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Combining the party-oriented snap music of Atlanta with the harder underground styles of Chicago and his native Mississippi, Soulja Boy conceived an uncomplicated sound he called "Shylantasippi" and greatly profited from it with "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." The single topped the pop chart in 2007, received multiple platinum certifications, and was up for a Grammy (Best Rap Song). After a three-album period with Interscope that generated additional crossover hits like "Kiss Me Thru the Phone," "Turn My Swag On," and "Pretty Boy Swag" through 2010, the rapper and producer returned underground and became truly prolific as an independent artist, releasing numerous full-length projects on an annual basis each year. At the same time, Soulja Boy has continued to take on occasional outside production work, including a cut for Lil Wayne ("Wowzerz"), and he counts the likes of Migos ("We Ready [Remix]"), the Game ("Really"), and Nicki Minaj ("Yasss Bish") among the artists who have sought him out for guest appearances. Soulja Boy's unique fusion comes from having been born in Chicago but raised in Atlanta and then Mississippi, where he hooked up with the Palm Tree Promotions team. Palm Tree put Soulja Boy in local showcases, but the fledgling rapper -- a savvy proponent of social media -- also uploaded his music to the Internet. Numerous downloads of early tracks such as "I Got Some Bapes" and the over-the-top "Yahhh Bitch Yahhh" came first; then the posted videos of Soulja Boy doing his dance moves took it to another level. Following in his steps, fans uploaded their own dance videos anywhere and everywhere, spreading the word and consequently turning Soulja Boy into a grassroots phenomenon. "Crank That Soulja Boy" became both his anthem and breakthrough track in 2007, when major label Interscope picked it up and gave it a commercial release. On its way to triple platinum status, the song went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was later nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Rap Song. By the end of the year, Soulja Boy also had a Top Five album with, his full-length debut, and three additional charting singles, including the number 32 pop hit "Soulja Girl." He soon hit the Top 40 yet again as the co-producer of V.I.C.'s "Get Silly." Soulja Boy released two more studio LPs through Interscope. iSouljaBoyTellem, driven by "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" and "Turn My Swag On" -- respectively number three and number 19 pop hits -- entered the Billboard 200 at number 42 near the end of 2008. The DeAndre Way followed two years later and peaked at number 90, highlighted by the number 34 pop single "Pretty Boy Swag." Soulja Boy then went independent and has released dozens upon dozens of commercial mixtapes and subsequent albums. More visibly, his discography of productions and guest appearances has similarly ballooned, highlighted by Lil Wayne's "Wowzerz" and the remix of Migos' "We Ready," along with the Game's "Really" and Nicki Minaj's "Yasss Bish." ~ Andy Kellman & Cyril Cordor
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Crank That (Soulja Boy)
  3.   Kiss Me Thru the Phone
  4.   Turn My Swag On
  5.   Pretty Boy Swag
  6.   Work by Migos
  7.   Bank of America by Migos
  8.   First Day of School
  9.   Talking Bullshit
  10.   Rollie
  11.   Ask Around
  12.   Soulja Boy (Outro)
  13.   Speakers Going Hammer
  14.   Swag Dat
  15.   Test My Nutz
  16.   Comin Thru
  17.   Jordan
  18.   Headed to a Check
  19.   Young King
  20.   You Got Mail
  21.   They Said I Wouldn't Make It by CAP-1
  22.   Idgaf
  23.   Beezy When U Droppin
  24.   Macklemore
  25.   B.O.R. Birth of Rap) by Lil B
  26.   Been Had Swag
  27.   Video Game Swag
  28.   So Cocky Wit It
  29.   Swagg Mobb featuring Kwony Ca$h
