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Psychoanalysis: What Is It?


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Prince Paul 10/21/1997


From George Clinton and De La Soul to Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa, a lot of great artists haven't hesitated to be self-indulgent. It's a question of how self-indulgent an artist chooses to be, and on Psychoanalysis (What Is It?), Prince Paul is much too self-indulgent for his own good. Known for his membership in the group Stetsasonic and for producing De La Soul, Queen Latifah, and others, Paul has an impressive resume. But this unfocused, incoherent CD wasn't his finest hour. Though it contains a few worthwhile rap tunes (including "Psycho Linguistics" and "J.O.B. -- Das What Dey Is"), Psychoanalysis isn't a rap album so much as a collection of soundbites, samples, and dialogue played over tracks. Overall, the album is pointless and serves no purpose other than Paul's desire to amuse and entertain himself. He may have gotten a few laughs out of it, but listeners will be left out in the cold and find themselves asking if there is a point to all this. ~ Alex Henderson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Why Must You Hate Me? Prince Paul 2:10
  3. 2 Beautiful Night Prince Paul 4:24
  4. 3 Open Your Mouth Prince Paul 0:55
  5. 4 Introduction to Psychoanalysis Prince Paul 1:51
  6. 5 You Made Me Prince Paul 4:44
  7. 6 Vexual Healing Prince Paul 3:22
  8. 7 To Get A Gun Prince Paul 1:9
  9. 8 JOB - Das What Dey Is Prince Paul 3:41
  10. 9 Worlds a Stage Prince Paul 3:18
  11. 10 Booty Clap Prince Paul 3:56
  12. 11 Drinks Prince Paul 3:30
  13. 12 Dime Pieces Prince Paul 4:14
  14. 13 In Your Mind Prince Paul 3:20
  15. 14 2 B Blunt Prince Paul 3:51
  16. 15 Psycho Linguistics Prince Paul 1:35
  17. 16 Thats Entertainment Prince Paul 3:39
  18. 17 Outroduction to Diagnosis Psychosis Prince Paul 4:36
  19. 18 Beautiful Night (Manic Psychopathic Version) Prince Paul 4:15

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