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Kicking off his career in 2003 with the massive hit "Right Thurr," St. Louis rapper Chingy spent two solid years in the limelight, releasing two platinum-selling albums while becoming a household name thanks to some television appearances and movie roles. Born Howard Bailey, Jr. on March 9, 1980, he began writing rhymes at the age of 10 and began rapping under the name of "H Thugs" during his teen years. Renamed Chingy after a slang term for a looking wealthy, he signed with Fo-Reel Entertainment, an artist management firm with local heroes Nelly and St. Lunatics on the roster. While on tour with Nelly in 2002, he met rapper and Disturbing Tha Peace labelhead Ludacris. He would sign to DTP in 2003 and release "Right Thurr" on the label that same year. With Chingy's slow drawl and laid-back swagger, the track became the anthem for hot summer nights, peaking at number two on Billboard's Hot 100 while topping the magazine's Hot Rap Tracks chart. Released in July, his debut album Jackpot spawned two additional Top Five hits, "Holidae In" with Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, plus "One Call Away" with J/Weav. A monetary dispute between the rapper and DTP would result in a supposed "beef" with Ludacris -- Luda issued some terse words through a press release while Chingy claimed there was no animosity -- and would end with the formation of Chingy's own Capitol imprint Slot-A-Lot. Featuring the singles "Balla Baby" and "Don't Worry," the platinum-selling Powerballin' would become his first album for the label in 2004. The year 2005 found him appearing on television's Punk'd plus The George Lopez show and a year later he would land a role in Scary Movie 4. His 2006 single, "Pullin' Me Back," would find him back on top on the Hot Rap Tracks chart and help Hoodstar debut at number eight on the album charts, but the follow-up single "Dem Jeans" fared worse although the album did go gold. Unhappy with the way he felt Capitol was promoting their urban artists, Chingy jumped ship and went back to DTP which was by-then a part of the Def Jam family. Hate It or Love It would arrive on the label in 2007 but its debut at number 84 on the album chart would also become its highest position. In 2009 he announced he was working on a new album for release that year. ~ David Jeffries
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Right Thurr
  3.   Holidae In
  4.   One Call Away
  5.   All the Way to St. Lou featuring David Banner
  6.   Pullin' Me Back by Tyrese
  7.   Dem Jeans
  8.   26's by Lil Wayne
  9.   Fly Like Me
  10.   I Like That featuring I-20
  11.   Balla Baby
  12.   Juice
  13.   Gimme Dat
  14.   Madd @ Me
  15.   Sample Dat Ass
  16.   Let It Go
  17.   Balla Baby Remix featuring Boozie
  18.   Lookin' for U
  19.   Bagg Up
  20.   Gettin' It
  21.   Kick It 1 On 1
  22.   Jackpot Intro
  23.   Trickin' Off (Skit)
  24.   Check My Swag
  25.   He's Herre
  26.   On Go
  27.   Make That Thang Talk by Ziggy
  28.   Sparks Fly
  29.   Fightin' In The Club featuring 2 Chainz
  30.   Do It To It featuring Fabo
  31.   What's Up
  32.   She Say She Got A Man
  33.   P***y N***a
  34.   Get Your Swag Up
  35.   Cause I'm A Git It Boy
  36.   Doin' the Most
  37.   Watch Me Do It
  38.   Chingy's Christmas
  39.   Anythang by Lil Scrappy
  40.   Anythang featuring Lil Scrappy
  41.   Keep It 100 by Lil Scrappy
  42.   We Can Buck featuring Lil Scrappy
  43.   Forever I Love Atlanta by Lil Scrappy
  44.   This Is What We Do by Lil Scrappy
  45.   If You Wanna Knuck by Lil Scrappy
  46.   When I Grind featuring Lil Scrappy
  47.   The Way I Do It by Lil Scrappy
  48.   Big Boi by Lil Scrappy
  49.   Roll Up by Lil Scrappy
  50.   The Hustle by Lil Scrappy
  51.   Pussy Nigga
  52.   Spend Sum Money by Trey Songz
  53.   Another One
  54.   Git Doe
  55.   Stand Tall
  56.   Porn Star
  57.   Ain't No Way
  58.   Money Motivation
  59.   Look at Her Go
  60.   Hatin on Myself
  61.   Let's Get Loose
  62.   Fall Back
  63.   Ya Hear Me
  64.   Thurr Dey Go
  65.   The Haters
  66.   Take Me
  67.   Set It Out
  68.   Money Brought Me Back
  69.   Iced Out by 8Ball
  70.   How It Goes
  71.   Git It Boy
  72.   Feelin Like a Million
  73.   Drop a Dime
  74.   Diamonds
  75.   Anythang by Lil' Flip
  76.   All I Know
  77.   I'm a Balla
  78.   Blockstar
  79.   Roll on 'Em
  80.   How We Feel
  81.   Lovely Ladies
  82.   2 Kool 2 Dance
  83.   Spend Some $
  84.   All Aboard (Ride It)
  85.   Kick Drum
  86.   Hate It or Love It
  87.   Let's Ride
  88.   Let Me Luv U
  89.   Ass N Da Aurr
  90.   Brand New Kicks
  91.   U a Freak (Nasty Girl)
  92.   Cadillac Door
  93.   Bounce That
  94.   Nike Aurr's & Crispy Tee's
  95.   Club Gettin' Crowded
  96.   Hands Up
  97.   Intro
  98.   Road Runners
  99.   Mr. Street Pharmacist
  100.   It's Our Party
  101.   Hoe Hoppin'
  102.   What's Poppin' Off
  103.   Rock Wit Us
  104.   Make That Ass Talk featuring Ziggy
  105.   Don't Really Care
  106.   What Up Wit It featuring G.I.B.
  107.   (Outro)
  108.   Bring da Beef featuring G.I.B.
  109.   Wurr da Git It Gurlz At featuring G.I.B.
  110.   We Do by Bun B
  111.   We Clubbin'
  112.   Don't Worry by Janet Jackson
  113.   I Do
  114.   Leave Wit Me by R. Kelly
  115.   Jackpot the Pimp, Pt. 2 (Skit)
  116.   Fall-N featuring G.I.B.
  117.   Give Em Some Mo
  118.   Haters 101 (Intro)
  119.   F*ck Dat Nigga
  120.   Represent
  121.   Jackpot the Pimp
  122.   Wurrs My Cash
  123.   Chingy Jackpot
  124.   Make Your Way to the Dance Floor by Ziggy Nina
  125.   Can U Dig It? by Lil Scrappy
  126.   Bend Your Knees
  127.   Dice Game (Skit)
  128.   And You Know It
  129.   F.Y.R.
  130.   Militant Minded by Lil Scrappy
  131.   Balla featuring Gucci Mane
  132.   Addicted [Intro]
  133.   I Can't Hate Her
  134.   How We Roll
  135.   Mongholian Tribe
  136.   A Shoulder
  137.   Come On Wit That
  138.   Make That Thang Talk by Ziggy
  139.   Paperman
  140.   Let's Get Loose (130 BPM)
  141.   Iced Out
  142.   Iced Out
  143.   Money on My Mind by Lil Scrappy
  144.   On the D-Low by Lil Scrappy
  145.   Relax
  146.   Aye Shawty by Lil Scrappy
  147.   Gimme Dat featuring Bobby Valentino
  148.   Say Goodbye
  149.   Down Thru Durr
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