  30.   Whoop Rico by Showstoppers
  31.   I'm Ballin
  32.   Inked & Tatted by Wiz Khalifa
  33.   My Style
  34.   My Niggaz
  35.   Bedtime Bitch
  36.   I'm Gettin' Money
  37.   It's Cool
  38.   Shoppin' Spree featuring Gucci Mane
  39.   Cannon
  40.   Yessirr
  41.   Big Faces
  42.   Blvd Supply
  43.   Huslt
  44.   Fire Flame
  45.   Go Ham by OJ Da Juiceman
  46.   Whole Lotta
  47.   Legendary, Pt. 5
  48.   Everything New
  49.   Bird Walk
  50.   Soulja Girl by I-15
  51.   Slangin' Chickens
  52.   In Love With Me
  53.   Fuk That
  54.   Juice II
  55.   Wanna 69
  56.   Video Game Music
  57.   Jackie Chan
  58.   Pesos
  59.   Kill Bill
  60.   Pablo Escobar
  61.   No Joke Bitch
  62.   Came With That Choppa
  63.   Chopsticks
  64.   Let That Boy Cook
  65.   Bands by Gucci Mane
  66.   I'm Official
  67.   Digital
  68.   Freestyle
  69.   Young Boss Music
  70.   Outer Space by Sod
  71.   Racks
  72.   Kickstand by Tonio
  73.   New School
  74.   Nintendo 64 by KillaCam
  75.   The First
  76.   Money Gang
  77.   Lamborghini
  78.   Jock My Stance
  79.   Juug
  80.   Guwop
  81.   I Got That Work
  82.   Hot Shit
  83.   Cooking Dance by Lil B
  84.   Cook That Bitch by Lil B
  85.   Skateboarding
  86.   That's Her
  87.   Word Around Town
  88.   Crank Dat Dance
  89.   Hey Cutie
  90.   Boom
  91.   I'm All That
  92.   Pow
  93.   Wit My Yums On
  94.   Hey You There
  95.   Different Girl
  96.   Legendary, Pt. 4
  97.   Freestyle 2
  98.   Make Ya Face Beat Up My Hands
  99.   Booty Meat
  100.   Soulja
  101.   God Forgive Me
  102.   Doo Doo Head
  103.   Ocean Gang
  104.   We dem 30/30 Boyz
  105.   Talking Winning
  106.   Swag on My Dick by Lil B
  107.   Wuzhannanan
  108.   So Fresh
  109.   Don't Make Me Laugh
  110.   You Already Know featuring Rich the Kid
  111.   Rock Ice by Lil B
  112.   The Army
  113.   All the Time
  114.   I Don't
  115.   Trick or Treat
  116.   So Fly
  117.   Kush on Deck (I'm Blowed)
  118.   Down
  119.   Smokin Dat Piff
  120.   No Hook
  121.   Pass It to Arab
  122.   There Go Soulja
  123.   Its Not Personal
  124.   Movie
  125.   Legendary, Pt. 3
  126.   Rich Nigga Shit
  127.   Money Gang Rock (Sod Money Gang)
  128.   Kingpin Beezy
  129.   Street Sweeper
  130.   Legendary, Pt. 1
  131.   Pharoah
  132.   Dirty Diana
  133.   Givenchy
  134.   Give Me a Dance
  135.   Snap and Roll
  136.   Best Rapper (Freestyle)
  137.   Laughin
  138.   Inked Up
  139.   Crank Dat Jump Rope
  140.   Juice II #Juicestyle
  141.   The Money Team
  142.   Born
  143.   Blow a Pack
  144.   Flexin'
  145.   Ain't on Shit
  146.   Is U Ready
  147.   Rubber Bands
  148.   T.U.
  149.   Could Type Dude
  150.   I'm Bout Tha Stax (Intro)
  151.   Go Get Money
  152.   Bapes
  153.   Foreign Cars by Chief Keef
  154.   This Weed Loud
  155.   I Got Them Racks
  156.   Catch Me If You Can
  157.   1000
  158.   For My Money
  159.   What Up Dawg by French Montana
  160.   There He Go
  161.   Pretty Boy by Lil B
  162.   New Coupes
  163.   Ogod
  164.   Ace of Shades
  165.   Balenciaga and Red Bottoms
  166.   Stuntin'
  167.   The Man
  168.   Trick or Treat Motherfucker
  169.   Louis Vuitton
  170.   Came Out the Water
  171.   Red Bottoms
  172.   I Got That Sack by Lil B
  173.   We Made It by Drake
  174.   Squirt
  175.   Mad
  176.   2 Milli
  177.   Forget About the Past
  178.   G.A.N.G.S.T.A
  179.   Bitch I'm Paid by J-Bar
  180.   Who Dat Boy
  181.   Red Eye
  182.   Wake N Bake
  183.   Smoke
  184.   No Game
  185.   I Be High
  186.   No Goons
  187.   Loaded
  188.   Prince Soulja
  189.   Don't Sleep by Young Lo
  190.   Supa Fresh
  191.   Label Me a Legend
  192.   What's Hannenin
  193.   Shootout
  194.   Yeen Crunk
  195.   Real Things
  196.   Oprah Winfrey
  197.   Incredible War
  198.   Live Life
  199.   Take Over
  200.   Long Journey
  201.   Say She Luv Me by Chief Keef