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Jackie Mason



The prototypical borscht belt comedian, Jackie Mason deftly blended self-deprecating humility with abrasive arrogance to acutely dissect the differences between Jewish and Gentile culture. After finding initial success in the 1960s as a frequent guest of The Ed Sullivan Show, he spent the next two decades in obscurity, blackballed by the showbiz powers-that-be, before re-emerging even more successful than before at the close of the 1980s. Mason was born Jacob Maza on June 9, 1934, in Sheboygan, WI. The son of a rabbi, he soon moved with his family to New York's Lower East Side, where he spent his formative years studying to follow in his father's footsteps. After his ordainment, Mason spent three years as a rabbi in Latrobe, PA; after earning a warm reception for the Saturday morning sermons that he sprinkled with a variety of jokes and humorous asides, he decided to pursue a career as a professional comedian, adopting his stage name after an appearance on the old Barry Gray radio show. After finding success on the club circuit, Mason graduated to a string of television performances, ignoring advice from the William Morris Agency to take elocution lessons in order to lose his heavy Jewish accent; he was a particular favorite of Ed Sullivan, and appeared on his variety show countless times. In 1962 Mason issued his debut LP, I'm the Greatest Comedian in the World, Only Nobody Knows It Yet, quickly followed by I Want to Leave You with the Words of a Great Comedian. Many found his broad cultural examinations controversial, while even other Jews felt his self-effacing style bordered on anti-Semitism; combined with his difficult, raucous off-stage behavior, Mason saw support for his act dwindle, and spent the next 20-odd years effectively ostracized, his career restricted to tiny clubs and small film performances. Against all odds, in 1987 Mason found backing for a planned one-man show; soon The World According to Me! debuted on Broadway to great acclaim -- critics applauded him as a savage satirist, and his performance ultimately won an Tony. His career resurrected, Mason went on to star in the short-lived sitcom Chicken Soup before returning to Broadway in 1991 with Brand New. Subsequent stage shows included Politically Incorrect, Love Thy Neighbor, Much Ado About Everything, and Prune Danish. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Doctors
