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Calexico take their name from a town on the border of California and Mexico, and the title certainly fits the band: they've been mixing musical approaches and cultural perspectives with élan ever since group leaders Joey Burns and John Convertino began working together. Fusing the dusty sounds of the American Southwest with spaghetti western soundtracks, Mexican mariachi themes, vintage surf music, cool jazz, and a broad spectrum of Latin influences, Calexico are an eclectic ensemble whose work is as distinctive as it is unpredictable. Calexico's story begins in 1990, when bassist Joey Burns, a music student at the University of California Irvine, met percussionist John Convertino, who was playing drums with Howe Gelb's long-running band Giant Sand. Burns soon signed on to play bass with Giant Sand on a tour of Europe, and then relocated to Giant Sand's home base of Tucson, Arizona. During downtime from Giant Sand's projects in 1993, Burns and Convertino teamed with guitarists Billy Elm and Woody Jackson to form the Friends of Dean Martinez, a group that fused lounge-influenced pop melodies with the musical flavors of the Southwest. The Friends of Dean Martinez soon developed a loyal following on the alternative rock scene, and Burns and Convertino began collaborating with an impressive number of well-respected musicians, including Richard Buckner, Neko Case, Bill Janovitz, Lisa Germano, Victoria Williams, and Barbara Manning. In 1997, Burns and Convertino recorded an album together that was released in Europe under the title Spoke. However, when it was later issued in the United States by Quarterstick (a branch of the outstanding indie label Touch & Go), the duo opted to use the group name Calexico, and a year later they issued a second Calexico LP, The Black Light, which expanded on the cinematic feel and dry, evocative sound of the debut. Calexico's reputation as a live act grew after opening for the likes of Lambchop, Pavement, and the Dirty Three, and the group's sound and membership grew with their third studio album Hot Rail, as violins and horns were added to the arrangements; Calexico's membership would remain fluid over the years, with various musicians assisting Burns and Convertino as the group pursued different projects. In 2000, Calexico released Travelall, the first in what would become a long series of live albums the group made available to fans through their web store or at the merchandise table at their shows. Burns and Convertino began collaborating with the group Mariachi Luz de Luna, and they joined Calexico in the studio for the 2001 EP Even My Sure Things Fall Through, a collection of new tracks and alternate versions of previously released tunes. With 2003's Feast of Wire, Calexico began edging into something closer to mainstream popularity -- it was their first album to chart in Billboard, grazing the Independent Album and Heatseekers surveys. One year later, Burns and Convertino recorded a tune with Nancy Sinatra for her self-titled comeback album. And after years of Calexico's music being described as cinematic, filmmaker Michael Mann confirmed it by featuring their song "Guero Canelo" in the movie Collateral. In 2005, Sam Beam of Iron and Wine teamed up with Calexico to create a collaborative recording, and the EP In the Reins was the result; the two groups launched a joint tour to support the release. Calexico returned to working on their own for 2006's Garden Ruin, which became their first album to crack the Billboard Top 200 albums chart; Garden Ruin peaked at number 156, a solid showing for an independent release. By this time, Calexico also had a growing following abroad, especially as a live act, and they toured Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands more frequently than the United States. For 2008's Carried to Dust, Calexico invited several special guests to join the recording sessions, including Pieta Brown, Iron and Wine, and Doug McCombs of Tortoise. It was Calexico's last album for Quarterstick Records; in 2009, the label scaled back their operations and ceased releasing new material. On 2012's Algiers, Calexico celebrated New Orleans' Latin and jazz musical roots. They returned in 2015 with the ambitious Edge of the Sun, written and recorded during a sojourn in Mexico City and featuring appearances by Neko Case, Gaby Moreno, Sam Beam, Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell, DeVotchKa's Nick Urata, and members of the Greek ensemble Takim. For 2018's The Thread That Keeps Us, the band ventured to Northern California to craft songs about finding joy during hard times. After that album's release, Burns and Convertino rekindled a long-simmering collaboration with Sam Beam of Iron & Wine. The trio were joined by a number of musicians for five days of sessions in Nashville at Sound Emporium studios. Unlike 2005's joint EP In the Reins, which was all composed by Beam, Convertino and Burns contributed songs this time and the resulting album seamlessly blended the dusty, widescreen desert sounds of Calexico with the songcraft and intimacy of Iron & Wine. Years to Burn was issued in June 2019 by Sub Pop. ~ Mark Deming
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Splitter
  3.   Midnight Sun by Iron & Wine
  4.   Two Silver Trees
  5.   Voices in the Field
  6.   Maybe On Monday
  7.   Green Grows the Holly
  8.   Falling from the Sky
  9.   Banderilla
  10.   Cruel
  11.   Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal)
