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North Wales native Sasha became one of the world's most renowned and popular DJs, known for populist fusions of house, techno, and trance. Starting out in the late '80s as a club DJ, the former Alexander Coe got his first big break when he was hired by the dance club Shelly's to spin and rework popular sounds of the day. It was there that the young DJ found fame with the dance and house crowd, but it wasn't until he started laying down his grooves at the Haçienda and Renaissance that he become known nationally and, eventually, globally. It was while still at Renaissance that Sasha met another DJ, John Digweed. The two became a remixing team and soon released the first volume of Northern Exposure, a series of mix albums that also functioned as a collection of the duo's remixes for other producers. The duo toured behind the release, visiting the U.S., Australia, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Sasha refused to limit himself to DJ work, however; he collaborated with singer Maria Naylor on the Top 20 U.K. pop hit "Be as One," and remixed tracks from such popular artists as the Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, and M People. He also formed his own record company, Excession Recordings, and wrote originals for Deconstruction. In late 1997, another Sasha + John Digweed compilation appeared, Northern Exposure, Vol. 2, available in both East Coast and West Coast versions (each contained completely different songs). He released several mix albums on his own, as well, including multiple volumes in the Global Underground series (San Francisco and Ibiza). A rare production release, the Xpander EP, became a dancefloor hit in 1999. The mix album Communicate followed a year later, and in 2002, he scored an American record deal with Kinetic and released his first production full-length, Airdrawndagger. His next major record project, Involver, was a fusion of mix album and production record, consisting of his own exclusive remixes of tracks from UNKLE and Ulrich Schnauss, among others. Another inclusion, Felix da Housecat's "Watching Cars Go By," was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. Subsequent volumes Invol2ver and Invol<3r were issued in 2008 and 2013. A creative departure titled Scene Delete, a flowing sequence of ambient productions, was released through LateNightTales in 2016. A remix EP, Scene Delete: Remixes #3, dropped the following year. Sasha continued to issue singles, including collaborations with Polica ("Out of Time"), Dems ("True"), and Alan Fitzpatrick ("El Jefe"), closing the decade with tracks such as 2019's "The Lights." ~ Greg Prato
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Xpander
  3.   Sometimes I Realise
  4.   Coma
  5.   3 Little Piggys
  6.   Who Killed Sparky?
  7.   So Good for You
  8.   Jhora Pata Go, Ami Tomari Dole
  9.   Walk This Way featuring Backbeats
  10.   Algo De Mí (Un Nuevo Modo De Dos) by Sasha
  11.   Magnetic North
  12.   Godhuligogone Meghe
  13.   Guerra Total by Sasha
  14.   Warewolf
  15.   Baracus
  16.   Channel Deq
  17.   Requiem
  18.   Shelter
  19.   Tumi Hje Surer Agun
  20.   Anonima by Sasha
  21.   Vegetable Qat.
  22.   Polaroid
  23.   Open up My Heart to You
  24.   Himero Rate
  25.   Aji Momo Mon Chahe
  26.   Minimal Qat
  27.   Warewolf - Bring on the Night-Time
  28.   Time After Time - Modcon - Interstellar
  29.   Kon Subhokhone Oodibe Noyone
  30.   Ki Dhwani Bajey
  31.   Baje Baje Romyaveena
  32.   Premero Joware Bhasabe Dohare
  33.   Asha Jaoar Pother Dhare
