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New age multi-instrumentalist Aeoliah (Ay-oh-lee-ya) is well-known among celebrities for his powerful healing techniques through music. His belief that sound and light are spiritually energized allows Aeoliah to compose his impressionistic compositions. Born in Germany and raised in the United States, Aeoliah first started making music as an teenager while playing the violin and the piano. He went on to graduate with honors with a degree in fine arts from the University of New Mexico in 1972. But it was in 1979 when creating his musical painting Music of the Spheres where Aeoliah discovered his internal skills of creating musical energy of inspirational electronic layers. A year later he issued his debut, Inner Sanctum, and went on to release a slew of albums throughout the next two decades. His ethereal textures have redefined new age music with their eclectic celestial hues of classical arrangements. Throughout the mid-'80s and '90s, the mainstream took notice of Aeoliah. His albums held a prominent place in major record chains and his 1985 chart-topping release Angel Love became a favorite in Hollywood. Marla Maples praised Angel Love, claiming its relaxing tones helped her through the 1993 pregnancy of her first child, Tiffany. Hospitals and health professionals also seek solace in the peace found in Aeoliah's music. Aside from composing, Aeoliah is also an award-winning author, writing Awakening Your Inner Light and Secret Gardens of the Heart in the '90s. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Out of the Silence
  3.   Radiance
  4.   The Healing Heart
  5.   Windsong
  6.   Sublime
  7.   Medicine Buddha Mantra
  8.   Third Eye Chakra
  9.   Reverance
  10.   Infinity
  11.   The Touch
  12.   1001 Nights Spleen Center
  13.   Throat Chakra Communication & Empowerment
  14.   Solar Plexus Chakra
  15.   Mahavira Namokar Mantra
  16.   For Your Love Only
  17.   Ave Maria
  18.   Divinaura
  19.   Rapture
  20.   Promenade
  21.   Rhapsody
  22.   Angels of Love
  23.   Sanctuary
  24.   Ecstacy
  25.   Celestial Sanctity
  26.   A Higher Love
  27.   Devotion
  28.   Emanation of Grace
  29.   Lotus Love
  30.   We Are One Love
  31.   Crysalis
  32.   Skywalker
  33.   Intro. & Base Chakra Grounding & Stabilizing
  34.   Universal Consciousness
  35.   Sweet Dreams (Guided Meditation & Music)
  36.   Angels of Consecration
  37.   Awakening
  38.   Mystic
  39.   Crystal Illumination Crown Centre
  40.   Heart of Compassion
  41.   Portal of Transm and Puri
  42.   Angels of Compassion
  43.   Inner Peace
  44.   Consecration Third Eye Centre
  45.   Chintamani: The Treasure
  46.   The Triumph
  47.   Reverie
  48.   Out of the Ashes
  49.   Daydream
  50.   Merkabah Light Body Activation with the Great Invocation Activating Earth Healing & Ascension
  51.   Ra Ma da Sa Mantra
  52.   Kuan Yin Mantra
  53.   Amitabha Mantra
  54.   Advaita Vedanta Mantra of Non-Duality
  55.   Ecstasy Trance
  56.   On the Wings of Love
  57.   Healing Medicine Buddha Mantra
  58.   The Amo
  59.   Living in the Heart
  60.   Heal Your Life, Body, & Spirit
  61.   Archangel Morning Meditation
  62.   Sacral Chakra Transmutation & Procreation
  63.   Crown Chakra
  64.   Sacrum Chakra
  65.   Kuan Yin Temple Dance
  66.   Gayatri Invocation
  67.   Mission Control Lift Off
  68.   Ocean Dreams
  69.   Wishfulfilling Mantra
  70.   Tara Mantra
  71.   Obstacle-Removing Mantra
  72.   Whispes Among the Stars
  73.   Fly Into the Light
  74.   We Are One Love
  75.   Reflections
  76.   Phoenix Rising 4;13
  77.   Innocence and Purity of the Heart
  78.   Grounding Unified Essence
  79.   Consecration & Seeing Beyond Illusion
  80.   Portal of the Luminous Presence
  81.   Activation of Star Portals
  82.   Ecstasy
  83.   Cherish
  84.   The Portal
  85.   Heart & Soul
  86.   Moonlight Magic
  87.   Always
  88.   For Your Passion, My Love
  89.   Tribute to Albinoni
  90.   Angels of Victory
  91.   Angels of the Presence
  92.   Third Eye Chakra: Healing/Consecration
  93.   Solar Plexus Chakra: Peace/Tranquility
  94.   Souls in Ecstacy
  95.   Immortal Love
  96.   Immortal Beauty
  97.   Caress
  98.   Angels of Mercy
  99.   Temple Bells
  100.   Reflections in a Pearl
  101.   Zen Peace
  102.   The Tao of Zen
  103.   Sea of Bliss
  104.   The Embrace
  105.   Angel Love