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Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)

The Contours 9/15/2014


The first LP released on Gordy Records is also the Contours' first and only regular album release on Motown; a later collection also titled Do You Love Me was a greatest-hits compilation. This is worth a few bucks if you can find a copy. Three cuts were released on the Motown label before they were switched to Gordy ("The Stretch," "Funny," and "Whole Lotta Woman"); all stiffed. On Gordy, the group enjoyed their biggest hit the first time out in "Do You Love Me." "You Better Get In Line," a slick dance number, died as the flipside of "Shake Sherrie." A lively "You Must Be Love" has Billy Gordon swapping leads with Joe Billingslea. "Shake Sherrie" has a looping beat, a wandering baritone sax, and incredulous vocals from Gordon, Billingslea, Sylvester Potts, Billy Hogg, and Hubert Johnson. The rest suffer from a lack of identity; neither the group nor Motown had defined their sound when these were cut. ~ Andrew Hamilton
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Do You Love Me The Contours 2:52
  3. 2 Shake Sherrie The Contours 2:49
  4. 3 You Better Get In Line The Contours 2:53
  5. 4 The Stretch The Contours 2:40
  6. 5 It Must Be Love The Contours 2:26
  7. 6 Whole Lotta' Woman The Contours 2:51
  8. 7 Claudia The Contours 2:31
  9. 8 So Grateful The Contours 2:37
  10. 9 The Old Miner The Contours 2:31
  11. 10 Funny The Contours 2:55
  12. 11 Move Mr. Man The Contours 2:13
  13. 12 Come On and Be Mine The Contours 2:38
  14. 13 Don't Let Her Be Your Baby The Contours 2:51
  15. 14 You Get Ugly The Contours 2:21
  16. 15 I'll Stand By You The Contours 2:13
  17. 16 Teenage Gossip The Contours 1:47
  18. 17 Hard Times The Contours 2:2
  19. 18 Pa, I Need a Car The Contours 2:20
  20. 19 Can You Do It The Contours 2:15

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