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After spending most of the 1990s as an infamous local phenomenon in Houston, TX, DJ Screw suddenly found himself gaining sudden notoriety before his unfortunate death in late 2000. The Houston DJ made a name for himself primarily because of his uncanny mixing style, which found him pitching down his records to a lumbering and quite eerie pace. Over the course of the '90s, what began as novelty actually became a rather lucrative venture for Screw, who produced hundreds of mix tapes, with some estimates projecting his total number of tapes topping over a thousand; furthermore, he sold the tapes at his Houston-based record store, Screwed Up Records and Tapes. Oddly enough, he preferred to release his mixes almost exclusively on cassette, though fans often recorded the mixes and traded them via the Internet; in addition, countless "screwed" remixes of popular rap anthems were widely available on Napster thanks to his cultish following. Yet it's hard to imagine Screw's legacy being what it is if not for his role as an adamant advocate of "syrup sippin'," a Southern rap phenomenon involving codeine-infused cough syrup -- the resulting intoxication induces a hallucinatory state where everything slows down and becomes the senses swirl. As marijuana was to early-'90s gangsta rap, LSD was to late-'60s psychedelic rock, ecstasy was to late-'80s rave -- and so on -- the syrup sippin' advocated by Screw's trippy hip-hop mixes led to a small drug movement within the late-'90s Dirty South genre, reaching its zenith with Three 6 Mafia's hit "Sippin' on Some Syrup" in 2000. It's hard to deny that this phenomenon wasn't as important to Screw's popularity as his music was (especially considering some of his tape titles: Syrup & Soda, Syrup Sippers, Sippin' Codeine, etc.) Still, Screw did serve as a leader for Houston's burgeoning rap scene; his home studio, The Screw Shop, functioned as the home base for what was loosely referred to as the Screwed Up Click, including semi-successful rappers such as Big Pokey and Lil' Keke, along with about 30 others were known locally. Ironically, when Screw was found dead in his studio of a fatal heart attack at the tender age of 30 on the morning of November 16, 2000, the Houston Chronicle published a story stating that police suspected Screw of overdosing on the same syrup that he so adamantly advocated. Weeks later the theory proved valid, making the artist the victim of his own self-promoted phenomenon. More unfortunate, though, was the loss of Screw to Houston's fledging scene, which seemed on the verge of being nationally recognized as a Southern rap mecca. His legacy lived on, though, since his trademark mixing style was by no means exclusive, as countless imitators had arisen in the South by the time of his death, the most noteworthy being the Swisha House and Beltway 8 record labels. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Pimp Tha Pen
  3.   I Ain't Hating
  4.   June 27th
  5.   Bonus Tribute
  6.   Them Boys Down South by Big Chance
  7.   Shout Outs
  8.   Knocking Pictures off da Wall by Yungstar
  9.   Southside Pros
  10.   The Back
  11.   Got to Stay Paid
  12.   Life as a "G" by Lil' Keke
  13.   Soufside So Real
  14.   Keep Watching
  15.   This Is for My Dog
  16.   Swang Down featuring Fat Pat
  17.   Foe Life
  18.   Inside Looking Out by 20-2-Life
  19.   Cloverland by Botany Boyz
  20.   Texas Raised
  21.   Heart of a Hustler
  22.   Killaz on the Trigga by Street Military
  23.   You Ain't Never Change
  24.   Swisher in the Air
  25.   Back in the Day
  26.   South Side Groovin featuring Big T
  27.   Bangen Screw featuring Big Pokey
  28.   Hard Living
  29.   Creeping
  30.   Reality by DJ Screw & The Screwed Up Click
  31.   Freestyle Two by Big Chance
  32.   Foe Life by Mack 10
  33.   Hardest Pit
  34.   Tell Me
  35.   So U Wanna Be a Baller featuring Baby
  36.   I Put It Down
  37.   Don't Mess Wit Texas featuring Lil' Keke
  38.   Y P Way
  39.   Watch Yo Screw by E.S.G.
  40.   DJ Scream Freestyle 3
  41.   Watch Yo Screw
  42.   G-Ride by E.S.G.
  43.   Sippin Codine by Big Moe
  44.   Smokin' and Leanin' by Botany Boyz
  45.   Lotta Hoes
  46.   Hoodrich
  47.   Life Story by Z-Ro
  48.   Ghetto Crisis by Z-Ro
  49.   4th of July
  50.   No Drank
  51.   Them Boyz Down South
  52.   So Many Way's
  53.   Get Ready by Screwed Up Click Soldiers
  54.   Blood & Tears by Street Military
  55.   Never Leave tha Pad by Street Military
  56.   Dead N a Year by Street Military
  57.   Lost Love
  58.   Punky Rings
  59.   My Dogs
  60.   Chop on Blades
  61.   Watch Me Bubble
  62.   Leanin'
  63.   Ghetto Hood
  64.   Boss
  65.   Invade My Space
  66.   Trapped in the Game
  67.   I Don't Care
  68.   DJ Screw Mix
  69.   Smoke Muthafucka
  70.   Big Pimpin'
  71.   On 20's by Paul Wall
  72.   Starched
  73.   Swangin
  74.   Porno
  75.   Sensei
  76.   Magno Freestyle
  77.   Can't Forget
  78.   Already
  79.   Grace Freestyle
  80.   Floss Thru
  81.   Everything Is Everything
  82.   Candy Cars by Playa Dee
  83.   Things Ain't What You Thought
  84.   Bounce & Turn
  85.   H-Town
  86.   Realest Rhymin' featuring E.S.G.
  87.   Makin Money featuring Archie Lee
  88.   Hella Chrome featuring 201
  89.   Never Forget
  90.   S.U.C.
  91.   On the Southside
  92.   R.I.P. Shout Outs to Screw
  93.   In the House Tonight featuring Big T
  94.   3rd Coast
  95.   The Game Goes On by Z-Ro
  96.   The Conversation
  97.   Like Yesterday featuring Bun B
  98.   Pimp the Pen by Lil' Keke
  99.   Sippin Codine
  100.   Servin a Duce
  101.   No Way Out
  102.   In the Mix
  103.   Dangerous by Street Military
  104.   Intro
  105.   Intro by Point.Blank!
  106.   Purple Sprite