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Atlanta-based quintet Sevendust were one of the most prominent late-'90s nu-metal acts, rising above contemporaries with an aggressive blend of bottom-heavy riffs and soulful, accessible melodies delivered by vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. Over the years, the band would balance the raw energy and brutality of early albums like 1997's Sevendust and 1999's Home with increasingly atmospheric production and even late-era acoustic sets on releases like Time Travelers & Bonfires (2014) and Kill the Flaw (2015), home to the Grammy-nominated single "Thank You." The band -- comprising frontman Witherspoon, John Connolly (guitar), Clint Lowery (guitar), Vince Hornsby (bass), and Morgan Rose (drums) -- first appeared in 1995 as Crawlspace, releasing the single "My Ruin" on the Mortal Kombat: More Kombat soundtrack. Shortly thereafter, the group changed its name to Sevendust and released a 1997 self-titled debut, home to the breakthrough singles "Black" and "Bitch." Two years later, they issued the gold-selling sophomore set Home (TVT), which featured their mainstream rock hit "Denial." As their audience grew, they played over 800 shows alongside such groups as Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, and Metallica, even making an appearance at Woodstock '99. Their angst-ridden third album, the aptly titled Animosity, appeared in fall 2001 and landed in the Top 30 on the Billboard 200. Seasons followed in 2003, their highest-charting album to date and last with TVT. In late December 2004, word surfaced that Lowery had left the band, and those rumors proved true the following February when Sevendust announced ex-Snot guitarist Sonny Mayo as Lowery's replacement. (Lowery, a co-founder of Sevendust, eventually surfaced in the hard rock supergroup Dark New Day.) Sevendust's fifth album and first self-produced effort, Next, appeared in October 2005 on Winedark Records. The record failed to sell as much as its predecessors and Sevendust later signed to Asylum Records, issuing Alpha in March 2007. Alpha fared better than Next, climbing to number 14 on the Billboard charts and paving the way for the band's seventh effort. Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow arrived a year later and featured appearances by Chris Daughtry, Myles Kennedy, and Mark Tremonti. At this time, the band parted ways with Mayo, welcoming Lowery back to Sevendust and restoring their original lineup. The reunited crew followed with Cold Day Memory in 2010. Landing just outside the Top Ten, it was their highest-charting set to date, yielding the trio of mainstream rock hits "Unraveling," "Forever," and "Last Breath." Their ninth album, Black Out the Sun, arrived in 2013, topping the hard rock chart. Looking to change things up, Sevendust stripped away their metal edge for their next effort, issuing an album of acoustic tracks. Time Travelers & Bonfires, released in the spring of 2014, debuted at number 18 on the Billboard 200. Bouncing back to basics a year later, the group returned with the heavy yet atmospheric Kill the Flaw, which included the Grammy-nominated single "Thank You." After touring, they returned to the studio to record their 12th album. Produced by Michael Baskette (Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus), All I See Is War arrived in May 2018 on Rise Records. ~ Kirk Dombek & Neil Z. Yeung
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Enemy
  3.   Denial
  4.   Black
  5.   Bitch
  6.   Decay
  7.   Unraveling
  8.   Face to Face
  9.   Ugly
  10.   Waffle
  11.   Dirty
  12.   Praise
  13.   Thank You
  14.   Driven
  15.   Home
  16.   Trust
  17.   Not Today
  18.   Medicated
  19.   Angel's Son
  20.   Broken Down
  21.   Shine
  22.   Prodigal Son
  23.   Separate
  24.   Damaged
  25.   Face
  26.   Reconnect
  27.   Beg to Differ
  28.   Tits on a Boar
  29.   Bender
  30.   Grasp
  31.   Unforgiven
  32.   Death Dance
  33.   Assdrop
  34.   Will It Bleed
  35.   Too Close to Hate
  36.   Forget
  37.   Dead Roses
  38.   Nobody Wants It
  39.   Mountain
  40.   Ride Insane
  41.   Sleeper
  42.   Burn
  43.   Confessions of Hatred
  44.   Silence
  45.   Pieces
  46.   Skeleton Song
  47.   Honesty
  48.   Seasons
  49.   Live Again
  50.   Follow
  51.   Wired
  52.   Speak
  53.   Headtrip
  54.   Descend
  55.   Sickness
  56.   Slave the Prey
  57.   Upbeat Sugar
  58.   Murder Bar
  59.   Picture Perfect
  60.   Till Death
  61.   The End Is Coming
  62.   Strong Arm Broken
  63.   Karma
  64.   Walk Away
  65.   Hope
  66.   Enough
  67.   The Rim
  68.   Story of Your Life
  69.   Alpha
  70.   Clueless
  71.   Under
  72.   School's Out
  73.   Coward
  74.   Shadows in Red
  75.   Failure
  76.   Hurt
  77.   Xmas Day
  78.   Disease
  79.   Suffocate
  80.   Beautiful
  81.   Born to Die
  82.   My Ruin
  83.   Prayer
  84.   Fall
  85.   Peace and Destruction
  86.   Better Place
  87.   Rain
  88.   Rumble Fish
  89.   Risen
  90.   God Bites His Tongue
  91.   Not Original
  92.   Gunshots
  93.   Numb from Henny
  94.   Torched
  95.   Silly Beast
  96.   Kill the Flaw
  97.   Cease and Desist
  98.   Bonfire
  99.   Under It All
  100.   Come Down
  101.   Got a Feeling
  102.   Faithless
  103.   Splinter
  104.   Last Breath
  105.   Here and Now
  106.   Forever
  107.   Confessions (Without Faith)
  108.   Contradiction
  109.   Sorrow
  110.   Lifeless
  111.   The Past
  112.   Fear
  113.   Scapegoat
  114.   Inside
  115.   Deathstar
  116.   Aggression
  117.   Suffer
  118.   Feed
  119.   Inner City Blues
  120.   Never
  121.   Desertion
  122.   The Last Song
  123.   See and Believe
  124.   This Life
  125.   Hero
  126.   Gone
  127.   Burned Out
  128.   Disgrace
  129.   Leech
  130.   Break the Walls Down
  131.   T.O.A.B.
  132.   Redefine
  133.   Dead Set
  134.   Crucified
  135.   I Am (I'm Me)
  136.   Terminator
  137.   Licking Cream
  138.   Losing You
  139.   Cold as War
  140.   Crumbled
  141.   Insecure
  142.   Life Decieves You
  143.   Cheers
  144.   The Truth
  145.   Moments
  146.   Letters
  147.   One Life
  148.   Dark AM
  149.   Black Out the Sun
  150.   Memory
  151.   Nowhere
  152.   Grasshopper
  153.   The Wait
  154.   Feel So
  155.   Chop
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