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Just the Tip [CD/DVD]

Robert Kelly 4/8/2008


If you're curious about comedian Robert Kelly's style, just mix together three of his good friends. Take the fast, furious, and reckless bits from Dane Cook, mix that with the gross and brash parts of Jim Norton, then sprinkle a little of Colin Quinn's blue collar but not redneck shtick and boom, there's Kelly. On the Opie & Anthony radio show he's best know for barfing. When he's performing, that's more the drunken audience's gig, leaving Kelly the job of rallying them with an unapologetic set of sleazy jokes and complaints about how food makes you fat/women make you monogamous. The comedian is begrudgingly both, giving him that self-deprecating side that makes the overabundance of woman objectifying and the barrage of foul language easier to take. While his material is nothing new, his steamroller fueled by nitrous style works splendidly on the live audience captured here, who sometimes seem to be laughing at how fast he can rattle off curse words and euphemisms for sex rather than the actual material. More of the casual wit he displayed as a panelist on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn would be welcome, but if you want frat boy stuff, Kelly's got plenty for whenever rowdy friends stop over. A good time, probably great if you're loaded. [Just the Tip was also released with a bonus DVD featuring a documentary with many of Kelly's high-profile friends, along with his appearance on the Comedy Central Presents cable television series.] ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Vegas Robert Kelly 1:27
  3. 2 Asking Girl to Marry Me Robert Kelly 2:36
  4. 3 Naked Just Sox Robert Kelly 2:49
  5. 4 She Knows Nothing About My Penis Robert Kelly 4:54
  6. 5 Being Chunky Robert Kelly 1:40
  7. 6 Nickelodeon Award Robert Kelly 4:1
  8. 7 Food Is My Drug of Choice Robert Kelly 5:2
  9. 8 Fat Snake Robert Kelly 1:56
  10. 9 Restaurants Robert Kelly 2:23
  11. 10 I Like Fat Chicks Robert Kelly 1:47
  12. 11 Living with Girl Robert Kelly 5:33
  13. 12 Dude with a Sword Robert Kelly 3:17
  14. 13 Punching Butter Robert Kelly 4:39
  15. 14 No Romance Robert Kelly 3:4
  16. 15 Just the Tip Robert Kelly 5:30
  17. 1 [Bonus Material] [DVD] Robert Kelly null:null

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