  3.   Mobile Phone
  4.   Comparitive Culture
  5.   Jews and Gentiles
  6.   Soliloquy
  7.   Health Food Stores
  8.   Husbands & Wives
  9.   Validation
  10.   Vacations
  11.   Flat Tires & Directions
  12.   The Weather Report
  13.   Too Jewish
  14.   Beverly Hills: Producers/Mercedes
  15.   Ballets & Operas
  16.   Opening Observations
  17.   Experts
  18.   Vcrs & Telephones
  19.   The World and Politics: Armies/Nationalities/Reagan and Other Great Men
  20.   Status Symbols
  21.   Israelis, Terrorists and Arabs
  22.   Health and Sickness - Food Fads and Status
  23.   Gentiles and Jews - The Difference
  24.   One Man Show: Sex/Hookers/Psychiatry
  25.   Newscasters and Personalities
  26.   Men & Women
  27.   Introduction
  28.   Jews' Discussion in the Lobby- Intermission
  29.   Lobby Conversation
  30.   Marriage
  31.   Hungry Jews with Opinions
  32.   Fearless Finale
  33.   Obama
  34.   Jews Buying Tickets
  35.   Cell Phones & Sex Appeal
  36.   Politicians & Good Speaking
  37.   Welcome to the Show
  38.   Ted Kennedy
  39.   Jews & Flying
  40.   O.J. Simpson
  41.   Jews Love Sushi
  42.   Goodnight
  43.   Checking for Bombs
  44.   Every Time We Bomb Them
  45.   Women on Diets & Democracy
  46.   Wiener
  47.   Blacks Don't Feel Equal
  48.   White People Feel Persecuted
  49.   Bin Laden
  50.   Ed Sullivan
  51.   Israel Army
  52.   Homosexuality
  53.   X-Rays
  54.   Can't Make Fun of Everyone
  55.   Homosexuals
  56.   Tickets to Shows
  57.   The Worse It Tastes the More It Costs
  58.   Welcome Back
  59.   Jews Don't Laugh
  60.   Occupations Revisited
  61.   Stop and Frisk
  62.   Feminine Women
  63.   Lipitor
  64.   I Was a Pro Fighter
  65.   Is This too Jewish?
  66.   Much Ado About Everything Intermission
  67.   Jews & Food
  68.   I Didn't Know About It
  69.   Saddam Hussein
  70.   The Treadmill
  71.   Night at the Opera Intermission
  72.   Why Do You Need a Bigger?
  73.   Airport Security
  74.   Diet & Exercise
  75.   Can You Hear Me Now?
  76.   Healthcare Reform
  77.   Pelosi
  78.   Airports & Airplanes
  79.   Hookers and Wives
  80.   What to Talk About at Intermission
  81.   Jews & the Heat
  82.   Whites, Blacks, & Jews
  83.   Global Warming
  84.   Infidelity
  85.   Jokes About Marriage, the Six-Day War, Modern Warfare
  86.   Airports
  87.   Who I Pick On
  88.   Taxi Driver
  89.   Sushi
  90.   Sarah Palin
  91.   Italians & Comparative Cultures
  92.   It's an Honor to Be Here
  93.   Dating, Sex & Bush
  94.   Then Why Are You in the Back?
  95.   Questions from the Audience
  96.   Even More Words from a Great Comedian
  97.   GM
  98.   Kerry, Clinton & Something to Tide Me Over
  99.   Ronald Regan
  100.   Side Two: I'm Still the Greatest Comedian in the World
  101.   Live at Westbury Intermission
  102.   Syria
  103.   Occupations
  104.   Jewish Health
  105.   Let Them Eat Cake
  106.   Turkish Terrorist
  107.   Smoke 'em Out
  108.   Car Accidents
  109.   The Grand Canyon
  110.   Are Jews Pushy?
  111.   Fat Free
  112.   Jews & the Grand Canyon
  113.   Can't Tell Who's Jewish
  114.   Too Many Jews
  115.   Why Jews Became Doctors
  116.   I Never Say an Unkind Word
  117.   Hospital
  118.   Being Jewish
  119.   George W. Bush
  120.   President Bush
  121.   Miami Beach
  122.   Did You Bring the Cold?
  123.   Gentile Home & Jewish Home
  124.   The Ultimate Intermission
  125.   Ever Talk to a Chinaman?
  126.   Status
  127.   Racial Stereotypes
  128.   Let's Get Started
  129.   Don't Interrupt Me
  130.   Bill Gates
  131.   Make 'em Feel Rich
  132.   Jesse Jackson
  133.   Jews Are Pushy
  134.   Puerto Ricans
  135.   Jews Have to Be First
  136.   Sex Drive & Prostitution
  137.   I Don't Like Ethnic Jokes
  138.   Jews Don't Gain Weight
  139.   Bill Clinton
  140.   Civil Rights
  141.   Mars
  142.   Bill, Hillary & the Qualifications for Presidency
  143.   Black People
  144.   Condom Crazy
  145.   Cell Phones
  146.   Nouvelle Cuisine & the French
  147.   Tough Jews
  148.   Act 4
  149.   People Want to Feel Rich
  150.   The Opera
  151.   Palestinians
  152.   Jews & Politics
  153.   People Need Status Symbols
  154.   Beverly Hills
  155.   Why Does This Smell Like Fish?
  156.   Act 3
  157.   Afghanistan
  158.   Miami Beach Voters
  159.   This Is Not You
  160.   Act 7
  161.   Cruising Jews
  162.   Why Only Jewish Accountants?
  163.   Speeding Ticket
  164.   The Clintons, Bush and the WMDs
  165.   Jews & the Weather
  166.   I'm Not Making This Up
  167.   A Sense of Humor
  168.   No Army & No WMDs
  169.   Jewish People
  170.   I Don't Tell Polish Jokes
  171.   Ties & Skis
  172.   How Do I Look?
  173.   Mark Rich
  174.   Jews Love to Eat
  175.   Lawsuits
  176.   Kids
  177.   Too Jewish for Showbiz
  178.   Airport Security Winning the Endless War
  179.   Is That Too Jewish?
  180.   Can't Talk English
  181.   Gay Marriage
  182.   Sorry I Picked on Clinton
  183.   Everything's on Broadway
  184.   Sexual Harassment
  185.   I'll Send a Car
  186.   Part One
  187.   Did You Become the Comedian?
  188.   Politics
  189.   What Do You Want to Do?
  190.   Jewish Guy on Vacation
  191.   Anyone Handle Your Luggage?
  192.   Smokers
  193.   I Want to Leave You with the Words of a Great Comedian
  194.   Singers & Talents
  195.   No Gun Control
  196.   Airport Safety
  197.   Mormons Being Alert & the Color System
  198.   Jewish Doctor
  199.   I Was a Fighter
  200.   Oh This Is It
  201.   Part Two