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Dave Dudley (born David Darwin Pedruska, May 3, 1928, Spencer, WI) is the father of truck driving country music. With his 1963 song "Six Days on the Road," he founded a new genre of country music -- a variation of honky tonk and rock-inflected country that concentrated lyrically on the lifestyles of truck drivers. Dudley had a string of Top 15 singles that ran through the '60s, while he continued to have Top 40 hits well into the '70s, establishing himself as one of the most popular singers of his era. At the age of 11, Dudley's father gave him a guitar, but he had his heart set on being a baseball player. Throughout his teenage years he played ball, becoming a member of the Gainesville Owls as a young adult. However, his career was cut short by an arm injury. Following his retirement from baseball, he became a DJ at a local Texas station, where he would sometimes play along with the songs on the air. The station owner encouraged to become a performer, and Dudley followed the advice. Dudley moved to Idaho in the early '50s, where he formed the Dave Dudley Trio, which didn't have much success in its seven years together. In 1960, following the breakup of the trio, he moved to Minneapolis, where formed a group called the Country Gentlemen, which quickly built up a dedicated following. His career was thrown off track in December of 1960, when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver as he was packing his guitar into his car. After several months, he was recovered and managed to secure a record deal with Vee Records. His first single, "Maybe I Do," was minor hit in the fall of 1961 and was followed by another minor hit, "Under Cover of the Night," the following year on Jubilee Records. In the summer of 1963, he had his breakthrough hit, "Six Days on the Road," which was released on Golden Wing. The song became a massive success, peaking at number two on the country charts and making the pop Top 40. That same year, he signed with Mercury Records, releasing his first single for the label, "Last Day in the Mines," by the end of the year. Throughout the '60s, he had a long string of truck driving singles, including "Truck Drivin' Son-of-a-Gun," "Trucker's Prayer," "Anything Leaving Town Today," "There Ain't No Easy Run," and "Two Six Packs Away." By the end of the decade, he was also making conservative, good-old-boy anthems as well. During the early '70s, he had several hits -- notably the 1971 Top Ten singles "Comin' Down" and "Fly Away Again" -- but by the beginning of the '80s, he was no longer a presence on the charts. His last hit single was 1980's "Rolaids, Doan's Pills and Preparation H." During the '80s and '90s, Dudley didn't record much, but he remained a popular concert draw. And truck drivers still loved him -- the Teamsters Union awarded him an honorary, solid-gold membership card. Dudley died of a heart attack at his Wisconsin home on December 12, 2003. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Six Days on the Road
