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King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's sense of unfettered sonic exploration makes them easy to mistake them for a long-forgotten relic of the psych explosion of the '60s. With a far-out sound that, at times, feels barely held together, King Gizzard evoke the eclectic rock experimentation of Frank Zappa's early work with the Mothers of Invention, the anything-goes feeling of the Flaming Lips, and the demented glee of a random obscure '60s group plucked from a Pebbles compilation as they follow their musical flights of fancy wherever they might lead. Their prolific nature led them to release albums at a frenetic pace; their intense desire to seek out new sounds -- from expansive jazz-rock (2015's Quarters) to semi-acoustic ballads (the same year's Paper Mâché Dream Balloon), and from sci-fi prog (2017's Murder of the Universe) to trippy garage rock (2014's I'm in Your Mind Fuzz) -- and follow new paths meant that every one of their multitude of releases sounded different from the last, and each one was worth checking out. Some of their albums, especially Nonagon Infinity from 2016, stand shoulder to shoulder with the best psychedelic rock ever made. Formed in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia by a group of friends who jammed frequently, then decided on a whim to play a show, the lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Stu Mackenzie, harmonica player/singer Ambrose Kenny-Smith, guitarists Cook Craig and Joey Walker, bassist Lucas Skinner, and dual drummers Michael Cavanagh and Eric Moore. They released two garage rock-inspired EPs in 2001, Anglesea and Willoughby's Beach, then in 2012 released their debut album, 12 Bar Bruise. Working at the kind of feverish pace that became their standard, they followed up just five months later with 2013's Eyes Like the Sky, which the band described as a "spaghetti Western audio book" complete with narration by Ambrose Kenny-Smith's father, the noted Australian musician Broderick Smith. A third full-length, Float Along, Fill Your Lungs, was released in 2013 and was quickly followed by 2014's Oddments and I'm in Your Mind Fuzz. Still working quickly, in early 2015 they released the Quarters EP, which featured four trippy, free jazz-inspired jams that each timed out exactly at 10:10. After signing to ATO Records, their sound took a detour from expanded jams and fuzzy freakouts to tightly constructed, but still weird, laid-back pop songs played exclusively on acoustic instruments on the 2015 album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon. The follow-up, 2016's Nonagon Infinity, was recorded at Daptone Studios and featured some of the band's heaviest, most forceful psych-rock to date. It was recorded so that one track bleeds into the next, then jumps back to the beginning after the last song. They tout it as the "world's first infinitely looping album." The band spent time touring and getting five albums ready for release in 2017. On the first of them, Flying Microtonal Banana, King Gizzard decided to investigate microtonal tuning, a non-Western way of tuning that involves intervals smaller than a semitone. They had a custom-made guitar gifted to them, and the bandmembers bought new gear and altered the instruments so they could be microtuned in a way that made them compatible. The group's second album of 2017, Murder of the Universe, arrived two months later in March. It was broken into three long sections, each one telling a different apocalyptic tale of the human race being taken over by cyborgs and AI while featuring heavy use of synths and spoken word narration. Just before that album's release, the band finished a collaboration with Mild High Club's Alex Brettin, who traveled from L.A. to King Gizzard's Flightless HQ studios in East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia, where he and Stu Mackenzie put together some rough ideas. The duo was then joined by the rest of the band to fill those ideas in. Titled Sketches of Brunswick East, the album was a heady mix of soft rock, psych-pop, and cosmic jazz. It was released by ATO in August of 2017, mere months before their next record arrived. The relatively straightforward (for King Gizzard) psychedelic opus Polygondwanaland was given away for free and the master tapes were offered to anyone who wanted to press the album up and sell it. ATO was one of the first to take advantage of this, and several other labels followed suit. Fulfilling the group's pledge to put out five albums in 2017, they snuck in Gumboot Soup just under the deadline. The collection of thematically and sonically unconnected songs, a rarity for the group, was issued digitally on December 31, then given a physical release in April of 2018. The group took the rest of 2018 relatively easy, playing occasional shows and not releasing any albums until November, when ATO reissued their first five records on the same day. They took a relatively relaxed approach to releasing new music in the first half of 2019 too, issuing a single in February, "Cyboogie," that hinted at a new blues-based approach, then another in early April, "Planet B," that swerved into thrash metal territory. When their first album of the year, Fishing for Fishies, was released in late April, the sound was more like the former single, with the band digging deep into boogie rock, biker jams, and blues rock all fed through their unique musical and lyrical filter. ~ Gregory Heaney
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Nuclear Fusion
  3.   Boogieman Sam
  4.   Self-Immolate
  5.   Cellophane
  6.   Vomit Coffin
  7.   Greenhouse Heat Death
  8.   Rattlesnake
  9.   Bone
  10.   Sleep Drifter
  11.   Planet B
  12.   Mars For The Rich
  13.   Fishing for Fishies
  14.   Sense
  15.   This Thing
  16.   Real's Not Real
  17.   Venusian 2
  18.   Perihelion
  19.   Acarine
  20.   Plastic Boogie
  21.   Hell
  22.   Superbug
  23.   The Cruel Millennial
  24.   The Acrid Corpse
  25.   Organ Farmer
  26.   Cyboogie
  27.   The Great Chain of Being
  28.   Muddy Water
  29.   Loyalty
  30.   Altered Beast I
  31.   Superposition
  32.   The Fourth Colour
  33.   Polygondwanaland
  34.   Life/Death
  35.   Altered Beast IV
  36.   Altered Beast II
  37.   Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
  38.   Horology
  39.   Anoxia
  40.   Crying
  41.   Work This Time
  42.   Sleepwalker
  43.   The Lord of Lightning
  44.   All Is Known
  45.   Open Water
  46.   Venusian 1
  47.   Danger $$$
  48.   The Bird Song
  49.   Sea of Trees
  50.   Most of What I Like
  51.   Stressin'
  52.   Dust in the Wind
  53.   I'm Sleepin' In
  54.   Beginner's Luck
  55.   Searching...
  56.   Tetrachromacy
  57.   Digital Black
  58.   Wah Wah
  59.   Mr. Beat
  60.   Big Fig Wasp
  61.   Robot Stop
  62.   The Bitter Boogie
  63.   Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
  64.   Head On/Pill
  65.   Her and I (Slow Jam 2)
  66.   Satan Speeds Up
  67.   Slow Jam 1
  68.   Am I in Heaven?
  69.   Hot Water
  70.   Flying Microtonal Banana
  71.   The Castle in the Air
  72.   Sketches of Brunswick East I by Mild High Club
  73.   The Last Oasis
  74.   Time=Fate
  75.   Road Train
  76.   Hot Wax
  77.   Cut Throat Boogie
  78.   Willoughby's Beach
  79.   Pop in My Step
  80.   Melting
  81.   Let It Bleed
  82.   The Reticent Raconteur
  83.   Alter Me I
  84.   Fort Whipple
  85.   Dustbin Fletcher
  86.   Evil Death Roll
  87.   The Balrog
  88.   A New World
  89.   Alluda Majaka
  90.   Uh Oh, I Called Mom
  91.   Footy Footy
  92.   High Hopes Low
  93.   12 Bar Bruise
  94.   Stoned Mullet
  95.   Lunch Meat