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Combining psych-rock, shoegaze, power pop, synth pop and more with the cheeky detachment of their pop-art namesake, the Dandy Warhols are equally skilled at heady reveries and satirical pop. Early on, they scored hits with "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth" (from their 1997 major label debut, The Dandy Warhols Come Down) and "Bohemian Like You" (from 2001's Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia), both of which skewered hipster culture with a wit that suggested they were America's answer to Brit-pop. Later in the 2000s, they dabbled in synth-pop on 2003's Welcome to the Monkey House and indulged their excesses on 2005's sprawling Odditorium or Warlords of Mars. Though more restrained efforts such as 2016's Distortland suggested the Dandy Warhols might be mellowing out in their third decade, 2019's freewheeling Why You So Crazy proved they were committed to keeping their listeners guessing. Vocalist/guitarist Courtney Taylor, keyboardist Zia McCabe, guitarist Peter Holmström, and drummer Eric Hedford formed the Dandy Warhols in Portland, Oregon in 1994. The band signed a deal with the local label Tim/Kerr Records after their first show, and their debut album Dandys Rule OK? appeared in 1995. Featuring songs such as as "Lou Weed" and "Ride," it openly acknowledged the influence of the Velvet Underground and Ride on the band's music. Capitol Records signed the group the same year, but after the label rejected their first attempt at a second album, the band reunited with Dandys Rule OK? producer Tony Lash to make 1997's Dandy Warhols Come Down. A more polished-sounding set than their debut, the album earned the Dandy Warhols more critical acclaim and more substantial commercial success. This was especially true in the U.K., where the album was certified gold and its three singles entered the Top 40. In the U.S., the single "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth" hit number 31 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. In 1998, Hedford left the band, with Taylor's cousin Brent DeBoer replacing him as drummer. The Dandy Warhols returned in 2000 with their third album Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, which downplayed their psych leanings in favor of sharp-edged pop such as the single "Bohemian Like You." One of the band's definitive songs, it peaked at number 28 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart in the U.S. and reached number five on the U.K. Singles Chart in 2001. In November of that year, the Dandy Warhols opened the Odditorium, a recording studio in northwest Portland that also functions as art and event space. In 2002, Holmström married his longtime girlfriend and took her maiden name of Loew. Taylor also changed his name, opting to go by Courtney Taylor-Taylor after an interviewer misinterpreted the pronunciation. To make their fourth album Welcome to the Monkey House, the Dandy Warhols worked with with Nile Rodgers, Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes, and Evan Dando. After Capitol turned down the original mix by Grammy-winning soul music engineer Russell Elevado, the final version of the album featured a synth-pop and new wave-influenced mix by Rhodes. Upon its release in 2003, it went to number 118 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart and spawned another hit for the band, the synth-disco jam "We Used to Be Friends." Following live shows that included supporting David Bowie on a leg of his 2003 A Reality tour, the band remained prominent in 2004 thanks to Ondi Timoner's documentary Dig!, which chronicled the love-hate relationship between the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre and won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at that year's Sundance Film Festival. Also in 2004, the band released The Black Album -- their name for their rejected Capitol debut -- and the compilation Come on Feel the Dandy Warhols as a double-album set via their own label Beat the World Records. The Dandy Warhols returned with new music in 2005. Odditorium or Warlords of Mars, an expansive return to the band's psych-rock roots, appeared that September, peaking at number 89 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. Soon after, the band contributed a cover of the Everly Brothers' "All I Have to Do Is Dream" to the soundtrack of the video game Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (the song also appeared on Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack). A couple of other stand-alone tracks also arrived, including the 2006 single "Have a Kick Ass Summer (Me and My Friends)" and the theme song to the 2007 film Good Luck Chuck. The band's sixth album, and first for Beat the World, 2008's Earth to the Dandy Warhols, featured collaborations with Mark Knopfler and the Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell; the album reached number 128 on Billboard's 200 Albums chart and spawned two remix EPs. Over the next few years, the Dandy Warhols' output included contributions to the Cure tribute album Perfect as Cats and the Love and Rockets tribute album New Tales to Tell: A Tribute to Love and Rockets. They also issued archival releases: Dandy Warhols Are Sound, which presented Russell Elevado's original mix of Welcome to the Monkey House, arrived in 2009, while the following year's greatest-hits collection The Capitol Years 1995–2007 included the previously unreleased "This Is the Tide," the first Dandy Warhols song with DeBoer on vocals. During this time, the band's members