  3.   Fly Away Again
  4.   The Pool Shark
  5.   Comin' Down
  6.   Phantom 309
  7.   6 Days On The Road
  8.   Rolaids, Doan's Pills and Preparation H
  9.   Vietnam Blues
  10.   Pinball Machine by Charlie Douglas
  11.   One More Mile
  12.   Gimme Me 40 Acres (To Turn This Rig Around)
  13.   Two Six Packs Away
  14.   Radar Blues by Charlie Douglas
  15.   Don't Mess With U.S. Truckers
  16.   Last Days in the Mines
  17.   Driving Trains Just Ain't the Job for Me
  18.   If It Feels Good Do It
  19.   Deutschland Autobahn
  20.   I Have Been Know Not to Go Home
  21.   Barbara Allen
  22.   Where Do I Go From Here
  23.   My Sunny Overgrown Country Town
  24.   Big Old House
  25.   It's Pretty Good for Me
  26.   Lonely Christmas Again
  27.   What We're Fighting For
  28.   Sugarland U S a
  29.   Boo on You
  30.   Blue Bedroom Eyes
  31.   DJ Memphis Joe by Charlie Douglas
  32.   Wave at 'Em Billy Boy
  33.   Rollin' on-We Gone
  34.   Squaws Along the Yukon
  35.   Above and Beyond
  36.   It's Gotta Be That Way
  37.   Faded Love
  38.   Big Wheelin Son of a Gun
  39.   Me and Od C.B.
  40.   Get Me Back to Tennessee
  41.   Just a Few More Miles
  42.   Deutschland Autoban
  43.   Cowboy Boots
  44.   There Ain't Noe Easy Runs
  45.   Last Day in the Mines
  46.   I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee (Then I'll Go)
  47.   All I Want for Christmas Is You for Me
  48.   Oh Lonesome Me featuring Charlie Rich
  49.   Beautiful Love Song
  50.   Little Joe
  51.   Afraid of a Heartache
  52.   So Come All Ye Faithful, Take Her by the Hand
  53.   Truck Driving Son-Of-A-Gun - New Recording
  54.   Where There's a Will There's a Way
  55.   I Do
  56.   Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun
  57.   You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry
  58.   Yesterday's Lover
  59.   Yellow Rose of Texas
  60.   White Line Fever
  61.   Where's the Truck by Charlie Douglas
  62.   Where Did All the Cowboys Go
  63.   When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  64.   The Wayward Wind
  65.   Texas Ruby
  66.   Silent Night
  67.   Rollin' on Your Track
  68.   Reverend Nicholas
  69.   Pick 'Em Up
  70.   Old Time Merry Christmas
  71.   Oh, Lonesome Me
  72.   O Come All Ye Faithful
  73.   O Christmas Tree
  74.   The Night You Broke the News
  75.   Movin' On
  76.   The Most Beautiful Girl
  77.   King of the Road
  78.   John Henry
  79.   I'm Proud to Say I Drive a Truck
  80.   I Wish You Were Here
  81.   Hey Good Lookin'
  82.   Greatest Man Alive
  83.   Give Me Forty Acres
  84.   East Bound and Down
  85.   Down the Road
  86.   Cowboy You're America
  87.   Counterfeit Cowboy
  88.   Can I Sing a Christmas Song for You
  89.   Before My Time
  90.   Trudking Dad
  91.   He Dosen't Live There Anymore
  92.   Freedom of the Road
  93.   Truck Drivin' Man
  94.   Salvation Arms
  95.   Farewell Two Arms
  96.   If I Can Just Hold out a Little Longer
  97.   A Travelers Prayer
  98.   All, Want for Christmas Is You for Me
  99.   Girl on the Billboard
  100.   Last Run
  101.   Oliver Twist Meets the Duke of Oil
  102.   Ain't That a Shame
  103.   Big Weelin' Son of a Gun
  104.   Think I'll Send Some Roses
  105.   Ode to 10-33
  106.   Mad
  107.   Mary Lou, You Took the Party With You
  108.   The Tavern Telephone
  109.   Please Let Me Prove (My Love for You)
  110.   Lying Eyes
  111.   Giddyup Go
  112.   Me and Old C.B
  113.   Rock & Roll Nursery Rhyme
  114.   Six Days On the Road - Exklusive Neuaufnahme / New Recording
  115.   San Antonio Rose
  116.   A Tombstone Every Mile
  117.   If I Could Change Mary's Mind
  118.   Big Stuff
  119.   Sending the Old Man Home
  120.   Gear Jammer and the Hobo by Charlie Douglas
  121.   Me and Ole C.B.
  122.   One More Plane
  123.   Rolaids Doan's Pills and Preparation H
  124.   Rollin' Rig
  125.   Sentimental Journey
  126.   I Was Country Before Barbara Mandrell
  127.   Oh Christmas Tree
  128.   Thirty Eight and Lonley
  129.   Truck Driver's Prayer
  130.   Where Did Everybody Go
  131.   Alligator Man
  132.   I Have Lived Like a Piece of Grass
  133.   Maybe I Can
  134.   That's How Cold
  135.   I Keep Looking Back
  136.   Don't Need the Rain
  137.   My Town
  138.   Jingle Bells
  139.   Taxi Cab Driver
  140.   Sleeper Cab Blues by Charlie Douglas
  141.   There Ain't No Easy Run
  142.   I Want a Woman With a Handle
  143.   All I Want for Christmas
  144.   Freightliner Fever
  145.   Seventeen-Seventy-Six
  146.   There's a Lot to Do in Vegas by Charlie Douglas
  147.   Stagger Lee
  148.   Truckin' Dad
  149.   D.J. Memphis Joe
  150.   My Pick'Em Up Truck
  151.   Been Around the Horn
  152.   Eighteen Wheels a Hummin' Home Sweet Home
  153.   Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feelin
  154.   Wandering Truck Drivin' Man
  155.   I Think I'll Cheat a Little Tonight
  156.   Where Does a Little Boy Go
  157.   Amazing Grace
  158.   Nothin' for a Dollar Blues
  159.   Big Fanny by Charlie Douglas
  160.   Think I'll Send Him Some Roses
  161.   Six Tons of Toys
  162.   Fireball Rolled a "7"
  163.   Rovin' Record Spinner and the Singing Truck Driver by Charlie Douglas
  164.   How Fast Them Trucks Can Go
  165.   Fireball Rolled a Seven
  166.   Morning Sun
  167.   Can I Sing a Christmas Song
  168.   You Ain't Gonna Truck With Us
  169.   New York Joe and Redneck Tennessee by Charlie Douglas
  170.   Denims and Diamonds
  171.   Under Cover of the Night
  172.   He Doesn't Live There Anymore
  173.   I Feel a Cry Coming On
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