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Rude Boys 8/13/1990


The debut album from the Rude Boys featured two chart-topping singles. The first was "Written All Over Your Face." Penned by group member Larry Marcus, the single introduced the group to the national stage with its bouncy groove; Marcus describes his hopping beat as the "bingo bounce." The song showcases the vocals of Joe Little III, Edward Buddy Banks, and a cameo appearance by Gerald LeVert; the single rode the charts for 31 weeks. The other big hit was "Are You Lonely for Me." With the well-rounded, riffing baritone of Little and the vibrating, towering tenor of Banks, the single rose straight to the top. This is one of the few songs, since the emergence of videos, to gain the number one ranking without a video. "Come on Let's Do This" and "Heaven" were also releases. Both were moderately paced numbers tempo-wise, but "Heaven" is naturally more soulful with its peppy rhythm. It peaked at number 15 on the charts. This album also featured other outstanding tracks. "I Feel for You" is a tight dance track with much energy; "I Need You" and "I'm Going Thru" are two classic R&B ballads in which Banks and Little convey an emotional testimony. However, that is nothing unusual for the two outstanding singers because they make good on the delivery of all the vocals of this project. ~ Craig Lytle
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Come on Let's Do This Rude Boys 5:4
  3. 2 Written All over Your Face Rude Boys 6:20
  4. 3 I Feel for You Rude Boys 5:45
  5. 4 Heaven Rude Boys 4:49
  6. 5 Pressure Rude Boys 4:40
  7. 6 Never Get Enough of It Rude Boys 4:39
  8. 7 I'm Going Thru Rude Boys 5:59
  9. 8 Are You Lonely for Me Rude Boys 5:6
  10. 9 I Need You Rude Boys 4:23
  11. 10 Fool for You Rude Boys 4:58

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