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Los Bravos



In 1966, this Spanish quintet became one of the very few rock groups from a non-English speaking country to have an international smash with "Black Is Black," which got to number four in the U.S. and number two in the U.K. Lead singer Mike Kogel's overwrought, pinched vocals sounded so much like Gene Pitney that many listeners assumed that "Black Is Black" was a Pitney single, and the strong resemblance remained intact throughout Los Bravos' career, both in the singing and arrangements. Indeed, with their brassy pop/rock songs and production, which sounded about halfway between New York mid-'60s pop-soul and Jay & the Americans, Los Bravos sounded far more like a mainstream American pop/rock group than a Spanish or British one. Most of their records were sung in English, and although they never made the American Top 20 again, they were far more popular in Europe, even placing another single in the British Top 20 in late 1966 with "I Don't Care." ~ Richie Unterberger
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Black Is Black
  3.   Bring a Little Lovin'
  4.   Sympathy
  5.   Play With Fire and You'll Get Burned
  6.   Show Me
  7.   Don't Get in My Way
  8.   Bye Bye Baby
  9.   Soledad
  10.   Los Chicos con las Chicas
  11.   You Got Until the Morning
  12.   Corazon Querendon
  13.   Going Nowhere
  14.   We'll Make It Together
  15.   Baby Baby
  16.   Make It Easy for Me
  17.   Burn That Bridge
  18.   Tu Panuelito
  19.   Vive LA Vida
  20.   Cool It
  21.   No Sé Mi Nombre
  22.   Cabando Ondo
  23.   Every Dog Has His Day
  24.   Back In Black
  25.   Donde Estes
  26.   Summer's Gone
  27.   Live Girl
  28.   People Talking Around
  29.   Deeper Roots
  30.   Rock Me Softly
  31.   Black Is Black Remix
  32.   Love and Sympathy (Amor y Simpatia)
  33.   Ma Marimba
  34.   Come When I Call
  35.   Te Quiero Asi
  36.   Quiero Gritar
  37.   No Me Gusta DeCir Si
  38.   La Moto
  39.   El Loco Soy Yo
  40.   Caminos del Ayer
  41.   Alegria de Vivir
  42.   Like Nobody Else
  43.   Mentirosa
  44.   If I Were a River
  45.   You Won't Get Far
  46.   She Believes in Me
  47.   Trapped
  48.   Esa Loca
  49.   Make It Last
  50.   The Truth
  51.   Get Out of My Life
  52.   I'm All Ears
  53.   En Tu Sonrisa (Inside Your Shadow)
  54.   Two People in Me
  55.   Will You Always Love Me
  56.   Baby I Love You
  57.   Dirty Street
  58.   I'm Feeling
  59.   Never Never
  60.   Manzana (Mary Jane)
  61.   Better Be You, Better Than Me
  62.   No Olvides
  63.   Que Calor
  64.   Uno Come Noi
  65.   Free Falling
  66.   Don Felipon
  67.   Al Amencer
  68.   Then the Sun Goes Down
  69.   Yakipo
  70.   Por la busca del sol
  71.   Wait a Minute
  72.   Give Me a Chance
  73.   In the Bedroom
  74.   Just Holding On
  75.   Down
  76.   Como Nadie Mas
  77.   I Want a Name
  78.   It's Not Unusual
  79.   Two Kinds of Lover
  80.   Una Flor Corte
  81.   La Parada del Autobus
  82.   Summer Is Gone
  83.   I've Hearing Things
  84.   I'm Wearing a Smile
  85.   I'll See You Through
  86.   La Primera Amistad
  87.   Hagamos una Navidad
  88.   Dime Donde Estoy
  89.   Al Ponerse el Sol
  90.   Big Time
  91.   Nights in White Satin
  92.   This Way, That Way
  93.   I Don't Care
  94.   Save Me, Save Me
  95.   Stop That Girl by Bravos
  96.   Hey, Mama
  97.   Como Superman
  98.   Great is Our Love
  99.   Welcome to Mars
  100.   I'm Cuttin' Out
  101.   Recopilacion
  102.   She's My Girl
  103.   Chi-Ci-Ri-Bi-Chi
  104.   Twilight Song
  105.   Don't Be Left Out in the Cold
  106.   Prohibido Enamorarse
  107.   Individuality
  108.   Baby Believe Me
  109.   Love is a Symphony
  110.   Rudi's in Love (Rudi Enamorado)
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