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Last Splash

The Breeders 8/31/1993


Thanks to good timing and some great singles, the Breeders' second album, Last Splash, turned them into the alternative rock stars that Kim Deal's former band, the Pixies, always seemed on the verge of becoming. Joined by Deal's twin sister Kelley -- with whom Kim started the band while they were still in their teens -- the group expanded on the driving, polished sound of the Safari EP, surrounding its (plentiful) moments of brilliance with nearly as many unfinished ideas. When Last Splash is good, it's great: "Cannonball"'s instantly catchy collage of bouncy bass, rhythmic stops and starts, and singsong vocals became one of the definitive alt-pop singles of the '90s. Likewise, the sweetly sexy "Divine Hammer" and swaggering "Saints" are among the Breeders' finest moments, and deserved all of the airplay they received. Similarly, the charming twang of "Drivin' on 9," "I Just Wanna Get Along"'s spiky punk-pop, and the bittersweet "Invisible Man" added depth that recalled the eclectic turns the band took on Pod while maintaining the slick allure of Last Splash's hits. However, underdeveloped snippets such as "Roi" and "No Aloha" drag down the album's momentum, and when the band tries to stretch its range on the rambling, cryptic "Mad Lucas" and "Hag," it tends to fall flat. The addition of playful but slight instrumentals such as "S.O.S" and "Flipside" and a version of "Do You Love Me Now?" that doesn't quite match the original's appeal reflect Last Splash's overall unevenness. Still, its best moments -- and the Deal sisters' megawatt charm -- end up outweighing its inconsistencies to make it one of the alternative rock era's defining albums. ~ Heather Phares
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 New Year The Breeders 1:55
  3. 2 Cannonball The Breeders 3:33
  4. 3 Invisible Man The Breeders 2:48
  5. 4 No Aloha The Breeders 2:7
  6. 5 Roi The Breeders 4:10
  7. 6 Do You Love Me Now? The Breeders 3:0
  8. 7 Flipside The Breeders 2:0
  9. 8 I Just Wanna Get Along The Breeders 1:43
  10. 9 Mad Lucas The Breeders 4:36
  11. 10 Divine Hammer The Breeders 2:42
  12. 11 S.O.S. The Breeders 1:30
  13. 12 Hag The Breeders 2:54
  14. 13 Saints The Breeders 2:31
  15. 14 Drivin' on 9 The Breeders 3:19
  16. 15 Roi (Reprise) The Breeders 0:41

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