focused on other projects, ranging from Taylor-Taylor's 2009 graphic novel One Model Nation to DeBoer's 2010 solo debut, The Farmer. Loew's other band, Pete International Airport, also issued their self-titled debut in 2010, while McCabe's country band Brush Prairie released the EP Carry Yourself Back to Me in 2011. That year, the Dandy Warhols recorded an alternate version of the MythBusters theme song that the TV show used until the end of its 2014 season. In 2012, the Dandy Warhols resurfaced with their eighth album This Machine, a more subdued set of songs that hit number 88 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, a career high for the band. The album, which featured a collaboration with David J, also appeared on the Top Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts, reaching number 29 and 21 respectively. The following year, they rang in the 13th anniversary of Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia with a deluxe version of the album and a tour that resulted in the band's first-ever live album, 2014's Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia Live at the Wonder. A second live recording, Live at the X-Ray Cafe, was released by Voodoo Doughnut for Record Store Day in 2016; the EP captured their eighth gig ever from 1994. That year, the Dandy Warhols released the patient and pastoral album Distortland. Upon its release that April, the album reached number 43 on Billboard's Rock Albums chart. In 2017, the band issued the single "Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey)," while Pete International Airport released its second album, Safer with the Wolves... The Dandy Warhols' tenth album, the eclectic Why You So Crazy, arrived in January 2019 and commemorated their 25th anniversary. ~ Heather Phares & Neil Z. Yeung
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Top Tracks

  1.   Track
  2.   Bohemian Like You
  3.   The Little Drummer Boy
  4.   Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth
  5.   You Were the Last High
  6.   We Used to Be Friends
  7.   Godless
  8.   Every Day Should Be a Holiday
  9.   Jean Genie
  10.   I Am a Scientist
  11.   Boys Better
  12.   Get Off
  13.   Sleep
  14.   The Last High
  15.   Ride
  16.   Smoke It
  17.   You Are Killing Me
  18.   Green
  19.   There Is Only This Time
  20.   Solid
  21.   Cool Scene
  22.   The Autumn Carnival
  23.   Sad Vacation
  24.   Minnesoter
  25.   Cool as Kim Deal
  26.   All the Money or the Simple Life Honey
  27.   STYGGO
  28.   Eight Days a Week
  29.   Dub Song
  30.   Highlife
  31.   Rock Bottom
  32.   Sins Are Forgiven
  33.   Rest Your Head
  34.   Next Thing I Know
  35.   Whipping Tree
  36.   Enjoy Yourself
  37.   Insincere
  38.   Beast of All Saints
  39.   Mis Amigos
  40.   All I Have To Do Is Dream
  41.   Scientist
  42.   You Come in Burned
  43.   I Am Over It
  44.   Nothin' to Do
  45.   (Tony, This Song Is Called) Lou Weed
  46.   Dandy Warhol's TV Theme Song
  47.   Country Leaver
  48.   Hard On for Jesus
  49.   Search Party
  50.   Motor City Steel
  51.   SETI vs. the Wow! Signal
  52.   Colder Than the Coldest Winter Was Cold
  53.   Stars
  54.   I Love You
  55.   Wonderful You
  56.   Cherry Bomb
  57.   Catcher in the Rye
  58.   Dick
  59.   Ondine
  60.   To the Church
  61.   Small Town Girls
  62.   Be Alright
  63.   Terraform
  64.   Forever
  65.   Blackbird
  66.   Unknown
  67.   I Am Free
  68.   16 Tons
  69.   Well They're Gone
  70.   Lance
  71.   Now You Love My Remix
  72.   And Then I Remixed of Yes
  73.   Welcome To The Skin-Up Remix
  74.   The Monster Mish
  75.   Valerie Yum
  76.   The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers aka the Ballad of Sheriff Shorty
  77.   Talk Radio
  78.   Welcome to the Third World
  79.   Mission Control
  80.   Horny as a Dandy by Mousse T
  81.   A Loan Tonight
  82.   Holding Me Up
  83.   The New Country
  84.   Easy
  85.   Hit Rock Bottom
  86.   I Am Sound
  87.   Heavenly
  88.   Insincere Because I
  89.   The Dandy Warhols Love Almost Everyone
  90.   Plan A
  91.   Welcome to the Monkey House
  92.   Best Friend
  93.   Introduction by Young Tom
  94.   It's a Fast Driving Rave up With the Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes
  95.   The Gospel
  96.   Big Indian
  97.   Shakin'
  98.   Horse Pills
  99.   Nietzsche
  100.   Mohammed
  101.   Good Morning
  102.   Orange
  103.   Genius
  104.   Not Your Bottle
  105.   Later the Show
  106.   Give
  107.   Just Try
  108.   When the Talk Radio Breaks
  109.   Doves
  110.   Primary
  111.   Semper Fidelis
  112.   Be-In
  113.   Thee Elegant Bum
  114.   Fred N Ginger
  115.   The Grow Up Song
  116.   All the Girls in London
  117.   Ras Tafar and I
  118.   Slide
  119.   Alternative Power to the People
  120.   This Is the Tide
  121.   Come The F**k On
  122.   Musee d' Nougat
  123.   Love Song
  124.   And Then I Dreamt of Yes
  125.   Wasp in the Lotus
  126.   The World the People Together (Come On)
  127.   Everyone Is Totally Insane
  128.   Did You Make a Song with Otis
  129.   The Dope (Wonderful You)
  130.   Pete International Airport
  131.   The Creep Out
  132.   Love Is the New Feel Awful
  133.   Down Like Disco
  134.   Thick Girls Knock Me Out
  135.   Nothing (Lifestyle of a Tortured Artist for Sale)
  136.   Good Luck Chuck
  137.   My Sharona
  138.   Pete Int'l Spaceport
  139.   Snuggly
  140.   Grunge Betty
  141.   Pope Reverend Jim
  142.   Dub In The Lotus
  143.   Don't Shoot She Cried
  144.   Now You Love Me
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