise, the album is generally upbeat pop that tips heavily toward R&B, with only "Tame" (based on the sleek synth pop of Berlin's "Metro") and "Boom" (a punchless update of L'Trimm's "Cars with the Boom"), along with a couple duly theatrical ballads, straying from it. Not much is memorable, but the Spanish-language version of Alicia Keys' "No One" ("Nadie") had no trouble catching on. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Corazón (You're Not Alone) Prima J 3:3
  3. 2 Leftovers Prima J 3:13
  4. 3 Tame Prima J 3:48
  5. 4 Flip the Script Prima J 3:41
  6. 5 Homework Prima J 3:22
  7. 6 Girlfriend Prima J 3:8
  8. 7 Inside Out Prima J 3:13
  9. 8 Boom [Cover] Prima J 3:13
  10. 9 Chilosa Prima J 2:59
  11. 10 Nadie [Cover][No One] Prima J 3:26
  12. 11 Infatuated Prima J 4:13
  13. 12 Go Hard Prima J 3:20
  14. 13 Rock Star Prima J 3:36

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