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David Lanz



One of the most popular artists in the solo instrumental and adult alternative spheres, Lanz played in several rock bands during his teens, then began developing his style as a solo pianist in a small Seattle nightclub. He introduced some of his originals into the bar's required mix of standards and pop tunes, receiving such a positive response from patrons that, before long, he was playing his own material almost exclusively. His early albums of solo piano works are still among the Narada label's best-sellers. His two collaborative efforts with guitarist Paul Speer also hit the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart; yet as Lanz's national popularity grew, he began to experiment with works for larger and larger ensembles, culminating in full orchestral accompaniments on Skyline Firedance (1990). With 1991's Return to the Heart, he journeyed back to his solo piano roots, and made his vocal debut on 1993's Bridge of Dreams. Lanz remained prolific throughout the decade, resurfacing in 1994 with Christmas Eve; Sacred Road followed in 1996, and two years later he returned with Songs from an English Garden. Next was An Evening with David Lanz, issued in 1999; East of the Moon appeared a year later. ~ Linda Kohanov
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Before the Last Leaf Falls
  3.   Courage of the Wind
  4.   Madrona
  5.   Water from the Moon
  6.   Cristofori's Dream
  7.   Nocturne
  8.   The Long Goodbye
  9.   Improvisation on a Theme (From Pachelbel)
  10.   On Our Way Home
  11.   Compassionata
  12.   Sacred Road
  13.   Leaves on the Seine
  14.   Circle of Friends
  15.   A Path With Heart
  16.   Madre de la Tierra
  17.   Still Life
  18.   Return to the Heart
  19.   Dreamer's Waltz
  20.   Beloved
  21.   Variations on a Theme From Pachelbel's Canon in D Major
  22.   In a Holy Place
  23.   O Holy Night
  24.   Green Into Gold
  25.   Heartsounds
  26.   A Brush of Wings
  27.   Joy to the World
  28.   Painting the Sun
  29.   Veil of Tears
  30.   Improvisation: Sounds From the Koepel
  31.   Dancing With Dionysos
  32.   IV. New World Turning
  33.   Eyes of Amelia
  34.   Daybreak Flower
  35.   Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is a Season)
  36.   Where the Tall Tree Grows
  37.   Walking With Alfredo
  38.   Vesuvius
  39.   Variations on a Theme
  40.   The Dragon's Daughter by David Arkenstone
  41.   Love on the Beach by David Arkenstone
  42.   Into the Dream
  43.   Improvisation: Out of the Darkness
  44.   Faces of the Forest, Pt. 1 by Paul Speer
  45.   O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  46.   Angel of Joy
  47.   The Enchantment
  48.   Free Fall
  49.   Spanish Blue
  50.   And the World Falls Away
  51.   The Visitor
  52.   Sunny Afternoon
  53.   Whispered in Signs
  54.   The Angel King
  55.   Angel of Hope
  56.   First Snow
  57.   Improvisation: Heart of the Night
  58.   Behind the Waterfall
  59.   I'll Follow The Sun
  60.   Bridge of Dreams
  61.   The Promise by Kristin Amarie
  62.   The Skyline Firedance Suite: The Setting of Two Suns
  63.   Evening Song
  64.   Midnight Reverie
  65.   Walking With Alfredo
  66.   Her Solitude
  67.   Dancing on the (Berlin) Wall
  68.   The Crane
  69.   First Light by Paul Speer
  70.   Jubilate by Kristin Amarie
  71.   Help!
  72.   Sun Chasers
  73.   Rain Forest by Paul Speer
  74.   Angels We Have Heard on High
  75.   Tara
  76.   The Skyline Firedance Suite: Prelude to the Dance
  77.   Improvisation: Near the Still Waters of Amsterdam
  78.   There's a Place
  79.   Out of the Shadows
  80.   "Sir George" (Liverpool Farewell)
  81.   Here Comes the Sun
  82.   Interlude
  83.   As Tears Go By/Ruby Tuesday
  84.   Hymn: Sanctuary Rose Rondo in G Minor
  85.   The First Noel
  86.   The Skyline Firedance Suite: Firedance
  87.   Theme From the Other Side
  88.   I Am the Walrus
  89.   Improvisation: Mañana, Mi Amor
  90.   Silent Night
  91.   Fool's Magic
  92.   A Song for Helen
  93.   Prelude: Sunrise Follows Moon
  94.   Sorry Charlie
  95.   A Summer Song
  96.   What Is Christmas? by Kristin Amarie
  97.   Sweet Winter Love by Kristin Amarie
  98.   Winter's Prelude by Kristin Amarie
  99.   Amore Eterno Redux by Kristin Amarie
  100.   Carol of the Bells
  101.   To Touch the Sky
  102.   For No One
  103.   Sleeping Dove
  104.   Yosemite by David Arkenstone
  105.   Wings to Altair
  106.   What Child Is This?
  107.   Walk on Water
  108.   Valencia
  109.   Tuesday Afternoon
  110.   The Sound of Wings
  111.   The Good Life
  112.   The Embrace
  113.   The Dragon's Daughter
  114.   That Smile
  115.   Tears for Alice
  116.   Tawtoma
  117.   Take the High Road
  118.   Sun Song
  119.   Summer's Child
  120.   Spirit Romance
  121.   Spiral Dance
  122.   Song for Monet
  123.   Soliloquy
  124.   Skyline Firedance Suite
  125.   She Stands on the Mountain, Still
  126.   Serenada
  127.   Satori
  128.   Rosario
  129.   Romantica
  130.   Reverie
  131.   Return to Altair Suite: The Return
  132.   Return to Altair Suite: Compassion
  133.   Return to Altair Suite: A Distant Light
  134.   On the Edge of a Dream
  135.   Oguerre
  136.   Oaks by David Arkenstone
  137.   Not a Moment Too Soon
  138.   Nights in White Satin
  139.   Nightfall
  140.   Mystical
  141.   Mood Swing
  142.   Miranova by Paul Speer
  143.   Masque of Togaebi
  144.   Luna
  145.   Love Lost...Love Found
  146.   Lost in Paradise
  147.   Long Way From Home by David Arkenstone
  148.   Kal-É-Fornia
  149.   It's the Way That I Feel
  150.   Improvisation: Gli Uccelli Di Carpi