  34.   Dhire Bondhu Go Dhire Dhire
  35.   Amare Tumi Asesh Korechho
  36.   Aji Tomay Abar
  37.   Amar Je Din Bheshe Gachhe
  38.   Ache Dukkho Ache Mirtu
  39.   Mamo Chitte Nirete Nitye Keje Nache
  40.   Emono Dine Tare Bola Jay
  41.   Tomay Gaan Shonabo
  42.   Aamar Nishitho Rater
  43.   Ami Je Gaan Gaai Jani Ne Se
  44.   Aha Tomar Songe
  45.   Mohabisew Mohakashe
  46.   Ore Bhai, Fagun Legecche Bone Bone
  47.   Shiter Haowar Laglo Nachon
  48.   Shedin Amay Bolechile
  49.   Mone Holo, Jeno Periye Elem
  50.   Ei To Tomar Prem
  51.   True
  52.   Adara
  53.   Out of Time by Poliça
  54.   A Veces by Sasha
  55.   Diamante by Sasha
  56.   No Me Extraña Nada
  57.   Ain't My Kind
  58.   There She Goes
  59.   Late Night Tales Presents Sasha: Scene Delete
  60.   Vapour Trails
  61.   Broadcast
  62.   Rooms
  63.   Abacus
  64.   Scarpa Falls
  65.   Cassette Sessions E
  66.   Cassette Sessions D
  67.   Pontiac
  68.   Milkweed
  69.   Please Please Please
  70.   Chemical Reaction
  71.   Eclipse
  72.   The Eraser
  73.   Mongoose
  74.   Park It in the Shade
  75.   Hide & Seek
  76.   I'm Still Waitin'
  77.   Slowly
  78.   Coming Home
  79.   Burma
  80.   Rooftop
  81.   Wavy Gravy
  82.   Bloodlock
  83.   Immortal
  84.   Cloud Cuckoo
  85.   Mr. Tiddles
  86.   Drempels
  87.   If You Believe
  88.   I Feel Lonely
  89.   I'm Still Waitin'
  90.   Intro
  91.   Higher Ground
  92.   Magic
  93.   Gas Tank
  94.   Amar Nisithorater Badalodhara
  95.   Hridoy Mondrilo
  96.   Baje Koruno Sure
  97.   Boileroom
  98.   Eclipse
  99.   Owner Of My Heart
  100.   Untitled 3
  101.   Celestial - Battleships - Belfunk
  102.   Lowlife by Adam Parker
  103.   Aj Jemon Kre Gaiche
  104.   Time After Time
  105.   These Days
  106.   Jour de Chance (Lucky Day)
  107.   New Emissions Of Light And Sound
  108.   Gothika - Sparky
  109.   Modhyo Dine Jobe Gan
  110.   Animal Qat.
  111.   Fundamental
  112.   True by DEMS
  113.   Every Love That Ever Was
  114.   Vapourtrails - Rooms
  115.   Bajilo Kaharo Veena
  116.   Veena Bajao Hey
  117.   Tomar Veenaye Gan Chhilo
  118.   Je Chhilo Amar Swapnacharini
  119.   Tomar Binay Gaan
  120.   Aj Jemon Kore Gaichhhe
  121.   Sukno Pata Ke Je Chharaaye
  122.   Asha - Jaowar Pother Dhare
  123.   Baje Baje Rommo Bina Baje
  124.   Ashrunodir Sudurpare
  125.   Sundaro Bote Tobo
  126.   Tobu Mone Rekho
  127.   Kon Alote Praner
  128.   Koto Ajanare Janale Tumi
  129.   Amra Nuton Jouboneri Dut
  130.   Tomra Ja Bolo Tai Bolo
  131.   Here She Comes Again
  132.   Mixmag Presents: Never Say Never
  133.   Despues De La Función by Sasha
  134.   Muevete A Mi Alrededor by Sasha
  135.   Dos Extraños Y Una Noche by Sasha
  136.   Olvidalo by Sasha
  137.   Nada Que Decirnos by Sasha
  138.   La Leyenda by Sasha
  139.   Mitad De Mi by Sasha
  140.   Lucha De Gigantes by Sasha
  141.   Amante Sin Amor by Sasha
  142.   Bring on the Night-Time
  143.   Modcon
  144.   Dat Sexy Body
  145.   Born Again
  146.   Informer Fi Di Nana
  147.   Midnight
  148.   Lucky Day
  149.   Take Good Care of My Baby featuring Backbeats
  150.   So Far Away (Unplugged)
  151.   This Is My Time
  152.   Eto Din Je Bosechhilem
  153.   Linepulse - Baracus - View2
  154.   Janoganomano
  155.   Tipico by Sasha
  156.   Sundoro Bote Tobo Angadokhani
  157.   Durdehsi Sei Rakhal Chhele
  158.   View 2
  159.   Kobe Aami Bahir Holem
  160.   Sudhu Tomar Bani Noy Go
  161.   Achhe Dukho Achhe Mrityu
  162.   Burma - Smile
  163.   Golden Arm
  164.   Detour - Pontiac
  165.   Phirbey Na Ta Jani