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One Night in Destiny


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  1. One Night in Destiny
The Neon Hookers 7/10/2007


Fundamentally, the Neon Hookers' debut is a metalcore album, and those with a musical allergy to the genre should just stop reading now: there is nothing on One Night in Destiny that will convert a committed metalcore hater. That said, this is far from just another cookie-cutter release in the style: this quintet from the south shore of Massachusetts is entirely capable of pro forma 40-second hardcore blasts like "Lord of Lords," but the band follows them up with completely unexpected diversions like the trippy, reverb-heavy guitar instrumental "Tidal Waves." Lead singer Ian Ran has a bluff, hoarse voice that's aggressive without being irritatingly screamy (those with a long memory for Massachusetts hardcore will note a certain comparison to Gang Green's Chris Doherty), and the Neon Hookers infuse their brand of metalcore with a kind of hard-rocking swagger that's not usual for the style. "Hunted," for example, features an unexpectedly twiddly '80s hair metal guitar solo amidst the unison riffing, and "Dead Man's Float" sounds like an old-fashioned heads-down boogie à la Foghat played at triple speed. In a style perpetually in danger of disappearing up its own backside thanks to a disinclination to accept new ideas or influences outside of the chosen few, One Night in Destiny sounds downright daring. ~ Stewart Mason
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Exposure The Neon Hookers 2:1
  3. 2 Oblivion The Neon Hookers 1:38
  4. 3 Infection The Neon Hookers 2:12
  5. 4 Lord of Lords The Neon Hookers 0:40
  6. 5 Tidal Waves The Neon Hookers 3:28
  7. 6 Hunted The Neon Hookers 1:50
  8. 7 Diseased, Deceased, and Pleased The Neon Hookers 1:29
  9. 8 Epidemic The Neon Hookers 0:58
  10. 9 King of Kings The Neon Hookers 2:24
  11. 10 Deep Trouble The Neon Hookers 2:1
  12. 11 Dead Man's Float The Neon Hookers 1:26
  13. 12 20.1797 Amu's The Neon Hookers 2:9

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