  12.   Victor Jara's Hands
  13.   The Bitter Suite (Pájaro/Evil Eye/Tennessee Train) by Iron & Wine
  14.   Epic
  15.   House of Valparaiso
  16.   End of the World With You
  17.   Writer's Minor Holiday
  18.   The Guns of Brixton
  19.   Inspiracion
  20.   Alone Again Or
  21.   Lucky Dime
  22.   What Heaven's Left by Iron & Wine
  23.   Fortune Teller
  24.   Man Made Lake
  25.   Drape
  26.   Sideshow
  27.   Hole in Your Head (Bend in the Road)
  28.   Close Behind
  29.   Falling From Sleeves
  30.   Black Heart
  31.   Follow the Water by Iron & Wine
  32.   Spinball
  33.   All Systems Red
  34.   Guero Canelo
  35.   Yours and Mine
  36.   Sanchez
  37.   Gypsy's Curse
  38.   Luna Roja
  39.   Longboard
  40.   Whipping the Horse's Eyes
  41.   Lost in Space
  42.   Deep Down
  43.   Chach
  44.   Music Box
  45.   The Book and the Canal
  46.   Crooked Road and the Briar
  47.   Bag of Death
  48.   Eyes Wide Awake
  49.   Shortboard
  50.   Letter to Bowie Knife
  51.   Service and Repair
  52.   Trigger
  53.   Crumble
  54.   Flores y Tamales
  55.   The News About William
  56.   Outside El Paso by Iron & Wine
  57.   Lacquer
  58.   Sunken Waltz
  59.   Sarbande in Pencil Form
  60.   No Doze
  61.   Not Even Stevie Nicks...
  62.   El Picador
  63.   The Town & Miss Lorraine
  64.   Dead Moon
  65.   Coyoacán
  66.   Where Water Flows
  67.   Let It Slip Away
  68.   Calavera
  69.   Rosco y Pancetta
  70.   Volviendo
  71.   Para
  72.   Years to Burn by Iron & Wine
  73.   Stinging Nettle
  74.   Tapping on the Line
  75.   The Ride, Pt. II
  76.   Roll Tango
  77.   Beneath the City of Dreams
  78.   Mi Maquina
  79.   Miles from the Sea
  80.   Vinegaroon
  81.   The Vanishing Mind
  82.   Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
  83.   Low Expectations
  84.   In Your Own Time by Iron & Wine
  85.   End of the Night
  86.   Inside the Energy Field
  87.   Lost Inside
  88.   Thrown to the Wild
  89.   Girl in the Forest
  90.   Unconditional Waltz
  91.   When the Angels Played
  92.   Bullets & Rocks
  93.   Cumbia de Donde
  94.   Ghost of a River
  95.   Hush
  96.   No Te Vayas
  97.   Puerto
  98.   Algiers
  99.   Sinner In the Sea
  100.   Griptape
  101.   Glowing Heart of the World
  102.   Boletos
  103.   Red Blooms
  104.   Nom de Plume
  105.   Smash
  106.   Roka
  107.   Panic Open String
  108.   Bisbee Blue
  109.   Dance of Death
  110.   Love Will Tear Us Apart
  111.   Wave
  112.   Sirena
  113.   Praskovia
  114.   Corona
  115.   Si Tu Disais
  116.   Convict Pool
  117.   Inch by Inch
  118.   All the Pretty Horses
  119.   Frontera/Trigger
  120.   The Ride, Pt. 2
  121.   Across the Wire
  122.   Attack el Robot Attack
  123.   Woven Birds
  124.   Pepita
  125.   Stucco
  126.   Quattro
  127.   Hard Hat
  128.   Crystal Frontier
  129.   Chanel No. 5
  130.   Hot Rail
  131.   Tres Avisos
  132.   16 Track Scratch
  133.   Drenched
  134.   Mid-Town
  135.   Muleta
  136.   Sonic Wind
  137.   Untitled III
  138.   Fade
  139.   Ritual Road Map
  140.   Ballad of Cable Hogue
  141.   El Morro
  142.   Bloodflow
  143.   Stray
  144.   The Black Light
  145.   Fake Fur
  146.   Hitch
  147.   Removed
  148.   Mind the Gap
  149.   Mazurra
  150.   Haul
  151.   Slag
  152.   Paper Route
  153.   Glimpse
  154.   Navy Cut
  155.   Spokes
  156.   Scout
  157.   Point Vicente
  158.   Wash
  159.   Ice Cream Jeep
  160.   Windjammer
  161.   Detroit Steam
  162.   Rollbar
  163.   Return To Spring
  164.   Follow the River
  165.   Better and Better
  166.   Griptape Heart
  167.   Ghostwriter
  168.   Cachaça
  169.   Contention City
  170.   Dub Latina
  171.   Black Heart
  172.   Esperanza
  173.   Waitomo
  174.   Gift X-Change
  175.   Moon Never Rises
  176.   Sprawl
  177.   Old Man Waltz
  178.   Another Space
  179.   Frontera
  180.   Old Man Waltz
  181.   Curse of the Ride
  182.   Dream on Mount Tam